11 Gifts for Teenage Girls

Its hard not to be scared of the teenage girls these days. Insane demands coupled with a smart mouth and refusal to give in make for a truly frightening combo. Whether its your niece or daughter or even sister, if you’re picking out a gift for a teenage girl, you best make sure you are doing it with proper thought behind the decision making process so that you end up with the best possible gift that will light up her eyes on her birthday or maybe as a Christmas present. Something awesome or funky. To make things easier, you can give her any of the gift ideas we already picked out below:

1. Swarovski  crystal bracelet: This beautiful article is meant for your little princess’s wrist. It will truly make her stand out. A blue Swarovski  crystal is studded right at the centre of this bracelet which is held together by steel sides and an elastic ending so that all wrist sizes are covered. The two different materials make for an interesting design choice and make for a unique look.


2. 97 Things to Do Before You Finish High School: The time of life called high school is a period of great changes, both outside the home and inside the body. A lot is needed to make it through with a reputation built up or even kept intact. This is a book about how just going to high school isn’t a complete education. It requires more knowledge  than that of say American History, to be able to lead a successful life once you move out of high school. You must have a good idea about this , so set her on the path to success with this present.


3. Teens Cook: How to Cook What You Want to Eat: Its a hard and thankless job to cook for kids in their teen years. They only love the things in the fast food outlet or the things they see on TV. Nobody likes what their mom is cooking lovingly in the kitchen. This is a book for your little princess, which will teach her to grow up a bit and start experimenting with cooking herself her favourite dishes without relying on anybody else. You can accomplish two things at once: Give her a life lesson and get her cooking duties off your hands!


4. Funny Swag Shirt: There is probably no other community in the world so adept at ignoring orders than the community of little teenage girls. They can make you seem invisible with their insane mind games at times. This t-shirt gives them a humorous take on the fact, as it says “Sorry. I’m not listening”. It comes in a black colour and is 100% cotton ensuring comfort. This is one thing that we can guarantee she will like. As unlike some of the other things on this list, this gift seems to be playing straight in to her plans.


5.Selfie Stick: The humble camera phone has now grown into a tool for the highly narcissistic personality to show itself off to the world. If she is one of them, you might want to take a look at this product. Selfie sticks are all the rage these days, with hundreds of young Instagram lovers buying them just to enhance the photos they take of themselves. This one has direct Bluetooth integration allowing for faster photo capture and the stick produces better and more stabilised shots than a free hand. It has a holder which fits most of the smartphones out there.


6. SHANY Glamour Girl Make Up Kit: Dressing up is a trait girls learn seemingly from birth. If you want the regular raids into her mother’s make up stash to stop, we suggest the best route to take would be to get her one for her own personal use. The SHANY make up kit makes for a compelling proposition with its vivid colours and realistic skin shades. It can be used to achievea new look every single day. We assure you, this will be her favourite gift for years to come.


7. GL Hair Style Kit: A good hairstyle is imperative to look cool and be surrounded by all the right people, as any teenaged girl will tell you. If her birthday is around the corner, we think it’ll be worthwhile to listen to her wishes and get her a hairstyle kit. After all you’ll be saving money on sessions with a hairstylist. The GL 2-in-1 Beader and Braider kit is the best option in this regard. It has about 130 pieces and contains 10+ projects. It also contains a hair beader and braider each with various different beads to add colour to her curls.

8. Hipster Messenger Bag: A cool option for any age, the hipster messenger bag is a particularly effective present for a teen on absolutely any occasion because it gives her a grown up feel. And as we all know, that is an important part of pleasing a teen with gifts whether the recipient is male or female does not matter. The bags come in many colours and can be used in various ways. They are great for a couple of books and can be taken on long day outs also. The size makes it ideal for everyday usage.

9. WISE® Girls Ladies Watches: A proper ladies watch will be a prized possession for any teen. If you think her time to step up to the adult side on the watch front has come or you simply want to fool her, this watch will be a prized possession. It has a long battery life and is water resistant up to 100m. It is manufactured by high precision Japanese technology. Its extra functions include a dual time set up, date display, hourly chime function, chronograph, backlight and alarm. It is safe and non toxic so you needn’t worry about her health or any allergies she may get from it.


10. Safety Girl SGREKIT 21 Piece Original Safety Girl Kit: With all the stories out there, you must be worried about her safety and well being while outside and quite rightly so. You cannot stop her from going out, however you can get her set up for any eventuality. This gift set is perfect to satisfy that end. It contains an emergency kit, a first aid kit and personal hygiene supplies along with information cards, emergency blankets, important instructions and stuff such as lens wipes, lip balm, stain remover, and sewing kit.

11. Mango Fashion Outdoor Bag/School Bag: The school bag has slowly been moving towards the territory where it will soon become a fashion statement for everybody. The proactive people that they are, teenage girls always are the first to get in on such play ground trends. If you want to ensure her statement is classy, get her the School bag from Mango. The bag is made of PU and polyester with the classy beige colour being the main theme here. It is sure to bring about a change in her fashion choices and she will thank you for it later on in life.

While every little girl is unique, we have tried our level best to pick out something that every one of them might like. The genres of gifts on this list cover just about anything that is possible and we hope you have found what you came looking for. Pick any one of these; they’re bound to do the trick!



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