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One of the unique features of the Master of Online Business (M.O.B.) Course from NG44 is the availability of a private online forum where students can get assistance, help and support both from certified and expert instructors and from other more experienced students and graduates of the same course. This is what separates us from the rest.

If you have not yet bought the MOB course on making money online, you need to do so to get free access to this mentoring forum. See more about the course here =>

If you have already bought the MOB course then read on for How to Use the Forum to get help.

Unlike most “gurus” who sell their e-books or courses to you and leave you to your own fate, we are actively involved in coaching, helping, assisting and mentoring our students to ensure that they properly understand what they are reading.

The recommended means of getting help or assistance during this MOB course is through the coaching and mentoring forum. All questions should be asked in the forum where other knowledgeable members and mentors are on ground to answer.

Note that whenever there are lots of questions in the forum, it may sometimes take a few days for your own to be answered. So if the question you have is a very urgent one but it has not yet been answered after some days in the forum, you may call NG44 customer service directly.

Note: calls are not encouraged and should only be used when the issue is of urgent and critical importance and you have not gorren a reply after some days in the forum. You may however call in case you encounter any challenges downloading or viewing the course materials.

The Old Forum (NG2G)

The current forum at  is a newly launched version of the former MOB mentoring Forum. The old forum and all the old posts can still be accessed by anyone for free at  but you have to register and log in to the forum there before you can access the old posts.

You can register either for the free or paid MoneyMaker membership (see plans here => After registering, login to your account and visit the forum homepage at  then scroll down slowly.

After scrolling down a little you will come across a section called ARCHIVE (NG2G Old Forum). Under this section you will find links to the categories and posts from the old forum. There are a lot of very useful discussions, tutorials and answers for beginners in the old forum so we strongly encourage you to search there too for answers to the questions that you have while studying the MOB.

Searching the Old Forum: You can make use of the forum search box to search for answers to questions that you have while studying the MOB course. Most of the common questions that beginners ask have already been thoroughly answered there before so you may be able to get an answer to your question just by searching through the old discussions.

You can use the search box to search for any question or subject matter that you are interested in. To find the search box, scroll down slowly on any forum page and you will surely be able to locate the search box. This is what it looks like:


The New Forum (MOB Underground)

The new MOB mentoring forum was launched in 2020 and all active support and mentoring for the MOB course will now be handled there going forward.

In the meantime we shall also provide answers and support to already existing students on whichever platform they are currently on right now whether it is the new or the old forum or on the platform. But in the future, all MOB students both old and new will be gradually integrated with the new forum.

NOTE: After you register for the forum, it takes a few days for your registration to be verified and approved.


Using the NEW Forum

The new MOB Underground coaching and mentoring forum is a private online forum accessible only to verified students of the Master of Online Business course.

The online mentoring forum is an integral and very important part of this program and you can do the following as a member:

  • Get answers to any questions that you have or problems you encounter. If you need any kind of help you will get it at the forum
  • Receive further training and guidance as you go through the course
  • Rub minds and share ideas with other students and instructors and get support from a very friendly community


How to Register

The new forum is accessible only to those who have purchased the Master of Online Business (M.O.B) Course from NG44. If you have not purchased the MOB you can learn more about it here.

If you already bought the package, the steps for registering in the new MOB forum were sent to your email as part of the download instructions when you bought the package.

For older members, the instructions will be sent to you when you are being integrated with the new forum.

Approval: Your registration must be approved before you are able to use the forum. This may take between 7 to 14 days.

As soon as you have been approved, you will be notified via email after which you will be able to login to the forum with the username and password you selected during registration.


Forum Terminology

Forum websites are also called “Bulletin boards” and have some specific terms that are used to describe certain features and aspects of the platform.

Understanding these terms makes it easier to use the forum and to get the maximum benefit. It will also make it easy for you to fully understand the remaining part of this guide.

