13 Unique Gifts for Men

People think that it’s an easy task when buying gifts for guys. Turns out that they are oftentimes wrong as it is not always the case. Every kind of guy has a different choice. Some would be very happy with a small lighter while others might like an xbox-360.it all depends on the genre the bloke you are looking to gift falls in.

Here we have something for every imaginable kind of guy and for all occassions. Even if he’s your husband, boyfriend, colleague, boss or brother and he has everything or nothing; and even if it’s his birthday, your anniversary or Christmas you will find something unique, personalized or unusual in this list. Here we go:

1. Beer Cooler – The best gift to give your cool party hopper guy. It will always keep a bottle of beer cool and ready for him. It will also allow him drink without even taking it out of the cooler. It creates a air tight seal and it immediately start cooling the beer from inside. What can someone want more than a very simple cooler which can be cleaned very easily and is also very durable? No, we couldn’t answer that one either.

2. Tactical pen (first line of defence) :Want your man to be safe from thugs? Then nothing can be compared with the Tactical Pen by Valtev. This stylish silver tactical pen fits nicely in a shirt pocket with a screw cap lid that will not come loose. It is a well equipped personal security weapon made from lightweight aircraft aluminium. It has standard black cartridge for refilling of the ink. This will be one of the coolest pieces that your gadget freak man would love. The pen comes with a nylon pouch to keep it safe when not in use. It is also very well balanced for writing so he might spend the day being a writer and his nights as a vigilante!


3 Oven & Barbecue Gloves by BlizeTec:

Looking for a gift for your food loving friend, who also likes to put on his chef cap sometimes? This is an all you want in barbeque gloves kind of gloves. Its heat resistant and non-sticky yet water proof. It protects his hands from getting oily and dirty palms while making his favourite steak. They are also insulated to protect from shocks on electric grills.  They are safe for everything from ice grabbing to baking. The gloves are hundred percent FDA approved and are considered totally hygienic for cooking. They are also backed up by the BlizeTec 100% lifetime warranty which just goes to show the quality of the product.

4. Plush Microfiber Burgundy Full Monogrammed Bathrobes: Luxury is a facet of life that nobody can say no to. And luxurious things are so attractive that they turn out to be well liked no matter what they are. This luxurious fleece robe offers industry leading comfort with an elegant collar and two patch pockets. The fabric is 100% microfiber polyester and the company offers the option of personalising it with up to three letter initials on request to the seller. You could not choose a more relaxing gift than this one,


5. Zoom Power Bank Portable External Battery Charger TRUE-12000 mAh: The most important utility in modern times is the smartphone. However since our smartphones still use traditional power sources, the battery is the king of all. Once the battery runs out, the phone is no better than a brick. This is where power banks have come in and proved lifesavers many a times. The Zoom Portable Power Bank Battery Charger offers 12000mAh  of power on full charge. The 4 LED’s are present to indicate the level of charge of the charger itself.. It has an auto shut off function which shuts off the charger when the device it is supplying is fully charged. Nothing can be more useful than this for the modern man. You might as well get him two!


6. Art of Appreciation Gift Baskets Fun and Games Care Package Gift Box: All men love board games. Period. There can be no debate about the fact that men love all manner of games, board games being a particular favourite because of their timeless nature and intriguing rules. Its time to fill his day with family fun! The art of appreciation  Fun and Games basket contains something for everyone no matter what game they like. This gift is sure to turn the into board game experts with titled varying from Checkers and Old maids playing cards to wooden tic tac toe and  popcorn packages. There will be nothing like this gift in all of the land!


7. Typography Art: Sometimes motivation needs to come from new and varied sources to be as effective as it can possibly be. If you know a guy in search of some motivation, get him this piece of art. This 20 by 16 inch piece is printed with an ink jet printer directly onto the canvas and the canvas is then gallery wrapped to produce a product with good finishing. Typography art is the latest in motivational instruments, with the art form being used everywhere from gyms to work places. The gift will be highly appreciated we can assure you.

8. Call Your Mother Ceramic Coffee Mug: When your son is embarking on a new life by going out to college or even changing cities to get to a new job or a lucrative proportion, it is natural to be worried. He obviously can’t find anybody there who cares for him like you do. In the middle of it all there is the problem of settling into a new place. The best thing you could possibly do is to remind him of the fact that his mother still is there for his every need no matter where he goes. Slip this cup into his packing and he will find it in a new city, and when he calls you , it will be a chat like any other day. A must have gift for those moving out.

9. Inch Epica Handmade Italian Leather Bound Journal or Guest Book with HANDMADE PAGES FROM THE AMALFI COAST: A thoughtful man will always have his views on the world, and the artistic man will want to pen down his views on the same. You can help your friend or brother or even boyfriend to cross the bridge from thinker to creator by giving this leather bound journal. It is made with extremely high quality materials and comes in a cream colour. It is unlined and the pages have been provided with exquisite watermarks. The leather binding has colour marbling and scarring consistent with genuine handcrafted leather products. It features a raised spine in 4 different places for an everlasting classy style with hand pressed panels allowing easy open and close. Plus it has been imported from Italy, and we all know those Italians only make top notch stuff!

10. Art of Appreciation Gift Baskets Sweet Appreciation Gift Tower of Treat: The magnitude of your love or liking is shown by the gift you choose. This gift basket from Art of Appreciation Features every imaginable thing a man would want in a random present. It has a bow on top for presentation and comes in the shape of a real tower with stacked boxes making up the tower. It is crafted with high precision attention to detail and contains products such as salted caramel popcorn, English toffee candy, cashew crunch snack mix and gourmet cookies.


11. Inch Japanese Lantern Table Lamp: The Japanese have always been known for  their subtlety and their engineering prowess. These two have combined in the perfect graduation gift for the boy who has just evolved  into a man. This makes for a good and mature present for a graduating man. It makes for a great showpiece and because it actually functions, it can be used too.

12. Hammered The Drinking Game Set: Beer parties and gathering of old friends are two places where everything goes. Nothing is off bounds and for such a fun filled atmosphere, there is a need for a unique game. Hammered is the game that has answered this call to duty! It is a fun filled adventure ride where a roll of the dice determines who drinks, what they are supposed to drink and how much of it they are supposed to drink to stay in the game. Its a fun game with a unique idea behind it, and it is perfect for social gatherings where people are looking for some entertainment.


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