How to Make Online Payments With a Nigerian ATM Card On

How to Make Online Payments With a Nigerian ATM Card On

UPDATE: This article is out of date. Please visit this payment link for where and how to pay for things on NG44

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There are three major ATM card companies in Nigeria. They are:

· Interswitch

· Mastercard

· Visa

Most of the ATM cards issued by Nigerian banks are usually from one of these three companies. Some of these cards include Interswitch Verve, Naira Mastercard, Naira Visa Card etc. To know which type of card you have, check the front and back of the card for any of the logos shown below:


Interswitch / Verve:




Online Payment for our products and services is carried out through the most secure online payment platform in Nigeria called Voguepay.


When you click on any Payment link on our website, Voguepay connects via a secure tunnel to Interswitch which then connects to your bank or card company to process the transaction and deduct the amount from the funds in your card.

At this time our payment system can accept ATM cards that have Interswitch Verve, Mastercard or Visa logo. Check your card to see which logo is on it. You can also make payment via Etranzact or PocketMoni

How to Make a Payment

Step 1: Click on the Payment Button

On the payments page for the product that you are buying, you will find a payment button similar to the one in the picture below. To begin the online payment process, click on the button

Below are the links to the payment pages for the various products currently available directly from NG44:

Masters in Online Business Package (MOB) (N3,000) or click here
Cheap Laptop Importation Guide (N3,500) or click here
Facebook Advertising Guide (N1,500) Not Available at the Moment

Step 2: Select Payment Type

Next, select the payment option. To pay with ATM card, click on the second or third option (Interswitch or visa). To pay using a different option, select the appropriate option.



Next, click on Proceed

Step 3: Enter Your Email Address

After clicking Proceed, a new page will come up that shows the amount that you are paying. The transaction number is also displayed together with a space for your email address. Confirm that the amount of money displayed is correct and write down the transaction ID (red box).

Should there be any problem with the transaction, your transaction ID is what will be used to trace the transaction and take the appropriate action.


Next, type your email address into the space provided. Make sure that the email is correct because that is where the details for the transaction will be sent to. After typing in your email, double check that it is correct and then click Make Payment

Step 4. Select Your Card Type

On the next page, your email address together with the seller’s email address and a dropdown for selecting type of card will be displayed. Click on the drop down box to select your card type. As of now, we can only accept Interswitch Verve cards and GTB Naira Mastercard.


Also take note of the Seller Email and write it down. It is the contact email of the person whom you are buying from. Should you run into any kind of problem with the transaction, that is the email that you should contact.

Tips for a Secure Transaction

To confirm that you are on a secure site, check the address bar of your browser. The address bar is the place on the screen or browser where the web address of the current page that you are viewing is displayed. It is usually located near the top of the screen.


For a secure website, the beginning part of the address usually starts with https (not http – the additional s means secure) and if you are using the latest Chrome or Firefox browser then that part will also be coloured. When making payments with your card through our system or on any other website, always verify that the address of this page begins with https:

Step 5: Fill in Your Card Details

After selecting your type of card, the actual payment console appears below. In it you will be expected to fill in your ATM card details. For Visa card users only: If you are using a Visa card, you need to first accept the Visa terms and conditions before proceeding to the Visa console (which looks slightly different from the picture below but which contains the same information)


Below is an explanation of how to fill each of the fields in the console.

Card Number:

Type in your card number. It can be found on the front of your ATM card as shown in the following picture (red box).


Expiry Date:

The expiry date for your card can usually also be found on the front of the card. If its not on the front of yours, check the back. The format is “month” – “year of expiry”. The month is usually written in numbers 1 to 12 symbolizing January to December.

For example, in the image below, the expiry date is 12-05. This is equivalent to December 2005, December being the 12thmonth of the year.


Entering your Card PIN:

Your card PIN is the same as the ATM PIN which you use when you withdraw from an ATM. For security, entering the PIN cannot be done by typing but by clicking on the numbers in the numeric keypad (or PINpad) as shown below.


Security of your ATM Card PIN

The PIN secured image that shows near the bottom left corner of the console is a security device. If it is visible and you are able to see it then it means that it is safe for you to enter your PIN because the connection has been secured.


For security reasons, do not enter your PIN if the PIN secured image is not showing. When it is visible, it means that whatever you enter will be safe and secure from hackers.

As an additional security precaution, the numbers in the keypad are arranged randomly. Use Del to delete the last number you clicked on and Clr to clear all the numbers you have entered at once.

