11 Valentine Gifts for Her

Romantic Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Girlfriend, Wife or Friend

She is the love of your life, your baby. Now we got to give her something on Valentine’s Day. And there starts the problem when coming to gifts . In general boys have no idea what to give their girl. They usually end up with a teddy bear or a box of chocolates or may be some roses with some very cheesy lines.  Now obviously we can’t gift like the magi. But sure we can give something to our girl on Valentine’s Day to make her feel super special. So here goes the list of the best gifts which can be given. Ranging from gifts for the cheesiest of girlfriends to the uber-cool-best friend-turned-girlfriend girlfriends.


1.   TaoTronics Humidifier Ultrasonic Cool Mist (with Constant Humidity Mode, Mist Level Control and Timing Settings:

Wow!! Lots of big words there. In short it is an equipment which can give your girl an awesome spa experience right a home.it has quite a big storage capacity for water so it can last all day and also the night. Its ultrasonic technology makes it very quit. It won’t disturb your baby in her sleep. The LEDs showing the timings, humidity and mist level makes it pretty cool to look at.  It’s the ultimate gift for a gadget freak girlfriend.



2.   Women’s Pajamas Sleepwear:

This is bound to be one of the sweetest things she has ever had from you. Its made of bamboo viscose, cotton and spandex making it very soft and immensely comfortable

Its available in the shades of Bordeaux, Mimosa, Sand. Were it left to us, we’d say every one of these is  just the right shade for a good night’s sleep. These capri pajama pants have side pockets, an elasticized waist drawstring and come with a half sleeve top. The clothing is made of a unique fabric technology which keeps it warm in the winters and cool in the summer. A perfect gift for your extremely pampered princess.




Best wife ever mug:

It might have been a long time since you last mentioned to her how much she means to you. Though she knows it already but hearing it from you makes her day. Gift her the “Best wife ever” mug. These mugs comes in different colours and designs with the lines “best wife ever” printed on them. You can also custom make one, by giving your own quotes for her. This small token of love will surely make the woman of your life feel wanted and cared for. So grab a mug and wake her up on the Valentine’s Day morning with some refreshing coffee in it. We bet It will be her best morning ever.


4.  silver necklace inscribed languages pendant:

This one is a beauty. Girls have loved jewellery throughout the ages. This one stands out due to its unique specifications. The pendant of this beautiful necklace has the words “I love you” written in 120 languages in 24kt gold over a black onyx stone. Now isn’t that an amazing gift for your baby. Using the technique of Nano jewellery the text is inscribed beautifully over the stone. The pack contains a magnifying glass which helps you to read the text clearly. A perfect gift for your wife or girlfriend or any loved one for Valentine’s Day.



Giant pink teddy bear with heart:

Something for your adorable cute girlfriend who is still a child at heart and can’t get enough of soft toys. We say you pamper her till her bedroom is full of the things! After all she is the person you love most in the entire world. This giant teddy in the universally girly shade of pink is bound to light her up and makes for one of the simplest yet most effective valentines day gifts. It is a tradition that refuses to die down.



6. seven love experience vouchers:

The best thing to gift your girlfriend on Valentine’s Day is your precious time. How about spending an entire day with your loved one. These beautiful love coupons makes your work a lot easier. The coupons come beautifully printed and tied with a satin ribbon, packed in a clean wallet with an English rose sticker seal. Now isn’t that adorable? The coupons include a breakfast in bed, a picnic for two, a toe to toe pamper, a night in, and two blank ones to write your own. So all that you need to do is to grab these beautiful coupons and you are all set for an amazing day together.



7. Battery powered coloured candles with remote control:

Having a dinner in your house with you valentine? Want to setup the perfect ambiance?  The candles are flame free and smoke free. They include two lightening modes with 12 different colours-red ,green, navy blue, orange, lime, light blue , beige, sky blue ,lilac, blue, light pink, purple. The best part is that you control the lights from a radius of 20ft. Change the lights to the colour that suit your mood with just a press on your remote. It’s an excellent Valentine’s Day decoration to create a romantic atmosphere anywhere.


8. Handcrafted golden rose:

This is one gift to be kept forever. This uniquely hand crafted 24K golden rose lasts for ever. For centuries roses have been a symbol of love, beauty and appreciation. Be it a proposal gift or just a gift for your girl. This will stand out as a symbol of your everlasting love for her. It’s made in Taiwan and comes with a certificate of authenticity. The best gift to give your love sick girlfriend if she has to stay away from you for long. It will be a lasting monument to the bond shared by you two. We hope it will be the centre piece to many of your stories together in the future.

9.Heart shaped pillow: This decorative inclusion in her bedroom is available in 3 different colours for you to choose from. It is a snug fit for most recliners, computer chairs and even for the furniture set out in the garden or the patio. It is made from durable material and can be used everywhere from the bedroom to the pool side. Its fur like fabric makes it eminently huggable. Whenever she’s in need of a hug and you’re not around we are sure she will turn to this thing. Just don’t get jealous!




10. Lavender Bath and Body Gift Set: This is the perfect gift for your hygiene freak girlfriend. More over which girl doesn’t like to smell like freshly plucked lavender after every bath. The entire set is carefully crafted to give the user an amazing spa experience. It contains all natural ingredients and is completely free of any chemical adulterate.


11. Love Candy Gift Set:

Be a small kid or a 75 year old everyone loves candies. And there can be no better gift than a candy and what more the candy will have the shape of your lips. The package comes in a wooden basket in pretty colours with a monkey holding the lines “I’m wild about you” in its heart. The candies have a distinctive tangy taste. It will remind her of your first kiss!! The perfect thing for your cool wild girl.




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