13 Graduation Gifts For Him

Graduation gifts can be a tricky proposition because it is not only hard to decide what to get someone who is entering a whole new world, but also it is impossible to know whether they will like something or not. And that is why we have decided to come up with this wonderful list of gift solutions for you to be able to pick out the one you feel will be most likely to bring a smile to your young graduates face. We know that it can be hard and so every gift suggestion is accompanied by a description of what kind of person it would suit. Happy gifting people!

1.Kate Posh Paper Weight: “There is no challenge too great for those who have the will and heart to make it happen.”- this is the inscription on this wonderful paperweight. The best part about graduating is that there are so many unknowns in front of you that no matter what you do, you will script a unique chapter of your life. This also means that nobody can help you as your problems will be strictly your own. In such an environment, this paperweight is sure to give your young graduate some peace of mind.

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2. Graduation Token with quote: Everybody who has ever graduated knows that the next step in life is unsure and that the only thing pushing you forward is your dreams. This graduation token makes sure that the person you give it to always remembers that dreams are to be believed in and that faith will break down walls that nobody and nothing else can. It is a true reminder that human life is greater than the sum total of its parts.

3. Journey begins with a single step travel compass: The journey to the next challenge is always an interesting one and the challenges in life are never ending. Having graduated, one can have a sense of accomplishment at the achievement because it is one of the biggest challenges in life. However it is only a single step in the direction of your life and this compass only points that out. It is the most mind boggling yet truthful statements, even the largest journey starts with a single step. With this gift, you are giving the young man the reassurance that the journey will lead to better things.

4. Success Gift Pen: A pen stands for many things, it may stand for achievement and for education and it may also stand for a sense of finality or even new beginnings. We suggest this gift for those who have a long drawn path of education ahead of them and are looking up at the challenges ahead. Every time he comes up against a challenge in his domain, he will think of you and what the pen means and it will surely give him the strength to move forward with his choices.


5. Leather Laptop Bag: The big gifts in life should be saved for the big achievements. Graduation truly is one such achievement and you can now be sure that he is ready to move into the world of adults. And adults do not carry around ruck sacks like undergraduates do, their things have a bit more class. And making up for that very class is this manly yet beautiful bag. This leather bag contains a compartment for a laptop and separate compartments for other things. You can’t go wrong with this.

6. Gift Basket Ideas for Men: The only people who can truly judge a person are his peers. Hence it stands to reason that only men can truly judge the gifts for another man. This gift basket follows that ideal and has been imaginatively crafted to include everything that a man may need. It includes freshly ground coffee and personalized notepad along with exclusive man mints to set the gift truly apart. This gift more than any other, truly symbolizes the transformation of a boy into a man.

7. Dr Seuss- Oh the places you’ll go! : This awesome book takes a look at all the things laying ahead and all the possibilities that a young graduate has in front of him. The book is written in a light tone with a friendly manner and is meant to be a take on the world as seen by a young man having just graduated and deciding what to do next with his life.

8. Wake up and be awesome Pillow case: The hardships one has to endure through life to graduate are only known to those who go through it. From time to time we all need some reassurance about the direction we have taken in life, and since you don’t have parents all the time the encouragement has to come from elsewhere. What better place for it than from his pillowcase? Every morning he will wake up and realize that he needs to be awesome and that he needs to be starting what he wants to do. There is no better graduation gift for him than this.

9. “I Graduated! Can I go to bed now?”: The classic image of a lazy undergraduate refuses to go away even after the said person has graduated. We decided you can have a bit of fun with this gift and hence this t shirt is listed here. It is available in one of several colours and you can choose one according to the person you are gifting. It is a 100% cotton so you can rest assured that it is going to be well received. He might even wear it everywhere because of the nature of the conversation it generates.

10. Call Mom! Pillowcase: Despite having grown up in and around parents, a graduates life turns topsy turvy when they take the next step and decide to move out of their homes and comfort zones to chase their dreams. On this path they will find many hurdles but a mothers love can change all that. This pillowcase is a reminder that no matter where he is, he needs to call his mom. It makes for a cute gift and also an emotional message- Mom is always there for you. Give it to your son and be prepared for the emotional phone calls!

11.MEKU Handmade Wooden Watch: The ultimate coming of age present has always been a eatch. And what better way to celebrate graduation than with another classic timepiece to add to his collection? No matter whether its your son, nephew or neighbour, this is a gift appropriate for all. It makes for wonderful gifting and there cannot be a more classy graduation gift for him than this.

12. Sterling Silver and Black Diamond Cufflinks: Class comes with age, and when a boy graduates into being a man he needs more from his wardrobe than just a simple shirt or even suit. He needs cufflinks! And not just any cufflinks mind you, these cufflinks that we have painstakingly picked out are made of sterling silver and black diamond to ensure that they have a long life on his cuffs and look great in his collection.

13.Graduation Fortune Cookies: Adding a bit of fun to the graduation party are these graduation cookies, each with a unique message enclosed within its crusty layer. The idea is taken from the fortune cookie and has been implemented such that every message out of them will make for a fun and inquisitive time. You can pick out a set of these for the guy who needs a bit of humour to take him through the day.

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