The most common terms are: Post, Topic, Thread, Original Poster (OP), Section, Category, Board, Avatar, Smiley and BBcode.

Let us look at each one in a little more detail:

Post: A post is the main way that discussions take place in a forum. Members create posts which could contain a question or a brief write up meant to start a discussion. A post could also be an article meant to teach something or to express an opinion. Or just as a contribution to the forum.

A post can also be called a Topic or a Thread. The person who creates the topic or starts a thread is called the Original Poster or OP.

Forum websites are divided into Sections which are made up of Categories. Categories are comprised of related topics. Categories can also be called Boards. Some categories may also have other sub-categories or boards under them. These sub-categories can also be called child boards or simply boards.

An Avatar is another name for a member’s profile picture. A smiley is like a small image usually of a face that shows various expressions and emotions. For example: 🙂 🙁 . A Smiley can also be called an emoji or emoticon.

BBcode stands for Bulletin Board Code and it provides a way to add some styling to parts of your post through the use of matching pairs of code enclosed within square brackets.

For example, surrounding any word or sentence with [b] and [/b] will make anything between the codes bold while [i] and [/i] will render it in italics.

For example, typing the following in your post:

Hello my name is [b]John[/b], how [i]are you[/i]  today?

Will come out like this when posted:

Hello my name is John, how are you today?

The [b] and [i] are the BBcodes and when used, they are terminated with an identical code preceded by a slash e.g [/b] or [/i]. There are other BBcodes you can use too (see here for more: )


How to Log in and Log Out of the Forum

People who are not logged in to the forum are known as “guests”. Guests are able to view the contents of the forum but they are not able to post or reply to posts.

Also Guests see adverts when using the website but logged in members do not see the banner adverts.

Logging in on Mobile Devices

To log in, go to the top of the website and if you are on mobile click the icon shown below:


This will take you to the login page where you can then enter your login details:

Enter your username or email in the username field and enter your forum password which you specified during registration (not your email password or your secret PIN). If you have forgotten your password, click Forgot your Password? And follow the instructions.

You are also allowed to select how long you want to stay logged in. When the time you specify expires, you will be automatically logged out, whether you are online or not. This setting can help in cases where you are accessing the forum from a device that does not belong to you.

The default setting on the login page is usually 1440 minutes (equal to 24 hours). You can leave it like that and go to the next field which is whether to always remain logged in until you manually log out.

If you are using your own computer you can select this option to Always stay logged in and it will override the time limit to stay logged in earlier set above it. But if you are using another person’s device, do not select this remain logged in option.

Logging in on Desktop

If you are on a desktop computer or laptop you will see this instead in the top left area of the screen:

You can login directly from the area in the red box above. Type your username in the left hand box and password in the second box. You can also use your email address as your user name to log in by typing it in the left box.

Next select how long you want to remain logged in before the system automatically logs you out. This is for security reasons. If you are using a cybercafé or a computer that is not yours, select 1 hour and click on Login. What happens is that after one hour, you will automatically be logged out. If this happens before you are done, log in again

This can be very useful in the event that you forget to log out of the forum after using a computer that is not yours. If you select Forever you will remain logged in until you log out manually. Only use this if you are using your own private computer.

Another way to login on desktop is to click on the Login button indicated by the red arrow below:

This will take you to the login page where you can then enter your login details as explained above for the mobile version.

Logging Out

To log out of the forum when on mobile, tap once on your profile icon (avatar) which is located near the top right hand corner (indicated by the arrow below).

Tapping once on the image will reveal a dropdown menu that contains options which include Log out. Click on log out to log out of the forum.

When browsing on a desktop computer or laptop, place your mouse over your profile icon or your username near the top right hand corner to reveal the dropdown with the Log Out link.


The Forum Menu

After logging in, you will find a row of icons near the top of every page (on mobile) or a row of buttons on desktop. These icons serve as the main navigational menu for the forum. They give you access other important parts of the forum besides the actual boards and discussions.

