How to Start Google AdSense Pay Per Click Advertising

Today I will be talking about the second of the three businesses that I mentioned in the last lecture. This one is called Pay-Per-Click advertising or PPC. Just like Amazon affiliate marketing, you can also start PPC without any capital but it could take from 9 to 15 months of nonstop dedicated work before you can start getting reasonable returns in the range of N30,000 to N50,000 monthly and above.

What is Pay Per Click Advertising?

Pay-Per-Click advertising (or PPC) is when you have a website and you register with an advertising company so that they place their adverts or image banners on your website and when people visit, if they happen to click on those adverts, you get paid a commission.

The commission per click could range from $0.01 (N1.65k) to $1 (N165) or more so the more people that click on the adverts, the more money you make. The most profitable of these advertising companies is Google and the name of their PPC program is AdSense.

If you get this one right, Google Adsense (pronounced “add – sense”) is one of the best for generating long term profits that come in regularly and keep growing every month. In fact, it was through Google AdSense that we were able to make N225,000 every month last year from our website You can read about how we did it at the following link:

Challenges of Google AdSense

The AdSense program is owned and run by and although getting into the program is free, the major challenge is that it is not always easy to get approved and in extreme cases could take up to 6 months if you are not so lucky. Also there are a lot of rules guiding the program and it is easy for someone without experience to make mistakes which could lead to getting kicked out.

To start with Google Adsense, you need to have a website (free or paid) and you need to update it regularly with information that people will be interested in so that when they visit your website they might like it enough to want to visit regularly and maybe even subscribe to be receiving updates whenever you post.

Before starting, you have to decide what type of website you want to build and what kind of information to put there. You must do your research to know what people will be interested in because if you put information that nobody is interested in you might end up wasting your time because you will not be able to attract many visitors and subscribers.

You generally need up to 1000 regular daily visitors or more and anything from 10,000 to 15,000 subscribers to be able to make anything from N50,000 and above Monthly with AdSense. It is easy to put down these figures here but in reality, you will sweat and sweat for a long time before you can get this kind of daily visitor traffic that is why AdSense is definitely not for people who want instant money.

Although getting such an amount of daily visitors and subscribers could take up to a year or more to achieve, the beauty of AdSense is that once you are able to get to this point, the revenues start growing on its own without you doing much work and it gets to a point where the revenues start increasing every month and within the space of 18 to 24 months, you should be able to get up to N100,000 – N200,000 monthly regular income, maybe more provided you do the right things.

Starting With Adsense

To start with Adsense you need the following:

1. A website (free or paid): We have a free e-book that describes how to build a free website, you can download it at

2. A domiciliary account: Most Nigerian banks have this type of account. You won’t need this at the beginning but when your money is ready to be sent, you will need this to be able to receive it. We use GTBank domiciliary account which we opened with a $100 minimum deposit (which you can withdraw later).

The minimum deposit figure is however higher in some states but GTBank is not the only bank that has this type of account. Most of the other banks operate it too. You can go to any bank and ask for details about their domiciliary account. You can receive your earnings through bank transfer directly into your domiciliary account just few days after you are paid.

3. A hot and popular subject for your website which people will be very interested in. The subject of a website is usually referred to as the “Niche” (pronounced “nitch” or “nish”). Most of the updates you make on your website and articles you write will center around the niche that you have selected.

The niche must be in high demand for example entertainment, nollywood movies and celebrity gossip is one very hot niche in Nigeria today. An example of such website is Job vacancies is also another hot niche but the problem with these niches is that lots of people are now getting into them leading to a lot of competition. The space is getting saturated and no longer as profitable as it was few years ago. There are also certain niches that are always popular and evergreen like health and fitness (e.g dieting, weight loss), wealth creation and making money etc but for some of these “evergreen” niches, getting AdSense approval may be very difficult.

Inability to get a popular niche is another common reason why most people fail in online business. The fact that you feel that people might be interested in something on your website doesn’t always mean that they will be interested. This is the reason why many beginners create a website and make some posts and don’t understand why after six months nobody is visiting the website. And if nobody is visiting, you will not make any money. Remember I mentioned earlier on that you need up to 1,000 daily visitors for you to get at least N50,000 (or $300)

The bottom line is that if there are not enough interested people in the niche that you chose, then you will most definitely fail. But the good news is that there are proven techniques and software that you can use to research and find popular niches to try. This is known as keyword research.

4. Time and ability to write articles to put on your website: (for starters you may need up to 30 articles). The articles need to be unique and of very high quality and packed with lots of information about the given topic. If you do not have the ability or the time to write the articles yourself, you could get someone around you to help out and if need be pay them. Or you could hire a freelancer online. The important thing is that the article must be original and of very good quality and contain unique and interesting information, not copied from another website.

5. Knowledge of SEO: SEO means Search Engine Optimization and deals with how to make your website easy to find by people searching for information online. SEO is of one of the seven branches of online business and is of paramount importance for long term growth and in the short term too especially if you do not have the funds to advertise on Facebook or Google. SEO is a very broad topic with various techniques and schools of thought.

If you are interested in learning more about it, we explain it in detail in our Masters in Online Business e-books package (click here). You can also try searching on Google and see what more you can learn. Go to Google and search for the term “Search Engine Optimisation” and go through the results.

How Much Can you Make from AdSense?

AdSense is the most popular way of making money from websites in Nigeria. Most of the biggest websites in Nigeria like Vanguard, Punch,, Information Nigeria, Linda Ikeji etc all use AdSense. In fact, some websites in Nigeria make up to $500 dollars (about N80,000 a day) from Adsense. Yes you heard that right, Eighty thousand naira EVERY SINGLE DAY just from AdSense alone. Unbelievable? Hmmm you haven’t seen anything yet.

You can use Adsense to make money from most types of websites like Forums, Social Networks, Blogs, Magazines, CMS etc but it can take some months after approval before you start making anything tangible because you first need to build traffic and work on people visiting the website. So if you are just starting, you may not earn anything for the first few months but after about 3 to 6 month you should start seeing something come in monthly. In Nigeria, the payments from AdSense are sent by Google every month to your domiciliary account.


There are a lot of things involved in setting up and running a successful Adsense business in Nigeria but space will not allow me to go into the nitty gritty details in this short course. To make things easy for those who want to learn how it is done, we described the step by step details of building a website and setting up an AdSense business in our new e-books package the Masters in Online Business e-Tutor. e-course. We wrote it in such a way that even a computer novice can understand.

So friend, if you are interested in learning more about AdSense, Now would be a very good time to buy the e-books package because we are currently running a special bonanza right now for those who are in poseession of this mini-course so if you are lucky you might still be able to get it at a reduced price. To learn more about the new Online Masters course, visit right now.

Next Lesson, we will look at the other online business that fetched us 2 Million naira in 100 days and which has the potential to bring you profits within two or three months after learning it so make sure you keep a date with us.


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  1. pls its been about four months since i bought your mob ebooks and i can now boast of having a website which i am monetizing with adsense. my problem now is that i hav made 117 euros but my domiciliary account is in dollars. will i be able to receive the money with that account? pls i need ur help fast. thank you sir for all your ebooks and help

    • Yes you can receive with the dollar dom account, just make sure you change the payment currency in your adsense account to dollars. Also remember to always ask your questions in the mentoring forum and not here.

    • The requirements differ from bank to bank and from state to state. Please go to any of the banks and find out from them. But remember you don’t need it before you can start.

  2. Am really intrested in this online business but I really fear falling into wrong hands because I don’t have money but am intrested in the business. Pls put me through. Thank you so much.

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