11 Comments on “How To Make Money Online in Nigeria

  1. I have downloaded ur tutorial ebook on how to build a website in ten minutes with my nokia x2 phone. But i cant open it cos my phone shows that the file is not supported! Pls how may i be assisted? Thanks.

  2. Dear admin,
    i must commend u for ur openess. I really admire ur virture of not behaving like other online money gurus who never shares anything n how to make money freely. May online God bless u richly. I am sticker of internet bussiness, i have over 150 ebooks on money making from different authors and have read them but still i cant break through. I have been online since 2006 but all to no avail..pls friend help me…my email is [email protected]. Thanks

  3. my kudo go to the admin of this site for giving the free training, am an expert brownser addict, i use most of time surfing the net, i have bought so many ebook but never earn a dime untill my brother reffer me to this site, infact i started surfing the net since when i was 10 years old, but since i came i cross these site, there is been a changes. Thanks to the admin of this site. God bless you

  4. hello mr bamidele, the only way you view and read the ebook is to send it to your pc, either desktop or laptop and you must install adobe acrobat reader, pdf on the system to read the ebook.