Let us look at each icon in a little more detail and briefly explain what they do (according to the numbers in the image below):

  1. Main Home Icon / Community Icon: Tap once on this icon to display a sub menu. To go directly to the forum home page, double – tap on this icon (i.e. tap twice in quick succession).
  2. Message Inbox: Here you will find private messages sent to you from Admins, Moderators and members who have the ability to send private messages.
  3. Notifications: Tap this icon to see your notifications
  4. New and Unread Posts: This icon takes you to a list of the latest topics posted in the forum since you last visited. Topics that you have not read may also be listed. Checking the new and unread posts is an easy way for you to keep abreast of latest discussions, updates and developments in the forum.
  5. New Replies: Tap here to see a list of posts which have been recently replied to since your last visit. This is another good way to keep abreast of current discussions and goings-on in the forum.
  6. Avatar: This is your profile icon and the image you will see here will be different from what is shown in the image above. What you will see here is whatever you have selected as your profile image or avatar. Tap once on this icon to display a drop down with further options and double-tap to take you to your profile page. As mentioned earlier, to double-tap means to tap twice quickly.
  7. Another Home Button: This button takes you directly to the forum home page with just a single tap or click. This is unlike the community button described in number 1 above which requires you to double-tap to be taken to the home page.

On a desktop, these icons are replaced by buttons that also bear labels which describe their function:


How to Post and Ask Questions

Your First Post: Introduce Yourself

To help the community know you better, the first thing that you should do after your registration has been approved is to log in to the forum and introduce yourself.

To introduce yourself, visit the Introduce Yourself board at the following link and create a new topic  (you can only access this link after logging in).

In the topic you can tell us some general information about yourself like who you are and where you are chatting from. You should also tell the house what you expect to gain from the forum and what you hope to achieve in the next one year.

You may also state how you feel to be a member of the forum and what your expectations are. Without doing this you will never be considered as a full member of the house so if you have not yet introduced yourself, endeavour to do so as soon as possible.

When introducing yourself, don’t include sensitive information like your home address or phone number for privacy reasons because your post will be accessible to every logged-in member of the forum. People who are not logged in though (i.e guests) cannot view the Introduce Yourself board.

Introducing yourself is not mandatory but it is encouraged and it shows that you are serious and ready to learn. Do not introduce yourself in a reply to another person’s introduction. Instead create a new topic for your own introduction.

To make a new topic or post, click on the Board name that closely relates to what you want to post. This will take you to the Board index page which lists the new posts and the posts with the most recent replies under that particular board.

If you are not sure what board to post your question you can post it in the General Questions board and for questions or topics that do not relate to online business you can post in the board called Village Square (Under the Iroko).

As mentioned earlier, posts in a forum can also be called a topic, a discussion or a thread. Hence when creating a new post, one can say that you are creating a new topic or starting a new thread or a new discussion. When you reply to a post, it can also be said that you are replying to a thread.

To start a new topic under the board you are in, click on New Topic near the top or bottom of the board index. Note that only logged in users can create and reply to topics.


When you click on New Topic, the post composer (or editor) opens:

Subject: The subject serves as the title of your post. For the Subject, enter your question or a short sentence that appropriately describes the content of your topic. Summarise what you want to post in one sentence. The use of short meaningless subjects like “Help me please” or “I am new” is frowned upon.

If you are creating your introductory post, you can use as your title something like: “Hi my name is ….” (then you include your name e.g Hi my name is John from Ibadan). Or “Hello all, I’m glad to be here”. Or any other interesting title.

For other questions or topics, your subject must be descriptive enough and must give an idea of the content of the topic that you are posting so that when other people read through the list of new topics on the Board index page, they will easily have an idea of what your thread is talking about in case they have an answer to your question or something to contribute to the topic of discussion.

Using descriptive titles helps to increase the probability of getting a good and fast reply to your topic or question.

