Advertise on Facebook in Nigeria – Pay in Naira

Online Advertising on Facebook in Nigeria – Pay in Naira

What is Facebook?
Facebook is a new and very popular website that has the largest number of Nigerian members on the Internet. Every who-is-who in Nigeria is a member of Facebook (including the President!)

Big and small companies now advertise on Facebook because it’s cheap and you can reach millions of Nigerians at once. See the red boxes in the image above to know where your advert will be displayed on Facebook. It is bold, conspicuous, obvious and very noticeable. N is called the Newsfeed and S is the Sidebar. Adverts in the newsfeed tend to fare better especially if you have a limited budget.

Why Advertise on Facebook?

  • Reach over 15 Million Nigerians
  • More affordable than other types of offline advertising (Radio, TV etc)
  • You get instant results via calls, texts or clicks to your website
  • Boost your Adsense revenue (for AdSense users)

What can you advertise on Facebook?

  • Your website
  • Your Event
  • Products and Services
  • Political Campaigns
  • Your Branding and Logo
  • Anything

What You Cannot Advertise on Facebook

  • Online Money Making Schemes
  • Medicines and Health Supplements
  • Online Business Autoresponder lists and Courses
  • Pornography and other Illegal stuff
  • Magic and Sorcery

We can help you place your advert on Facebook

No need for credit card, pay in naira into our Nigerian bank account and we will help you place the advert. We’re the cheapest in Nigeria. We charge according to how many people will see the advert weekly (this is known as the Reach). We have four plans, see the rates below:


Cost: N25,000 (Twenty Five thousand naira)
Duration: 1 Week
Ad Location: Newsfeed only
Reach: 30,000+ People

Cost: N50,000 (Fifty thousand naira)
Duration: 1 Week
Ad Location: Newsfeed only
Reach: 70,000+ People

Cost: N90,000 (Ninety thousand naira)
Duration: 1 Week
Ad Location:  Newsfeed only
Reach: 140,000+  People

Cost: N150,000 (One Hundred and Fifty thousand naira)
Duration: 1 Week
Ad Location: Newsfeed + Sidebar (optional)
Reach: 300,000+  People

For greater reach please call our customer service within the specified times using the phone numbers at the end of this post.

Click here for how to pay for your adverts through us

How to Place your Advert through Us

Click Here for How to Pay ( in Naira)


Got Questions?

Call us. Phone Hours:  9 AM – 5PM, Mondays – Fridays (Call 0818 713 1717)

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