11 Valentines Gifts for Him – Romantic and Thoughtful Ideas

With all the possible ideas floating around in your head, it can sometimes be hard to pick out the best present for that guy you love so much. Which is why we are here with a list of gifts to help you surprise and amaze him. You do not need to know much about him either, this list will help you pick something he is bound to hold close for a long time. So without much ado here it is:
1.Sovrano Wine Chillers: Wine is the drink of the refined, to be enjoyed in peace with just the right people for company. Some people like their wine chilled, but of course ice cannot be added for fear it could dilute the precious elixir. To this end, the Sovrano Wine Gems are the gift for the man with a judgement of wine. In this set you get 4 wine gems along with a very good looking gift box and a storage pouch for when you are not using them. They also come with a full years warranty so purchase them with absolutely zero worries. No better way to celebrate the day than unwind with a glass of wine, even better if you have the gems in it! They can also be used to chill any other beverage ranging from Beer to lemonade without diluting it, so you get significant bang for your buck.
2. Loversopoly: Did you love playing monopoly as a child? If you did there are chances you’ll love to play this game. And what’s more, it is exclusively for lovers! This Valentine’s day you can bring alive the old innocent times playing Loversopoly together, and with its innovative rules and game board, this might be the perfect evening activity before your date tonight. He would love to spend time with you wouldn’t he? Then gift him this game and give yourselves some much needed and quiet together time. An evening spent playing this game will definitely lead to more interesting things in the evening!
3. Wireless Bluetooth Gaming Joystick: Is he the one who is always fussing about why gaming on the phone isn’t as good as on a console? Do you know all about FIFA 15 just because of him? Then this might be just the thing to give him this V-day. This full featured joystick is compatible with both ios and Android and is the perfect companion for those long trips where he can’t take his PSP along. It operates over Bluetooth so there are no complex startup procedures involved, it is just plug and play. He will definitely appreciate the thoughtfulness you demonstrate with this gift.
4.Panasonic Electric Shaver: He is the guy who can shave in the morning and get a 5 o’clock shadow by midday and you fell for him because of his awesome beard. But now he needs to keep the beard in check for formal occasions? You can make his job a lot easier by gifting him the Panasonic Electronic Shaver. With its unique easy wash system which charges the shaver up to 17,000 RPM and nanotech blades, you will like seeing him clean up in style. It is rechargeable and fully waterproof. A utility gift, it will remind him of you whenever he uses it . It is sure to make him feel the care you have for him.
5.Paul Malone Neck Tie and Pocket Square: A well dressed man is a well liked man, and nothing says well dressed like a man in a suit with a properly made tie and neat looking pocket square. The classic occasions bring out the best in dressing , this set of neck tie and pocket square is sure to make heads turn with appreciation wherever he goes. In a classic red colour, both are made from pure silk and come from the house of Paul Malone and they come with a pair of matching cufflinks. The red is perfect for romantic occasions and he may even surprise you by wearing it on your date at night!
6. Cool Water by Davidoff: Nothing screams sex appeal like a good perfume, and the scent of it can send hormones raging in the best of women. So a fragrance for your man is one of the most obvious choices for his V-day gift. The Cool Water perfume was first introduced in 1988 and has since established itself as a classic. It is a combination of various irresistible scents such as lavender, jasmine, oakmoss and sandalwood. The fragrance is sent encased in a classy and stylish bottle. It will make you want to wrap him up and carry him around!
7.Ray Ban Wayfarer: You want to help him enhance his look this season? Go for a good piece of eyewear. And what better piece to choose than one of the all time classics with the Wayfarer sunglass from Ray Ban, which is one of the best companies in the world in its trade. You can choose the frame and the lens colour too. A lightweight durable frame made of acetate and polarised lenses, this is probably the best thing you can send your man out with. The class in this present is sure to shine through.
8. Valentine’s Day set of Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils from Healing Solutions:
9.Busted Knuckle Garage Desktop Miniature Toolbox: Does your hubby like the tools a bit too much? Is his desk always messy and he doesn’t have a care in the world about it? This V-day the people at Busted Knuckle Garage have your back, as they offer you an opportunity to help him clean up. This is a mini replica of the toolboxes used by professionals with a 3 inch deep interior perfect for all the pens and notes on his workspace. It is constructed from .24 gauge steel and is manufactured to look the same as the larger ones. The top even has a grooved rubber mat to complete the look. Your significant other will love the idea behind this one.
10.Best Husband Ever Mousepad: No matter how obsessed or stressed out he is with his workload and his deadlines sitting at the office, when his eyes move to this pad it is sure to help him lighten up and think of you. If you want him to think of you at even the worst of times,give him the best husband mouse pad. It comes with a matte rubber finish and provides a good surface for the mouse. It has ‘Best. Husband. Ever” printed on it in bold capitals with a simple font. There are a couple of other colour combinations available at the link given below.
11. Boldloft Drinking Glass Set: Romance is all about finding the time to enjoy the small, insignificant moments you share with your loved ones. When you wind down the day together at night and let yourself go with some drinks, you might want to surprise him with this cute set of glasses. One of the glasses has a girl holding a red magnet and the other has a guy seemingly flying towards her because his heart is pulled by the magnet. Hand him the one with the guy and watch him relive the early days of your relationship in his mind as he looks at the glass you are holding out for him to clink.With this, you gift him a small, warm and intimate moment.

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