How to Turn N47,000 Naira into N300,000 within two Months

We shall now look at how you can turn an initial investment of between N20,000 to N47,000 into N300,000 within a space of two months using info marketing.

In the last lecture we learnt about the 4 main things required to start an information marketing business. These things are:

1. A hot product


2. A credit or debit card

3. An autoresponder

4. A web page (or sales page)

Once you’ve got all the 4 things in place, the real battle begins.

To get your UBA Africard or Zenith Visa Gold card, let’s say you buy $200 dollars from the black market at the rate of N160 per dollar (the dollar exchange rates are very volatile so I shall use N160 in this example). That would be $200 x N160 = N32,000. When applying for the card, $20 out of this money will be used to pay for the card and the rest $180 loaded inside so you have $180 free to spend. Details of getting a Visa card can be found at the Zenith Bank and UBA websites or you can find out from any of their branches.

NOTE: If you do not have up to N32,000 for $200, you can also buy $120 worth of dollars for about N20,000. After the bank deducts their $20, you are left with $100 to start with. With just this N20,000 you can still do everything explained in the example below.

If you are not using the MOB course, you will need to buy the resale rights to any good e-book product for anything between N10,000 to N15,000. If you buy the rights for N15,000, it means that so far you will have spent 32,000 + 15,000 = N47,000. But if you register for the Masters in Online Business (M.O.B) course, you will get some good resale rights ebooks for free to start with so you will not have to spend the extra N15,000 buying the rights.

From inside the $180 in your card, you can buy cheap web hosting at about $40 a year leaving you with $140 in your card. (If you are tight on cash, you can also use free web hosting which will cost you nothing and save you the extra $40). This $140 will be used to pay for facebook or Google advertising for 14 days at the rate of $10 a day.

With this amount of advertising, you will be able to get up to 100 visitors a day to your website but only about half of that number will actually submit their email for the free course that you are offering so in 14 days, you might get about 1,000 people subscribed to your list.

Now, in this list, not everybody will buy your product. The number of people who will buy the first time around depends on how good the product is, the price you are selling it and the quality of the free information that you deliver. In fact for a very good product that costs N3000 or less, you should only expect about 1% to 3% buying rate the first time around. So, assuming our product is very good and it sells for N3,000, it is reasonable to estimate that at least 20 people out of the 1000 might buy within the first three weeks.

That gives you N60,000 in revenue.

Here is where the real beauty of the system comes in: reinvesting the initial returns. Assuming you chose to buy another $300 worth of dollars from the N60,000 you have made so far, it will cost N48,000. You can keep the remaining N12,000 aside as part of the returns on your initial investment (don’t eat it o). So now we have $300 to buy advertising. This time around, you can buy at $10 a day for 30 days or, for even faster results, $20 a day for 15 days.

Going by the previous calculations, we should expect to get double the number of prospects since you are spending double on advertising so at the end of 15 days, you may get about 2000 new prospects on your list. Out of this number, 40 people may buy within another three weeks. That gives you about N120,000 in revenue.

Now in addition to these new buyers, some people from the first set who have not bought before may also end up buying. So if 10 additional people buy from that set, you can get an extra N30,000 so the total money you would have made after 6 weeks will now stand at N150,000 + the 12,000 which you kept aside giving N162,000.

Buying another $300 worth of advertising and repeating this process again for another 3 weeks will eventually yield us a similar amount. Adding this to what you had before gives about N300,000 in total revenues. At this point, you can remove your initial startup capital and keep repeating the process over and over again, growing your list in the process. Ultimately, the growth begins to increase geometrically and within a few months, you will have made more than a million naira from this one product using this one simple semi-automated system.

Now imagine that you have about three very good and hot products and lists of subscribers that you are building and marketing to at the same time using this system. In theory, this means that you can be making thrice the amount in the example above. Now imagine that you have five of these products. What about 10 products?

OK, before you get too carried away, I must warn you that the above example is only theoretical and real life results may either be much higher than that or much lower but it gives a pretty good idea of how the system works and what to expect. In our own case, we were able to turn N60,000 into N2 Million naira within just about 3 months using a similar system and selling an ebook we wrote by ourselves. Now we have written several ebooks and we hope to keep writing new ones and building our library of information products into a massive empire.

WARNING: Although the example above looks rather simple, don’t be fooled because as easy at it seems to make money with info marketing, it is even much easier to fail. In reality, there are other factors that will influence how much you make and how well you succeed. The most important of these are how much experience you have (you must know what you are doing), the kind of product that you are selling, the niche that you are targeting, the price of your product with respect to the value it brings and how much you are willing to spend on advertising and promotion.

In many cases, you may have to first do some experimenting with different products before you will find the correct niche product to market. If you will like to get the step by step instructions on how to go about information marketing then it’s all explained in our MOB course e-books and online training package such that even the greatest novice can do it.

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  1. Thanks bro an eye opener lecture. God bless you sir. I am an artiste, have some music and other products as african drums, book yet to be published, and I have been planning to have a website for my business. How can you help me achieve ths goal. I really need it. Thanks.

  2. what l like about you is your truthfulness, some people will want to make one believe that everything is rosy, no ups and downs but you are point blank, you give one the idea that one can make so much and at the same time not make as much because theory is different from practical, practically one might not make as much money as projected theoretically. thank you for your outright truthfulness ,May God bless you

    • Hyman thank you very much. You get the point. In reality the results can go both ways but the more experience you have, the more understanding you will have and the better your chances of success will be, even much more than what is explained here.

  3. When a truth is said it becomes point-clear and removes any reasonable doubt as well prepares one to get ready for the ups and down esp when it comes to internet business where the dull lazy scammers are ready to dupe their victims. Thanks NG44

  4. Hey ur teaching are great more kudos to ur elbow. I have started readin some of ur ebook from the mob and it is good but because i dnt have a pc computer it kinda slow for is there any way u can give us ur student who bought the mob course the importation ebook so we can get our own laptops at a cheaper rate so that it will be less hetic studying the mob course

    • Hello Joseph, happy to know that you are moving on with the ebooks. Slow and steady wins the race. Unfortunately we dont have the rights to give out that ebook for free but if you ask in the mentoring forum I am sure that you will find good information on getting cheap laptops. Now that you are one of our students, Remember to always communicate with us through the forum and not here.

  5. Am so happy about this lecture and am looking forward 2 buy d ebook sooner and become one of ur students and give my own testimony at d end. Thanks bro and ride ON!

  6. thanks bro, Since ave been getting&reading emails frm sum called themself internet gurus, av never get a good,reasonable& eyes opener acticle like this b4….NG44 u are the best and May God bless you, you wil never lack anythin good IJN….. Pls check my website, how can i make a money with it? Even i don’t mind if it’s small change.

    • Thank you for the words of appreciation. You can register for adsense and see if they will accept you, thats one way you can make money but more importantly you need traffic, lots of it.

  7. Thanks for this orientation on how one can turn N47,000 naira into N300,000 within two months. Is there any help NG44 can do for any of her MOB course student who does not have the initial capital to start this business and repay later? I hope you will give more details on this in the MOB course.

    • Olutayo Unfortunately we cant help financially but we can help with explanation and mentoring. Also you don’t need all that amount to start, even with N5,000 you can start up, especially with the learning phase.

  8. Thanks. We look up to you for mentoring and guidance. God bless you for this online business innovation.