Making Money Online Tutorials for Nigerians

Who Am I?

aweriale eromosele jobfinder Before I go into the main course, let me quickly introduce myself and my company. My name is Aweriale Eromosele. I am an Internet entrepreneur and co-founder of NG44 Consulting Nigeria.

Many people also know me as Job Finder from Latest Nigerian . You can read about how we make money online at the following link:


About this Mini Course

I’ve been teaching online business for the past six years and the most common question that new students from Nigeria ask me is how they can start online business in Nigeria since many foreign companies are wary of doing business with Nigerians.

Knowing that there are so many scams out there, my partners and I decided to put together this course to give people a better idea of what online business is all about and how they can start making money right here in Nigeria.

The purpose of this 7 part mini-course is to help you to understand what is real and what is fake about online business and show you what you need to do in order to start and succeed in online business. Armed with this information, you can then decide whether online business is right for you or not and whether you should try your hands at it.

This mini – course is part of our massive Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) drive at NG44. You can read more about our CSR here:


Our Story

Before we started doing online business, my partners and I were once jobless, very poor and under a lot of debt but now we are all self employed, financially free and we actually work from our houses. What do we do? The only thing we do is online business.

Imagine, just a few years ago we used to spend endless days and nights browsing for jobs online, applying endlessly and with desperation. We knew about every aptitude test that was going on and how to answer all the types of questions. We wrote countless interviews and even got scammed by some companies just because we were desperate for a job.

But today we are not in the least bit interested in working for anybody. We can sleep and wake up anytime we like. Go out anytime we like, travel, take vacations anytime, work from the Internet any where we are located and enjoy a more relaxed life. Online business has also helped us to take better care of ourselves and uplift our families.


Is Online Business Real?

Let me be honest with you, online business is very good and can be very lucrative with money virtually pouring into your bank account like rain every month even while you are sleeping.

But surprisingly, 95% of the people who are trying to do online business do not make anything at all. Why, you may ask. I’ll tell you. The problem is not that online business is not real. The problem is how they are doing it. Most people doing online business in Nigeria don’t know the right way to do it and that is the reason why they fail.

Through the help and inspiration of the Almighty Jehovah Yahweh God (may HIS name be Praised forever!), my partners and I have been favoured enough to develop systems which are now working for us and generating a very comfortable income for our company every month.

Although it took us many years and numerous mistakes and repeated failures before we could get it right, I can boldly say that some of our methods are guaranteed to start yielding profits within few months for anybody who uses them. But make no mistake, these methods are not magic and require a lot of work especially at the onset so if you are looking for a magical way to make quick millions overnight without doing any work, then you should stop reading this right here and now because online business cannot do that for you.

However if you are willing to be patient, learn, persevere, endeavour and believe, then the sky is the limit for you because if you settle down and learn from us and do exactly what we tell you, your testimony will definitely join those of our other students very soon with God on your side.



In this mini-course we shall be looking at the various aspects of online business and I shall explain to you everything you need to know to be able to make a decision whether or not to venture into online business.

The lectures in this 7 day course are:

LECTURE 1: Why do Most Online Business Fail and What to Do About it

LECTURE 2: Requirements to Start an Online Business in Nigeria

LECTURE 3: Types of Online Business Part 1 : Affiliate Marketing

LECTURE 4: Types of Online Business Part 2 : Pay Per Click Advertising

LECTURE 5: Types of Online Business Part 3 : Information Marketing

LECTURE 6: How to Turn N20,000 into N300,000 in two months

LECTURE 7: Where and How to Start Online Business

The purpose of this e-course is to give you an overview and the basics. The aim is to help you make an informed decision as to whether to venture into the business or not and what to expect from it.Because the subject of making money online is so broad, it is not possible for us to go into the full details and cover everything about online business in a short course such as this.

If you need a detailed step by step guide with all the full explanations and techniques for doing online business, then there is an online course that I strongly recommend titled the Masters in Online Business Course (or M.O.B course) that can help you.

The MOB course is comprised of several e-books in 1 massive package and contains the A to Z of doing online business in Nigeria and every single thing you need to know down to the last detail. This entire 7-part mini course which you are reading is actually a shortened version of just one of e-books that make up the MOB course package. If you buy the MOB, you will get the rest e-books plus direct coaching from experts (including myself).

At the end of this free course I shall tell you more about the M.O.B and how you can get the package at one-third the normal price that it is being sold. But if you can’t wait till the end, you can check for details at

In the next lesson we shall begin with LECTURE 1: Developing the Online Business Mentality. See you soon.



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26 Comments on “Making Money Online Tutorials for Nigerians

  1. hello,
    I have a laptop with internet service. Kindly advise on how to begin this money making online business as soon as possible. Also, i do not have a website currently, i would appreciate if i am lectured on how to create one. Awaiting your feedback in ernest.

    • It will be difficult to do on your phone. You can start by joining the MOB course and getting the relevant ebooks and mentoring or you can go the free way and read these emails very well.

    • Download the free ebook that was sent to your email at the beginning of the course. The instructions for how to build a basic free website are there.

  2. Your internet setup… did you do it…..i am tired of paying airtel internet blackberry plans and using it on my android and laptop…….your internet subcription payment is it “pay for hours/time” or “pay for data ie MB, GB” ?…..pls help reply to email

    • Hi Ude, We buy data enough for everyone in our department to share. We use Glo plan and we buy lots of gigabytes because we are much. But I don’t think that set up will apply to you.


    • Hello Koko, if you already have an internet connection, you can start off with as little as N5,000 or even nothing depending on which one you want to do and what strategy you want to use.

  4. I read 2 of your free e_book already and i feel there more need to grab MOB copy but my question is; is it necessarily a personal computer because presently i do not av 1 and i dont like running cafe. I do an ipad can it do the job?

    • Hi Desmond, You can start with an ipad but there are somethings that you just need to use a computer for

  5. can a normal Nigeria bank account like current or savings pay for buying domain which is expressed in dollar valve?

    • Hi Ubah, the business is workable and free from scam, but it can take up to a year before you start getting anything, that’s if you do it well and with seriousness