Q n A: Do I Need to be a Computer Wizard and Know How to Design a Website before I can Start Online Business?

The minimum requirement for starting online business is that you must know how to browse online by yourself, you must know how to download and save things and you must have an email address and know how to use it. You may have come across some adverts which claim that “anybody can do the business, even the most idiotic novice” or something similar and you are wondering if it is really true because you know very little about computers.

A more correct statement to that effect would be that you do not have to be a computer wizard but there are things to learn. These things are not hard or too complicated and anybody who is willing to put in a little effort can easily learn them provided that they have the right instructions and a good teacher.

Imagine that you want to start a new business, maybe a catering business. Or maybe buying and selling of goods. What do you do first? You learn. You seek out people who have done the business before and you try to learn survival tips, strategies and secrets of the business from them. You try to find out things like where to get the goods or materials you need? Where to get the best prices? What are the best brands to use? How to store and manage your products and services? How will you find customers? How do you manage your customers? And so on.

The truth is that online business is not different from any other business venture in existence today. Just as you need to have certain skills and information in order to go into any kind of business in the offline world (the real world), the same applies to online business.

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To become a guru in online business, you need to first learn the following basic concepts and skills:

  1. How to Build a Website (free/paid)
  2. Content creation and copywriting
  3. Keyword research
  4. Search Engine Optimization
  5. Capturing leads and building lists
  6. Internet marketing and advertising
  7. Basic web programming and graphics

You can search for each of these words on Google to learn more about these fields.

If you are seeing some of these words for the very first time or if they sound technical, don’t worry, they are all very easy to learn and understand. The Part 1 and Part 3 of this course consist of Lessons dedicated to teaching you how to master each of these skills. By the time you study those Lessons, practice the exercises, do the assignments and read up on the resources, you will not only thoroughly understand the skills but you will have become a master in them as well.

Actually you will be able to get by without learning how to do some of these things but unless you learn and master them, you will continue to greatly reduce your potential to earn from online business. True you will make money, but nothing near as much as what you could have made if you mastered all of these skills. All the gurus whose testimonies you may have seen or heard about are all proficient in these 7 fields.

Yes. Master them. Don’t just learn them. Become so good at them that they become second nature to you. Your level of mastery of these seven basic skills determines to a great extent how far you will go and how much money you will make. That is why it is important that before you go into online business proper, you must take some time to first learn and practice these skills.

Learning them does not mean that you have to be the one to do them forever. When you have started making some money, you may decide at some point to hire someone to do some of the tasks that require the application of these skills. Because you have to first show the employee what to do, deep knowledge and understanding will make it easy for you to explain the details to them and ensure that they are doing it properly.

Another key to mastery and stupendous success is practice. The steps in online business are easy to learn and the more you practice them, the better you will become. In the process you will also come to have a deeper understanding of the fundamental concepts behind making money on the internet and you will be able to excel and grow your online business empire into a huge money spinning operation.


Online Business Resources

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