How to Solve the Unemployment Problem Using Technology – An Open Letter to President Jonathan and his Aides

Dear President Jonathan,

Just as you have plans to fight corruption through technology, we have a great idea for how you can also apply same technology in solving the unemployment problem. Our idea Will solve the unemployment problem faster than any other option currently available. This will greatly help in creating the promised 2 million jobs and even more.

We hope that, like us, you will be very excited about this idea because it will help millions of Nigerians and also be an excellent campaign point:

Who Are We?

We are NG44, an online company from Benin City that develops e-learning platforms and online courses. Click Here to learn more about us.

What is Our Great Plan to End Unemployment

The idea is to develop an online learning platform that will offer short online courses which teach people how to start up various small scale and home-based businesses and thus become self employed. These courses will be offered at very low rates.

The courses will last for 1 to 3 months and will be of very high quality and of university grade. They will focus on teaching how to set up small and medium scale businesses that the student can start up immediately after taking the course.

More About the Platform

There will be courses such as importation business, soap making, bead making, website design, hand crafts, events management, catering, juice making, bakery, poultry, snail farming and dozens more.

Anybody who completes a course will have the skills and knowledge to immediately start up their own business. At the end of three years, the platform is projected to continuously graduate 50,000 new entrepreneurs and business owners every month.

Students can take classes online from anywhere through video lectures, electronic books and other multimedia channels. Here is a link to what the video lecture might look like:

Through this platform, you are not just giving the citizens fish by giving them jobs, you are teaching them how to fish by turning them into business owners. This means that They also become employers thereby leading to a ripple effect where more jobs are created in a very sustainable way.


  • Fast: This Platform Will solve the unemployment problem faster than any other option currently available
  • Impact and empower a large number of the unemployed population using minimal resources (We project 1,000 graduates a month by the end of one year, to grow to 10,000 graduates per month by the end of two years and 50,000 graduates per month by the end of 3 years).
  • Sustainable Model: The platform supports itself
  • Excellent Campaign Strategy for the President and his team in the forthcoming election

Partner With Us

We want the Government to Partner with us by Funding the development of this platform. Doing this will be an excellent way to show the Government’s commitment to empowering youths by exploring novel and innovative ways to fight unemployment under the Transformation Agenda.

Funding Required

The amount needed to build and launch the platform is N50 Million Naira

More details will be provided on request. You can contact us with the email or number below.

Email: ng44 @
Phone Hours (Nigeria):  9 AM – 5PM, Mondays – Fridays (Call 0818 713 1717)

The e-Learning Products Team
NG44 Consulting

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