15 Gift Ideas For Wife

They run our lives, and while none of us admit it-we’d be lost in the world without them. There’d be nobody to cuddle up with at night if all of them suddenly went on strike. They’re always behind their men and come out in true tigress form when provoked. Yes, you guessed it, we’re talking about wives here. Your better half is not called that for no reason, they truly make us better. And without them, we’d be lesser men than we all are because of them. If its her birthday or your anniversary or even if you’re just thinking of surprising her this weekend with a surprise, we’ve covered all your bases. These gifts will point you towards the perfect gift for your wife.

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1. Best Wife Ever Mug: With all that she does for you we are sure that she never asks for anything in return except your love. It is now time that you shower her with all your true and heartfelt sentiments and the perfect place to start  is to start small. This mug is a great gift for your wife and is completely dishwasher safe. It’ll look great even on her work desk where she can keep it for inspiration.

2. Best Wife Ever Trophy  8”: Wives are the hardest to please because they are already entitled to all that you’re doing and because they earn their stuff. However, even your wife will be swayed with this gift that we’ve unearthed just so you can surprise her. Its a Best Wife Ever trophy  made in metal and standing about 8” high. We are absolutely sure that no wife in the world can resist this trophy, she will definitely break into a smile and the extra thought will get you extra benefits later on.


3.  Pink License Plate: Even if you can’t buy your wife a new car at the moment you can get her something to jazz up her car. This license plate is sure to brighten up her car, and even her if she’s feeling down. The plate comes in pink and has rhinestones on it stuck on with waterproof glue. It makes the plate appear like a waiter wearing a suit and a bow tie which makes it seem very innovative and personal. We are sure this will do the trick for you!


4. Husband Sleeps Here Wife Sleeps Here Dog Sleeps Here Pillow Set of 2: In the bed with you is your dog and its always poking its nose in. We know that’s a troublesome scenario, so why don’t you just show your wife where she is to sleep. These pillows let you share the same pillow with your wife which shows her how much you want her and lets the dog go sleep on an entire pillow. Its a sure thing, don’t even think about it.

5. I don’t need google funny t shirt: This is a very cheeky trick that we’re using, but its a good way to surprise your wife and its still a gift. Sometimes when your wife has the know-it-all attitude things become difficult, but even then you can turn it around into a great fun memory. Just get yourself this shirt and wake her up one morning wearing it with just the right kind of tea in your hands. It is sure to do wonders for both of you.

·         6. I love you necklace pendant: You might have tried saying ‘I love you’ in a couple of languages. How many did you get up to? We bet it couldn’t have been more than 4 or 5. This pendant however takes that to an impossibly high 120 languages. The pendant uses nano scale printing technology to have 120 languages saying ‘I love you’ on it. Impressive right? We know. That is also what she will think.

7. A Poem For A Wife: This canvas print and framed piece of art is a delightful little present which lets you show your wife just how much you still love her. The canvas is painted in sober colours with an eye for detail and there is a beautiful poem printed on it. The frame makes it complete and she can hang it up anywhere that she wishes to, so that she is reminded of it all the time.
http://www.amazon.com/Double-matted-Burgundy-Enhanced-Watercolor-Graphics/dp/B000NOUS5A/ref=sr_1_6?ie=UTF8&qid=1437996945&sr=8-6&keywords=gifts+for+ wife

8. Conversation Starters: This interesting little book by Rob Teigen is a fun way to get to know your wife once again after all these years. Its easy to forget everything you learnt about her in this time and this book helps you learn it again, and this time you will learn it better. better. Each side has a question and an accompanying rhyme or comment which makes for asome hilarious conversations and also it gets you two talking again just like the old times when you were in the courtship phase of your relationship. You cannot get a better gift for your wife than this.

9.  What I love about you coupon set: Telling people exactly how you feel about them and what they mean to you is not always easy. It needs a lot of thinking to use the words they’d want to hear. We’ve eliminated all that and found you a book to do all of it for you. This coupon set is made in an easy to fill format with suggestions so that you get to say to your wife exactly what you intend to and nothing less. We are sure she’ll appreciate this more than most other things.

10.  Couple Matching T-shirts: The declaration of a relationship between two people is a wonderful thing. Everybody wishes to belong to some place and to someone, which is why we celebrate weddings and birthdays. If you want to reignite the spark in your relationship this season like the old times, you should declare that she belongs to you. These couple t-shirts let you do just that. The husband and wife t-shirts will announce you as a couple wherever you go and make sure nobody eyes your lady!

11. Willow Tree Figurine: For the individuals who have discovered their  accomplice in life, willow tree is a private, individual line of metaphorical figures speaking to qualities and opinions that help us feel near to others, recuperate wounds or forge connections. Susan Lordi is the artist with the vision behind all these pieces of art and her figures keep on advancing as she distinguishes feelings so vital for us to pass on and renders them in straightforward, immaculate motions.  These fine arts delightfully express love, closeness, mending, mettle, trust every one of the feelings of an existence all around lived.

12. A True Love Story Never Ends 4 Picture Collage Photo Frame: The best memories of our life are often connected to the people we love most in the world. Your wife must be a part of many such memories for you and this is the perfect opportunity to gift your wife and yourself a permanent reminder of the times you have spent together. The frame is black and encapsulated in the phrase “A true love story never ends”.

13. Pure Wood Jewellery Box:  High quality jewellery boxes are in high demand for the uniqueness and beauty that they bring to the domain of storage issues. This is one of those, with real wood and a solid construction made to survive some faults. You can be sure this will find a place of pride on your wife’s dressing table.  The wood quality makes every piece unique because of the wood grain patterns which are unique for different pieces of wood.

14. . Jewellery Puzzle Box: Those who love a puzzle will love this. Every woman has small items of jewellery and other trinkets which will require a place to be stored where they will not be lost. You are set to become the perfect and most understanding husband when you give her this jewellery box. Women who love a mental challenge will find it most attractive since it requires a bit of tact for proper use.  You cannot go wrong with this, its the ideal gift for the intellectual wife this season. Surprise her with it on any day, don’t wait for a date!

15. Giant pink teddy bear with heart: There is something about women and teddy bears because we cannot fathom why they love those things so much. Anyhow, since they do love them a lot, we have included the best teddy bear on the market on this list. With eyes that stare at you and a giant heart sitting in its hands, this stuffed teddy will not disappoint you. With top notch finishing and materials used, this is one of the best gifts for your wife no matter what the occasion.


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