Where and How to Start Online Business in Nigeria

During the 10 years that it took me to learn online business and become successful at it, the one major problem that greatly hindered me was that I did not know the exact knowledge, information and skills that I needed to learn and master for me to be able to make real money online. Unfortunately, this is the exact same challenge that newcomers into the business still face today.

It is a near certainty that if you jump into online business without any previous knowledge you will fail. Therefore the very first thing that you should do before venturing into online business proper is to learn the 7 branches of knowledge which I mentioned in a previous lecture. These are:

1.    Website Design
2.    Keyword research
3.    Search Engine Optimization
4.    Content creation and Copywriting
5.    Internet Marketing and Advertising
6.    Basic Web programming and Graphics
7.    Capturing subscribers and building lists

There are lots and lots of places where one can find useful information about these 7 branches mentioned above. Thousands of websites, articles, books, videos and audio podcasts are freely available and accessible to anyone on the internet. In fact by simply searching for the sentence “how to make money online”, you will see that there are almost 2 billion results from Google. This means that there are at least 2 billion web pages and sites that talk about online business and how to make money online. So where do you start from?

Indeed the problem is not the availability of sources, the real problem is that there are way too many sources, most of which are either completely wrong or do not present the complete picture of how to do the business.

While learning, I had to read more than 500 e-books and watched many videos, most of which were just crap. Only a few of these e-books and videos contained the right information that helped me. Now that I know better, I now have a library of more than 60 of the best e-books that cover everything about online business from A to Z.



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My desire to show job seekers and fellow Nigerians how to do this business inspired me to put together a coaching program called “Master in Online business” (or M.O.B) in which I give out these 60 ebooks together with a few of my own. It is an advanced level course equivalent to doing a master’s degree and I have so far successfully created 18 confirmed millionaires through the course. To learn more about this MOB course visit www.ng44.com/mobs  and for how to register for the Course and get the ebooks, visit www.ng44.com/buytutors

100% Online Based Course
The M.O.B is a distance learning home study course. There is no face to face interaction with me. Instead, students are sent the materials and e-books via e-mail and they are expected to download and read them on their own and then ask questions at our secret online mentoring forum website. The student is also expected to do the given assignments and assess their progress by themselves using the guidelines given in the study guide. There are NO physical lectures or classes. All the teaching is done through the e-books and course materials and all the support and guidance is given through our secret online forum.

Getting Help During the Course – My Secret Coaching Forum
One of the unique features of the M.O.B course is the availability of online forums where students can get assistance, help and support both from my partners and I and from other more experienced students and graduates. This is what separates my course from the rest.

When you register, you get free access to a secret underground online mentoring forum where you can ask any questions you have while reading the book. In this forum, you will be able to get help and answers directly from me and from other more experienced students of mine, many of who are undergoing or have undergone this course.


Although this forum is not open to the public, I will just give you the link here so that you can check through and see how we answer our students questions and guide them. Note that you can only view but not register, only people who buy the MOB training package are given access and can log in and get their questions answered. Click here to visit our secret forum and feel free to look around and see things for yourself. If you are not a student you can only view the discussions but you can’t view links and you can’t post or reply.

Unlike most “gurus” who sell their e-books or courses to you and leave you to your own fate, we are actively involved in coaching, helping, assisting and mentoring our students to ensure that they properly understand what they are learning. No wonder we have been so successful with so many inspiring testimonies every month.

The Goal of the M.O.B Course
The major goal of this course is to teach you everything about the foundations and basics of online business from beginners level to advanced level and guide you up to the point where you are able to make at least N225,000 ($1,500) every month from the Internet part time.

Even if you are just starting out as a complete novice in computers or internet, this course will teach you online business from the beginning to the end using a language that is so easy to understand that even a baby can comprehend.

There is also a strong focus on practical applications and not just reading and knowing the theory. This means that you will be required to practicalize the things you are learning so that by the time you graduate from the course, you will definitely be making money. But you must be ready to read the e-books, do all the assignments, do your own research, practice, study hard, pray, be patient and endure.

Although the average time required to complete this course is 3 – 6 Months, there is really no fixed time to complete your own studies. You can study at your own pace as time permits, just make sure you read and reread all the e-books and do the assignments.

The materials are easy to understand and numerous links to additional resources are provided which will help to broaden students’ understanding of the topics being learned.


We Teach Only Serious People

We used to teach people for free but noticed that they were not taking it seriously enough so we started charging a small token for the course and behold, we suddenly started getting a lot of testimonies. Online business is full of challenges and we have since realised that people will only show the desired level of seriousness when they have to sacrifice something (like paying for the course) because then they will feel that they have something to lose if they do not put in their best.

We are not doing this for the money, we are just doing it voluntarily as a way of giving back to society and helping Nigerian youths. I have to squeeze time out of my busy schedule to attend to students so I do not have time to waste or fool around. We are only interested in training very serious people who are ready to learn so we no longer do the MOB course for free.

Let me say once again that it’s really not about the money but we need results so please don’t ask me to give you the course materials for free because we won’t, not because we don’t want to help you but because we only need serious people and my experience shows that paying for the course will make people more serious therefore more likely to succeed.

Our Best Package Ever

This online course is our best package ever. It is over 5000 pages in total and contains 69 explosive e-books all bundled into one all inclusive package.

It contains everything that a beginner needs to know to do online business in Nigeria and make N225,000 monthly. It will also teach you step by step how to design different kinds of websites and make cool money as a web designer, full or part time. Just visit our site to see the unbelievable testimonies that  people are giving at www.ng44.com/mobs


How to Register for the M.O.B Course

For details on how to register at the bonanza price and get all the 69 ebooks plus access to the coaching forum, visit www.ng44.com/buytutors



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