MOB Payment Instructions


What you are paying for are electronic books and they will be sent to you online. They are not physical books. They can only be read on a computer or smartphone. If you need physical or hard copies you will need to print them out from the computer by yourself after downloading.


Three Methods of Payment:

You can buy the MOB course from anywhere in the world. We accept three methods of payment viz:

  • Method 1: Card Online Payment (All countries + Nigeria)
  • Method 2: Bank deposit or transfer (Nigeria only)
  • Method 3: Bitcoin or Ethereum cryptocurrency (All countries + Nigeria)

See the details below:

Method 1: Card Online Payment – N3,000 (or $9) – Download Immediately!

multiplecards_smallBuying Within Nigeria:

Pay N3,000 online with your ATM, debit or credit card and Get the eBooks immediately. No Waiting. Download Right Now. Cards Accepted: All Nigerian Bank ATM Cards, Debit and Credit Cards, Interswitch Verve, GTB Naira Mastercard, Other Nigerian Bank Mastercards, Visa, etc. Click any of the links below to pay. If one does not go through, please try the other one. If your payment is successful you will be able to download the package immediately.

Payment Link 1 (via Paystack) – N3,000

Payment Link 2 (via Flutterwave) – N3,000


Outside Nigeria (US Dollars):

If you live outside Nigeria or you have a dollar card in Nigeria, you can pay with a Mastercard or Visa debit or credit card or USD domiciliary card. The cost of the package is US$9. Click any of the links below to pay in USD. If one doesn’t go through, please try the other one. If your payment is successful you will be able to download the package immediately.

Payment Link 1 (via Paystack) – US$9

Payment Link 2 (via Flutterwave) – US$9



Method 2: Bank Deposit or Transfer (N3,000) – You receive the e-books Within 24 to 48 Hours

STEP 1: Pay or Transfer N3,000 into our account below:

Bank: GTBank
Account Number: 0131 879 479
Type of Account: Current

STEP 2: Send Confirmation Text

After you have paid, text the word MOB and your email address,full names,Phone number,amount paid,branch paid,date paid,deposit slip number to 0818 713 1717

Example Confirmation Text:
Below is an example of what the text that you are to send after payment should look like (separate each detail with a comma ,)

Example: MOB [email protected], Bisola Aderonke, 080233456789, 3000, Magodo Branch, June 12, 2021, 85655

Make sure you use the exact format for the text as given above to prevent delays. After sending the text, it will take between 24 to 48 hours for us to process your order and send you the ebooks.

For Transfers: Replace the branch name with the name of your bank you are transferring from, and replace teller number with the word Transfer



Method 3: Bitcoin or Ethereum ($10) – You receive the e-books Within 24 to 48 Hours

Paying with Bitcoin or Ethereum attracts an extra $1 processing fee so the amount you are to pay if paying with Bitcoin or Ethereum is $10. Below are the steps:

STEP 1: Send US $10 worth of Bitcoin (BTC) or Ethereum (Ether – ETH) to the relevant wallet address given below:

For BITCOIN – BTC ($10):  3CDrnvbuLF4QAqdEu6RYg6RNV5uL5XwLPF

For ETHEREUM – ETH ($10):  0xD85E056578b4b7526Dca64618f56487e121832Ae

STEP 2: After sending the money, send an email to [email protected] with subject “MOBC Payment” . In the email, include the following information: Your name, your email, phone number, country of residence, amount paid, date paid, product you are paying for and the wallet address that the money was sent from.

NOTE: Omitting any detail in step 2 may lead to delays so make sure you send all the information. After sending the email, it will take between 24 to 48 hours for us to process your order and send you the ebooks.

WARNING: Note that if you pay the wrong cryptocurrency to the wrong wallet addresses it will be lost forever and we shall not be liable for such loss so MAKE SURE you pay bitcoin into the bitcoin wallet or ethereum into the ethereum wallet.



Got Questions?

If you have questions and you need to contact us, email us at [email protected] or Call our Customer Care line which is open from 9 AM – 5PM, Mondays – Fridays (Call 0818 713 1717)



For method 1 (Card online payment), you will be able to download the ebooks immediately the payment is successful. You will be redirected to the download page as soon as the payment goes through successfully.

