Where to Buy Beetroot in Nigeria

What is Beetroot?

Beetroot is the bulbous tap root of a plant known as beet. The root of the beet plant tastes sweet and the leaves have a bitter taste. Beetroot has a thin rough outer skin. Inside it looks a little bit like an onion – a very red or purplish onion. Some varieties are also white or golden in color.

Historically, beet has been used as a medicinal plant touted as a cure or treatment for various diseases. More recently, the root has been used to treat various ailments including high blood pressure, erectile dysfunction (weak erection) and sexual weakness. To learn how to use beetroot to cure erectile dysfunction, buy this book here: https://ng44.com/erd/


Where to Get Beetroot in Nigeria

Raw Beetroot can be found in vegetable and salad markets across Nigeria but especially common in Jos, Plateau State and other Northern Areas. The common name is beet but it may also have other names in local languages like Igbo, Hausa or Yoruba but we don’t have the names in those languages yet.

An easy way to get this is to try to go to any market where vegetables and salad stuff are sold and ask for beet. You should also go with a picture of it to show them in case they do not know it. You can use the picture at the top of this page.


Buy Beetroot Online in Nigeria

You can get beet root in various forms online in Nigeria. Like in juice form, powder form or as supplements. These are sold on Jumia. Visit the following link:

Click here (Jumia)


Buying Beetroot Juice in Nigeria (Offline)

You can also get beetroot juice already prepared in a bottle to buy in Nigeria (though more expensive than the raw one). If you can afford it, you can get a 75ml bottle of the juice known as Beet-it-Juice.

You can get it at most Shoprite or MedPlus or HealthPlus stores in Lagos, Abuja and other states nationwide.


More About Beets and Beet Root

Beetroot has also been known to help with lowering and stabilizing blood pressure for those suffering from high blood pressure. Beetroot is also known to be beneficial for many other health conditions hence it being referred to as a “super food”.

In addition to the root, the leaves of the beet plant are also packed with nutrients and have been used in the treatment of a wide variety of diseases. Because of its distinct reddish or purplish/pink color, beet has also found applications in other industries like the food industry where it is used for food coloring.

Beets are in the same family as spinach and chard. Aside from the usual red variety (which you can commonly find to buy in Nigeria), there are other varieties including:

  • Boldor: This variety has orange stems, yellow flesh and bright green leaves.
  • Bull’s Blood Scarletta: The flesh of this beet is vibrant pink and the stems, leaves and outer skin are all dark purple.
  • Subeto: This variety has deep purple -red roots, green leaves and purple stems.
  • Chioggia: The inside of this beet variety is red and white and it has reddish-pink skin, pink stems and green leaves.
  • Albina Verenduna: This variety has pure white roots and pale green stems.

Whichever variety you chose or can find, they can all be used for treating weak erection (erectile dysfunction) as long as you follow the method that is explained here.

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