How to Advertise on Facebook from Nigeria and Pay in Naira

advertise on facebook in nigeria Why advertise on Facebook in Nigeria?


Everybody knows how profitable it can be to advertise on Facebook. We have heard stories of how people have made lots of money merely by advertising on Facebook. Facebook advertising for Nigerians is the best because it is cheap and can get you instant measurable results fast unlike newspaper and TV which are relatively expensive and without a means of measuring the performance.

Challenges of Facebook Advertising in Nigeria

  • The challenge most Nigerians face is how to pay for the Facebook adverts using naira here in Nigeria. This is because, Facebook only accepts credit cards when you want to pay to advertise.
  • Another challenge is that creating and configuring the advert is a complex process and an inexperienced person can easily lose a lot of money if they attempt to do it by themselves.

How to pay for Facebook ads in Naira from Nigeria

The good news is that there is a company that most people are now using in Nigeria that can help you place your adverts on Facebook while you pay or transfer into their Nigerian Bank account. What I like most about these guys is that they are very experienced and can help you get the best out of your adverts.

Also their charges are quite affordable compared to other people who offer the same service. They have different pricing plans depending on how many people you want to see your advert (this is known as “Reach”). All you have to do is to pay or transfer the appropriate amount into their Nigerian bank account, send them an email with the details, send a text and give them up to 4 days. To see their current rates, click here

Fast and Convenient to use

Once you have paid, send the email and text according to the samples they provide and your advert will start running on Facebook not more than 4 days after you send them the text. We have used this company several times and are very satisfied with their services and will continue to use them because we have tried many others but these guys are better by far.

Click here to learn more on how to pay in Naira for Facebook through this company.

Where will the adverts be displayed on Facebook?

When you place an advert on Facebook, there two possible slots it can show up on depending on whether you are using a desktop computer or mobile. These slots are the newsfeed (N) or the sidebar (S) as shown in the image below:

facebook advertising nigeria online google adwords twitter yahoo pay naira

While this company can place your advert in any of the two slots, we have found out that the newsfeed (N) seems to get more results. To contact them, click here


Click here for more tips and prices on how to pay in Naira for Facebook ads in Nigeria .

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