Card Verification Value (CVV2)

The CVV2 (or CVV) is a set of numbers (usually three) that can be found at the back of your card. The CVV2 is yet another security measure meant to protect the card from unauthorized use. To get your CVV2 code, turn to the back of your card and you will see the numbers. If there are more than three numbers then the CVV2 code is the last three numbers in the set.

clip_image028[4] clip_image029[4]

Step 6: Click on Pay

After filling out the entire form, double check the details to make sure that everything you filled is correct, especially the card number, expiry date and CVV2. After making sure that your details are correct, click on Pay


When you click Pay, the details are sent via a secure channel to interswitch who will then process the transaction by attempting to deduct the amount from your card. During this process, you will see the following message:


Tip: Do not refresh the page or use the back button while processing a payment. If you make an error or there is a network failure, instead of refreshing the page, close it, open a new window or tab, go to the initial page having the payment button and start from Step 1 again.

If the processing is successful, you will get a message that says Transaction Successful. This means that your ATM was successfully billed and your payment successful.


Next thing is to click on Continue to Merchant Website and follow any other instructions given in the final steps to get access to your download or registration.

After Payment, What Next?

Usually the final steps after clicking on Continue to Merchant Website might involve a short form which will direct you to the download page after you fill and submit it.

At the same time, an email will be sent to you containing the download link and any further instructions. If you do not get this email after 10 minutes, please check your bulk or spam folder. And if there is no email from us, please contact our customer service

Warning about the Bulk/Spam Folder

The spam mail folder (also known as bulk mail or junk mail folder) is a place where messages which are deemed to be useless or fraudulent and of no use to you are sent to. The messages are routed there automatically by your email provider who is most times correct but sometimes the system makes an error and sends some of your good emails there too.

When checking your spam mail, you have to be careful not to open or believe other messages that you might find there because many of them have tempting titles but contain viruses or are fraudulent scams, may telling you that you have won a price or you can perform better in bed and stuff like that.

Only open messages in your spam from people you know and ignore all the others. Most email services automatically clean out spam messages periodically so you don’t have to bother deleting them yourself. Just ignore them and your email provider will take care of the rest. Here’s how to find the Spam folder.

Yahoo spam mail folder:


Gmail spam mail folder:

Gmail’s spam mail folder is not always visible by default. If you cannot see it in the navigation menu on the left of your Gmail box, then you need to set it to show.

To do this, click and drag down the faint dots of the menu as shown below to reveal more menu items:


Check to see if Spam is listed among the newly revealed menu items and click on it. If you can’t see it, click on More:


Click on Spam:


Troubleshooting Failed Transactions and Errors

When paying with your ATM card you might experience an error or some sort of challenge or the other. This is due to several factors either from your bank or from and interswitch problems. Lack of funds or mistakes made while filling the form could also lead to errors.

When a transaction fails, the reason for the error will usually be displayed together with a failure message as shown below. Take note of the reason for the failure so that if the challenge is something that you cannot solve, you can contact us and tell us what the error is so that we can tell you what to do about it.


Common Error Messages

Below are some of the most common errors encountered when trying to make an ATM card payment online:

Incorrect PIN:

This message means that the ATM PIN you entered was not correct. What to do: You need to go back to Step 1 and try again, making sure that the PIN you use this time is correct.

Expired Card:

Either you entered the wrong expiry date or your card has expired. What to do: Go back to Step 1 and start all over again, making sure that you select the correct Month and Year of expiry for your card. If your card has indeed expired then contact your bank for a new card or use a different card or another payment option.

Transaction Error:

Usually indicates that there was a network error while connecting to the Interswitch payment gateway or connecting to your bank’s gateway. It is usually a temporary error. What to do: Go back to Step 1 and try again. If you get a transaction error again then try again after a few hours. If you are still getting the transaction error, try another card or contact us.

Withdrawal Limit Exceeded:

This is a very common occurrence with First Bank cards. This could mean either your bank has placed a restriction on using your card online, or you have already withdrawn more than the daily limit of withdrawal through your ATM for that day. What to do: If you have not withdrawn above the daily Limit for that day then you need to contact your bank and explain the situation to them. If you have withdrawn above the limit, try again after 24 hours.

Transaction Not Permitted to Card Holder:

This either means that your ATM card is not activated for online payments or you are using an old card that has been phased out. This is a very common error with old Access bank cards. What to do:Complain to your bank or try a different card or payment option.

Insufficient Funds:

You don’t have up to the required amount for the purchase left in your card. What to do: Reload your bank account or card with funds and try again.

Unexpected Error:
Sometimes an undefined error may occur and you get the following message.


If you see the above message, click OK and more details about the error will be displayed as shown below:


Click close and try again with a different card or another payment option. If nothing happens after you click on the Close button then close the tab or window using the normal way of closing tabs/windows/browsers.

clip_image051 or clip_image053


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