Pricing and Payments

Below are the links to the payment pages for the various products currently available directly from NG44:

Buying From Within Nigeria (Pay in Naira, US Dollars, or Cryptocurrency):

Masters in Online Business Package (MOB) – N3,000 or click here
Cheap Laptop Importation Guide – N2,800 or click here
Erectile Dysfunction / Weak Erection (ERD) – N2,200 or click here


Buying from Outside Nigeria (Pay in US Dollars or Cryptocurrency):

Masters in Online Business Package (MOB) – $9 or click here
Erectile Dysfunction / Weak Erection (ERD) – $6 or click here


Questions or Problems with Your Payment?

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40 Comments on “Payments

    • You can join our free course for a free introduction and when you are ready to start fully you can get the MOB course so that you can learn everything

    • Hi Ini, this is covered in our MOB Course at

      You can also try searching Google for “How to Advertize on Facebook” then add the current year at the end to get the latest info

  1. NG44 is priceless in value. You give me the all-needed info to building a meaniful. There’s no prog i’ve found on net like this.

  2. Sir,I had all u said n believe u,pls u need to help because I’m surfring from a lot things including poverty him self.I graduated in the department of Petroleum Dept from RSUST in 2008,since then it’s been hard for me and my farmily to feed not to talk of upkeep.ThnkGod we hv compassionate people like you in this Country,God’ll countinue to use to bless his children.Pls,I want to preper self step-by-step like said,hw do I start.

  3. I just saw so many Testimonies about ur e-book and i am interested and want to be part of dis testimonies. Pls how do i get dis book and how soon can one start earnings.

    • If you are totally new, it may take about 6 to 9 months of learning and practice before you can expect any earnings. You can get started with your learning by getting the MOB package. For details on how to obtain it, please visit

  4. I want to pay for the Ebook (mob) but my bank in Uganda can’t use the options you have listed. I want to use money gram. So please email me your Full names, city, and contact. Thank you.

  5. sir, pls when i pay for the ebook and it is sent to my email. i want to know if i can download it over and over again.

  6. I got d information as am browseing.honestly I kw noting about online business. Pls help me.I graduated since 2007 ,,no work.pls help me whatever DAT come s out we share. Pls help a mother of two

    • Hello Ife Cindy, try to get the MOB course at when you have learnt it you will no longer be interested in looking for work because you will be making money on your own and you wont have to share it with us or anybody

  7. please after i finish paying d money how many days am i go to receive the complete e-book

    • Hello Uzochukwu Elijah, if you pay online with card you will get the e-books immediately. If you pay with bank transfer it will take between 24 to 72 hours for you to receive it.