Q n A: How Soon Will I Start Making Money if I enter Online Business?

You must first of all learn the ropes before you can expect to start making any good money on the internet. As hinted in previous Lectures, online business is not just about jumping in and trying different things at random hoping that one of them will fetch you money. You must have learnt the fundamentals properly and know what you are doing.

With our MOB (master of Online Business) course, the learning process can take between 3 to 6 months depending on how much time you put in, your seriousness, how much practice you get and how well you can understand what is explained in the ebooks.


For most other people who are trying to learn online business on their own without any guide, the learning process could take years mainly because they don’t know the correct information on how to do it properly so they just end up experimenting until they get lucky.

Now, assuming that you have already learnt the basics and you now have reasonable confidence and know what you are doing and how to make informed decisions, you can then talk of setting up the business and online system properly.


In general, online businesses that do not require any capital usually take a longer time to yield results (9 to 18 months) while those that require startup capital (at least N25, 000) can start fetching you money within 3 to 6 months after you start.

You must do your due diligence and pay your dues. Paying your dues entails reading wide, experimenting, enduring and even failing a couple of times. With each trial and experiment you become better. Only when you have the requisite experience will you start making good money.

Online Business Resources

  1. To get a mentor to guide you as you learn and make things easier and faster for you, we recommend that you register for the MOB Course (there is a bonanza going on now). Visit the following link for details: www.ng44.com/mobs
  2. To learn Online Business the free way, you can start at the following link: http://www.2createawebsite.com/
  3. To read our story and get inspired, read www.richnigerian.com/mystory

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