Lastly, do not write your subject in all capital letters like HOW CAN I AUTOMATICALLY PING A PINGING SERVICE? Instead, write “How can I automatically ping a pinging service”

The Message icon is the small icon that appears next to your topic in the board index, you may change the default icon which is Standard to any of the other options. After typing your question or topic, click on Post to post it to the forum. To see how it would look before posting, click on Preview. If you are not ready to post it yet you can save it by clicking Save Draft.

You can access all your drafts from the submenu under your profile icon in the menu near the top. On mobile, tap once to reveal the dropdown.


On desktop, you can reveal the dropdown menu by hovering your mouse cursor over the profile button.

From this profile dropdown you can also access other areas of the forum where you can make customizations to your profile and edit other settings relating to personalization of your account.

After making a post, you can still delete it or go back and edit it. You are able to do this for any post or reply you make through the use of the icons located on the bottom right hand corner of all your posts and replies.

To edit your post or reply, click on Quick Edit to load a light version of the editor. To load the full editor with all the edit icons, click on More… to reveal a dropdown with more options then click on Modify.

To delete the post entirely, click on Remove. To quote the post in a new reply, click on Quote. Quoting will include the text of the post that you are replying to in the post composer and you can then type your own answer below the quoted text.

Use Report Post to report to the admin any post which breaks the forum rules.


Posting Rules and Guidelines

  1. Search first before posting a question just in case it has been asked before or in case there is a similar thread that you can just reply to instead of starting a new thread
  2. All replies to a topic should be relevant and related to the topic of the thread. Start a new topic for any discussion that is not related to the current thread. Don’t just jump into ongoing discussions with new or unrelated questions. Start your own topic instead.
  3. Always post in the correct board or discussion thread
  4. Do not use all capital letters or fancy fonts and formatting when you post
  5. All posts must be mainly in English language. Minimize the use of shortened words. Do not write sentences like this: Evry1 is nt d same. It cld tak sm persns 10-15 yrs 2 bcom house masters when it cn take sm jst 6-8 yrs 2 bcom qualified doctors
  6. Do not laugh at or offer snide, disrespectful or derogatory remarks about another member’s questions, actions, or views and beliefs (including but not restricted to social, religious, political, tribal and racial leanings).
  7. Do not make personal attacks or negative comments or remarks on a person or persons who have voiced their opinions or asked a question. Discussions should be a mature exchange of ideas and everybody has a right to express their idea or opinion without fear of being laughed at or bullied. Add your response without bashing, attacking or insulting the person that you are replying to.
  8. Always let your comment or reply be sensible and relevant
  9. Do not advertise or promote anything unless you obtain approval from an administrator (this does not apply to your signature)
  10. Always try to answer questions if you know the answer or make posts and replies if you believe you have something relevant or beneficial to contribute or share
  11. The more you post, the higher your membership level will grow. The higher the quality and usefulness of your posts and replies, the more likes you will receive and the more respect you will earn in the community.


How to Search for an Answer in the Forum

It is recommended to search first to see if your question has been answered before or has been/is being discussed in an already existing thread before you create a new topic to ask your question.

Anybody that has a question can find answers by searching the forum for similar questions that were asked and discussed in the past. Most common questions that beginners usually ask have already been answered in detail either on the old forum or in the new forum.

Members are encouraged to search first to see if the question they have has already been answered. You can search both the old forum mentioned near the beginning of this article, or you can search the current new forum.

Searching on the old site has been covered in the subsection on The Old Forum located near the beginning of this guide. Below is how to search in the new forum:


Where to Find the Search Box

On the new site, the search box can be found at the top left hand corner of every page when viewing on mobile.


For desktop you can find the search box at the top right hand corner of the screen:

Type in one or two or more words that describe what you are searching for and then click the magnifying glass icon on the right edge of the search box.

For example, if you are looking for more information on how to set up autoresponders, you can just simply type in autoresponder set up and search and it will bring up posts that contain those words or phrases. You do not need to type in your full question into the search box unless you want it to be extra-specific.


