HR Outsourcing

Recruit only the best. Don’t settle for less.

Our Services
We can help you do any or all of the following on a small or large scale:

  • Advertise your vacancy
  • Receive and Collate Applications
  • Conduct Written Aptitude Tests
  • Conduct in-person (or online) interviews on your behalf

Top 5 reasons why we should manage your staff recruitment process in Nigeria.

  1. We are the number one online Human Resource consultants in Nigeria
  2. We own Nigeria’s busiest career website (Latest Nigerian Jobs)
  3. We charge less than all the others
  4. We can get you the best candidates and save you a lot of headache
  5. We have 10+ years experience and we know the Nigerian terrain (like the back of our palm, actually)

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4 Comments on “HR Outsourcing

  1. Can we have your offer for online advert (facebook) and HR outsourcing mainly for advert in your web site. We will do job of sorting, aptitude etc.

    Also we want to have offer for online marketing to push our brand karrox. Call me to discuss more.