For method 2 (deposit or transfer) and method 3 (Bitcoin/Ethereum): Because of the large amount of orders we get everyday, we are not able to process manual orders individually so we do it in batches once every 24 to 48 hours. This means that we will not confirm receipt and verify your payment immediately. However, you shall receive the links to download the e-books via email latest 48 Hours (2 days) from the day that you sent your verification text.

  • Please note: We will not acknowledge receipt of your text message immediately and will not confirm your payment immediately so you do not need to call after paying, just send the text and wait for up to 48 Hours. If you have not received an email with the links from us after 48 Hours from when you sent the text message, please call our customer care line to lay a complaint between the hours of 9 AM to 5PM Mondays to Fridays on 0818 713 1717 (from 9 AM to 5PM Mon to Fri).
  • Also note: You MUST send the text message in the format above because omitting any information may delay the processing of your order. Make sure that the email address you provide is correct because that is where we shall be sending the e-books.


More Questions?

Email: [email protected]

Call our Customer Care from 9 AM – 5PM, Mondays – Fridays (Call 0818 713 1717) – Within Nigeria

Outside Nigeria: From 9 AM – 4PM UTC/GMT, Mondays – Fridays (Call +234 818 713 1717)

Or Chat with us on whatsapp by clicking the button below:

26 Comments on “MOB Payment Instructions

  1. I am indeed happy to have registered. Sir, I am having a challenge on how to add your email address right now. What is the real website of the organization? Am Emmanuel Eroh ,a student of The Federal polytechnic Bida Niger state,Nigeria. I am a graduating (HND) student studying Physics Electronics. God bless you sir

    • Hello Obihy, Having a website can help a lot but its not necessary for some of the businesses. You can download the ebooks on a phone.

  2. When check are sent to you from google adhence,how will it be presented?is it in physical process or how?..can anybody open a domiclary account and cash it?or i must be the one to open thd account my my name?please how does the postal address look like

    • Hi Emmanuel, nowadays you don’t need to receive physical cheques, you can just use ANY savings or current account and they will pay your money there although it will be automatically converted to naira at the bank’s rate which is usually lower than the rate from black market “aboki” currency traders

  3. Does it comporsary for someone to open Domicilary account before collecting money or cheque from other country or how?

    • No its not compulsory to open a domicilliary account. You can equally use your normal savings account for most of the businesses we teach although having a domiciliary account has some advantages.

  4. Is it comporsary for someone to spend 3month traing before starting doing the business on net?

    • No its not compulsory to spend three months learning, it all depends on how much time you have to devote to it and how fast you can assimilate what is being taught but it is generally better if you know it properly before starting fully.

  5. sir,is this e-book useful 4 me cos am a ss3 student and am not a computer literate but i can type and move the mouse.

    • Yes Ajibola it will be useful though it may take you longer to get to the point of regular monthly earning but since you are still in SS3, you have lots of time to learn it so that by the time you are entering university or higher institution you should already be making money no matter how small.

    • Yes you should buy the package now to take advantage of the bonanza that is going on. The promo will soon end.

  6. sir, i throw you greetings. sir i have seen peoples testimonies about the ebooks they bought from you, its really wonderful. sir i’m very much interested in it because i’m just about to go to university so i need something i can do while schooling. i will be the next to get your ebooks sir, thanks very much. we need people like you in our country to help eradicate poverty and some disgusting act which individual has got themselves into as a result of looking for how to make money. thanks sir.

    • Thanks so much for all the nice words. We’re expecting to have you as one of our students.

  7. Pls, i will like to know if N3,000 for the E-book is still on course.

    Because i will like to purchase it

    Kindly reply

  8. Please sir how do I start this business without laptop,and will I be able to download the ebook using a blackberry phone?

    • It is best if you have access to a laptop regularly. You will be able to download the ebooks but the problem is reading and practicing them. It will be very difficult if not impossible to do it all with your phone.

  9. Thanks so much Sir, you have done a good job. But sir, am really interested in this ebook but i don’t know much about computer, hope i wil understand what you write inside the ebook? Thanks for your time sir. Pls people add me on facebook, my name is Niyi Ajeigbe. Thanks!

    • Hi Niyi, if you know the basics of computer like how to search, how to browse, how to check your email, how to download and install things etc then you should be able to understand

  10. Sir, am i going to read it directly from my email. Are you going send it as am attachment to my email address Or i wil be the one that will download it by myself?