11 Unique Gifts For Women

You must have looked all over the internet looking for a truly unique gift for your beloved lady. You’re probably all tired and worn out so we’ll let you in on a secret- you’ve come to the right place. We know how impossibly hard it is to get into the good books of many a lady, especially if you’re trying to get there with gifts. That road is a hard and winding one my friend, so you don’t need to go down there. All you need to do is to scroll down and read this list so that you’re assured of getting the best possible choices from among the thousands out there in the internet.

1. Unique Stretch Bracelet: Bracelets stand for uniqueness and style, which is common knowledge by now. However what you don’t know is that some bracelets are plain better than others. Here we have gotten you one of the best on the market. Its multi colour finishing and unique antique feel balance out each other to give a classy look to it on the whole. Each link in the bracelet is actually a block printed with a one word or two word message which is very meaningful for everyday life. Whether its your sister you’re looking to get this for or your wife, each message will mean something unique to each individual. So get ready to be the gift giver of the season with this one.


2. Faux Opal Necklace: The unique nature of all the jewellery out there makes it hard to pick the one which most catches the eye. This necklace is a low cost option for your lady but it is sure to inspire good luck in her day and good fortune in her life. It is a definite upgrade on the basic junk jewellery that everybody owns but never wears. This si something which will make her more beautiful when she wears it and the direct beneficiary of this change will of course be you, so what are you waiting for? Order it already!


3. Stylish silver tactical pen: The beauty of this gift is in the varied usage that it has. You’ll never realise that it can be used as a defence weapon by the way it writes and the ease with which it elegantly fits into your pocket. It is made from aircraft grade aluminium and makes for a great weapon when used wisely. She can use this pen as the first line of defence. In that way, you are in there with her when she’s in trouble and also when she’s in a different environment, when she writes. If that’s what you want to do, just order this and don’t wait for any occasion, just go give it to her!

4.  AMPM24 Vintage Coffee Leather Girl Lady Women Slim Wrap Long Bracelet Quartz: A watch is classy no matter what kind it is. It is a timeless present which can be given to practically anybody who has just accomplished something. Timepieces serve as good memories of the times they were acquired in. This one comes along in a brown colour with leather straps and is elegantly frmaed.It runs on a Quartz mechanism to make sure the woman you give it to is never out of tune.

5. Novelty Wine Glass: The amount normal people drink on any given day is harmless and it has no connection to who they are. However if the girl you’re looking to gift is a heavy drinker then you need to  think along a line related to alcohol. Wine glasses have recently become a raging gifting option. However, we don’t think you should go with the bland classic wine glass. Instead we say you go for this one, a unique print and a funny message ensure that it stands out. There is no question that it will take some attention even when using the space on her mantle. The product is built to last as the text is fired on and the glass is dishwasher safe. Its perfect for any occasion but above all, its perfect for making an impression!

6. Booze Drops Candy Pack: There is nothing like booze to set the tone of a meeting and there is absolutely nothing in the world quite like candy. So when you combine these two, you obviously get a very quirky and desirable present. The Booze Drops Candy pack contains hard candy containing alcohol flavours in every lick. The candy is even throughout its size to ensure no part is flavourless. The flavours in this pack are Brandy Coffee, Rum, Absinthe, Tequila Lemon, Bourbon Whiskey and Vodka Mint. There are just 7 of these delicacies per box so don’t try and nick any yourself! They’re perfect for when she’s travelling or around non drinking friends. Whether its a plane trip or a picnic in the forest, this set makes all of it equally fun.


7.  Yoga basket: A little Yoga never hurt anybody and with Yoga day becoming an official fixture in the international calendar, the power of this form of well being is growing at a pace never seen before. It doesn’t matter whether she is looking to get into Yoga or whether she’s been into it for longer than you’ve even known her- if Yoga is in her soul, this is the present for her. The set includes herbal tea, a bath pillow, soothing pear blossom soap gel, a Yoga DVD and a book containing instructions on Yoga with illustrations. You will be getting into her good books with this one.

8. Guitar Picks for Girls : The musicians among the females will acknowledge the dearth of truly girly costumes and accompaniments available to them. The problem is compounded for guitarists as they have to contend with all the metal inspired picks and plectrums. This is where your gift will be appreciated the most. Its not unusual for girls to want to play with their favourite picks, and you’ll be getting them this opportunity with this set of plectrums which come in smart yet girly colours so that when she lets rip on stage she can do it in her own style.

9.  The Modern Transcend Clear Glass Oil Lamp: The uniqueness of a present signifies the thought put into it and she will certainly appreciate the thought that you have put into this one. Its a small hand made borosilicate constructed lamp which is made of clear glass and is easily refillable. The lamp is around half a foot high and is made to work as a dining table centrepiece. It can burn a total of 16 hours continuously per filling. You can even combine this with the Candle Dye from Firefly and use it to produce exquisite colours in the lamp. It appears to be floating in the candle holder. The gift set includes a starting unit of 16 Oz. Paraffin lamp oil and a small plastic funnel to get started immediately.

10. Tickle Me Plant: The Tickle me plant is a special blessing in disguise  for you on the off chance that you are searching for something fun and fascinating for the gift you’re going to give your girlfriend or sister or even teacher.  Consistent with its name ,it seems to shy away from the touch and even a kiss as it bends its branches and closes its leaves as if its getting tickled. It is not a static and impersonal present either, as she will have to deal with it so that it is healthy which will also give her a small idea of the art of gardening. She can tickle the plant and make a gesture of blowing kisses at it pretty much as she would for any human being. The set incorporates 20 seeds, a window box, an extending soil wafer and some straightforward directions. You can’t turn out badly with this one!


11. Mango Fashion Outdoor Bag/School Bag: The school sack has gradually been moving towards the domain where it will soon turn into a design articulation for everyone to express their ideas and personality. The proactive individuals that they are, young ladies dependably are the first to get in on such patterns. In the event that you need to guarantee that  her announcement of her individuality is tasteful, get her the bag from Mango. The pack is made of PU and polyester with the tasteful beige shading being the fundamental subject here. It is certain to realize an adjustment in her  decisions and she will thank you for it later on in life. Plus the company it comes from already has an impeccable reputation as one of the best fashion brands worldwide, which makes it all the more desirable.

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