Forum Rules, Regulations and Guidelines

To keep the forum friendly, useful and orderly, every member is expected to strictly abide by a code of conduct and a set of rules. Breaking any of these will lead to sanctions commensurate with the grievousness of the offence.

Code of Conduct

  1. This is a forum for help, support and cooperation. We are all brothers and sisters! We are raising a new generation of honest, hardworking, trustworthy and rich Nigerians who will go forth as change agents to train and mentor even more Nigerians so that gradually we will create the Nigeria of our dreams.
  2. The forum is meant to be a friendly and helpful place where everyone must act as brothers and sisters. Everybody is equal and no one is better or worse than the other so there must be mutual respect and understanding.
  3. Don’t cheat, insult or act malicious. Report any such persons to an Admin or moderator immediately.
  4. When you are wrong, be quick to admit your error and apologise to any affected or aggrieved parties.
  5. Always be respectful, helpful, nice and friendly to other members
  6. The forum is private and meant strictly to guide and provide additional support to ONLY people who have bought any of our online business training packages. You must never share your login details with other people.
  7. Instead of sharing your password, direct the person to to register so that they can get their own access to the forum.


To maintain good and orderly conduct in the forum, members who break any of the above rules or deviate from the code of conduct are subject to disciplinary measures. These measures vary in degree according to the seriousness of the rule broken or offence committed.

Disciplinary measures include:

  • Gentle reminders
  • Warnings
  • Rank Reduction
  • Temporary removal of some membership privileges
  • Temporary ban from the forum
  • Stripping of leadership roles
  • And for the most grievous of offences, a permanent ban from the forum.


Membership Types and Levels

There are different types of members in the forum:

  1. Administrators
  2. Moderators
  3. Normal members

The forum makes use of a system of Levels to serve as a means of rewarding members who are serious, committed and useful. Levels are based on number of posts and replies that the member has made. The higher your level, the more additional benefits you will get.

Normal Members
All new members start as normal members and rise through various levels of membership based on how many posts (topics and replies) that they have made in the forum. When you first register, you are placed as a normal member on Level 0. As you keep posting and replying you will keep advancing from level to level until you get to the highest Level. The more you post the higher in Level you will rise.

Being on a higher level does not necessarily make you superior to another member on a lower level because in the forum, all regular members are equals. Members on a higher level have a duty to guide lower level members if they can and are knowledgeable enough. In the future there shall be occasional awards or bonuses for members on the highest levels.

An administrator is the highest authority in the forum and has the power to take disciplinary actions and make final decisions regarding the running of the forum and events within.

All administrators are also staff of NG44 and possess the authority to assign leadership positions to high level members who have truly earned such positions. The most prestigious titled positions are mentors and moderators and they can only be earned by deserving members.

The role of a mentor is that of a teacher or instructor. Mentors are usually selected from forum members who have distinguished themselves and have risen to advanced levels in their studies and have displayed enough competence to be able to confidently and correctly assist other members with the questions that they might have.

Mentors are selected from high level and high ranking members. They are not paid but enjoy special benefits and bonuses which other members do not enjoy.

These are normal members who have earned the respect of other forum members and have shown that they are very well versed in the workings of the forum particularly in the area of rules, regulations and proper conduct.

Moderators have the power to caution other members and issue mild warnings although they are not official staff of NG44. Moderators are not paid but enjoy special benefits and bonuses which other members do not enjoy.

Normal members are expected to obey the directives and abide by the decisions of moderators but can always appeal to an administrator if they are in disagreement.


Moderators are appointed by administrators based on a combination of factors which include Level, dedication, activeness in the forum and observed performance. Moderators are also sometimes allowed to be democratically elected by other members through a voting process


Further Questions?

If you have further questions about using the forum please contact NG44 Customer Service Desk through the details given here =>

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