13 Gift Ideas for Teachers

If you think about it carefully, every discovery or breakthrough is down to a teacher sitting patiently at a desk somewhere trying to educate the silly little components of the next generation. If it were left to us, we’d say every teacher should his or her monument built where they taught. However since we do not run the world and are not allowed to have our way, we have come up with this list of gifts for your favourite teacher.

Whether you are a parent or student, in high school or college or even preschool, with a gift you can show your appreciation to that teacher or professor on any occasion be it their birthday or Christmas or even to say farewell. Pick any of the inexpensive and unique gifts below or get them more than one gift. There is a gift for every teacher in here. Have a look:

1. Keep calm I’m a teacher flask: A simple declaration of the fact that somebody is a teacher is in itself a very impressive statement. Everybody respects a teacher. This flask makes a bold announcement about its owner making everybody sit up and take note. It is a 16 oz stainless steel container with a double wall  plastic interior. The slide lock mechanism provides easy closure and it fits into most cup holders of standard size. The construction is sturdy and materials are BPA free. This is a cool gift for your favourite educator.

2. I’m a teacher whats your superpower mug: While the benefits of being a teacher are not so well known, we certainly remember that they hold the superpower to alter our grades and make us spend our free time in detention. With respect to all these memories, you should be getting your beloved teacher something he can show off on his desk. This mug is a great candidate for that job. It comes in bold colours and has a great design featuring a fun font. It states “I’m a teacher, what’s your superpower?” We’d give this to our teacher if we had a chance!

3. 2 Teach is 2 Touch Lives” Teachers Coffee Mug Inexpensive Gift Item:

The best items for gifting feature some connection the identity for the person for whom it is intended. This one is perfectly aimed at the great man or woman who taught you most of the things you know about your favourite subject. The statement printed on it is very true and will resonate with everybody who sees it, enhancing the respect they have for the person. Its about 13 ounces and is made of ceramic materials. It is also fully FDA approved and comes in a gift box so you don’t need to worry about all that. It is a good display item on a desk. We would love to get this kind of gift from anybody!



4. Sterling Silver “A Teacher” Mobius Circle with Apple Pendant Necklace: Mobius strips are very interesting little ditties for mathematicians. If you somehow managed to love one of your math teachers at school or even college, we suggest you get them this Mobius strip design pendant necklace. It not only makes a strong case as a cool gift but also, it is a very touching thing to give anybody. There are beautiful words written on the circle which will surely stay with him or her forever.

5. “Thank you” a book dedicated to teachers: If you’ve forgotten his or her birthday and need a last minute present to save face, we are here to inform you that some last minute gifts make more of an impact than the ones we think for hours over. This book is a good read for a teacher. Writer Sandy Gingras explains why we need to respect and repay our teachers for the efforts they have made in making the generation what it is. A simple thank you does the trick for these kind souls but we suggest you get them this book so that you can convey all the unsaid things you always wanted to.

6. Keep Calm and Pretend its on the lesson Plan Mug: We all remember the teachers who let us ease up early on in the year and then rushed through the year with minimal attention to the syllabus while focussing on other important things they thought we needed to know. For that teacher, we have unearthed this gem of a gift. It has “Keep calm and pretend its on the lesson plan”. This is a great tribute to the person who taught you that always following the beaten paths is not enough for success.

7. I Teach What’s Your Superpower? Vintage Wood Sign for Classroom Décor and Kitchen Wall Décor: The truth behind this question is self evident. What power is higher than the power of those who bring up the generation which runs everything in the world. These people do it year in and year out without fail. We don’t have any logical explanation for their abilities and hence, it must be a superpower! This gift is meant to celebrate that very power in a fun way. Its a great way to liven up a kitchen or activity room wall. Every visitor will marvel at its looks, with the display being made of solid cedar wood and from high quality craftsmanship.

8. Teacher Peach Every Teacher’s Little Black Book: We remember dreading the notes and syllabus coming out of our teachers’ huge, fat diary. You might remember the same or even be facing the same. To get rid of the notes we suggest getting him a new and better looking but thinner place to write his ideas on the subject. This little black book is perfect for everything from journal entries to syllabus discussions. It can be tucked into the smallest of spaces and is easy to store. It even has a functional little bookmark and elastic closure making it useful plus attractively slim.


9. Sarcastic Coffee Statement Mug: With all the trouble making kids out there in our schools and other educational institutes, it is not hard to imagine the troubles of a teacher when presented with a particularly difficult batch to educate and mould into boys. From history answers calling Napoleon the devil to trigonometry and algebra problems solved in original and entirely fictional processes, these people have seen it all. And we think they used a lot of coffee and an equal amount of alcohol to go through with it all. This mug has a print stating “Lord, give me coffee to change the things I can, And please give me wine to accept the things I can’t.

10. Teaching Inspirational Decor: Despite basically doing the same things , some teachers do them better than others. Your favourite teacher most probably was the one who made it fun for you to learn anything at all. What they do is not just helpful, it is hard to put into words for most people. This inspirational classroom decor is meant to put these feelings into words and who knows, some young dolt might even take up teaching as a career after being inspired by it. Do society this service  and get your teacher this gift, Lord knows we need our teachers.



11. Super Teacher T shirt: Though available only to save you from demons in the educational domain, teachers do things everyday that most of us coukd never think of doing. Their love and care and patience ensure a generation grows up in the right mould. If you don’t think that takes a superhuman effort, we don’t know what planet you come from. This t-shirt is perfect for a commemoration gift. It comes in royal blue and is made of 100% cotton with a large number of sizes available.



13. Starbucks Coffee Set for teachers: Due to all the troublesome students and paper checking, our beloved educators spend many a sleepless night working. The people at starbucks have picked up on this and decided to do something about it. This set  contains a Starbucks Travel Coffee Mug, Starbucks Vanilla Brulee Hot Cocoa, Apple Shaped sticky note pad and apple shaped stress relief ball. Physics teachers will especially love the apple shaped stress relief ball since ironically, it was an apple that started the pain in the ass that is the Newton’s laws.


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