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Some husbands are a troublesome lot. Always bumbling about losing things around the house, throwing socks here and there and walking in with shoes after you’ve just made the floor squeaky clean. We know all that, but beneath it all there is a memory that keeps the spark alive for both of you. It is the memory of love. Without it, the relation between a husband and wife is null and void. Its this very love that keeps you going through both the good times and the bad. If you’re feeling a sudden come back of this and want to let him know, you’ve picked the right list to come looking.  We’ve assembled the most unique list of gifts to surprise your husband. Wanna discover them? Come along:

1. A True Love Story Never Ends 4 Picture Opening 4×6 Collage Photo: If you’ve ever wanted something to adorn your walls and show the relationship between you two, this picture frame couldn’t have arrived at a better time. There is no question that your pictures will look beautiful in it, especially because they are framed in the words “A True Love Story Never Ends”. Even though most husbands aren’t particular about such a photo, we’re sure they’ll like being reminded that your love still lives.

2.  Best Husband Ever Mug: The truth is that everybody loves being appreciated and this ceramic, specially printed mug does just that-appreciate all that your hubby does for you throughout the year. We don’t even think this needs to wait for an occasion, just order this and make his day! The mug has “best Husband Ever” printed across it, and we ask you, could that statement be any more truthful than it already is? The answer is no.

3.  DC Comics Superman Apron: Most men shy away from the kitchen because of its apparent unmanliness, but a precious few do venture in and make the place their own. If you’ve managed to get hold of such a man for yourself then first of all we would like to know your secret and secondly, we would refer you to this apron. Its just the thing to make your superman happy as he gets busy in the kitchen while you lounge around waiting to be served the goodies!

4. Bullet Shape Ice Maker: All this time since the invention of the refrigerator, we always wondered why nobody came up with more manly looking ice trays. It was always cubes and teddy bears for us, but you have the option of changing all that at your house and winning a “best wife ever” at the domestic Oscars by getting your husband the Bullet Shaped Ice Maker as soon as possible! The bullet moulds are so authentic, we swear they might have been used to store actual bullets!

5. Grenade Shaped Funny Mug: With all the late night work that he’s been doing this year, you might wonder about his mood at times right? Work is work and you can’t take that away from him, but what you can do is make his coffee breaks a fun time with this. A grenade shaped mug that looks dangerous in anybody’s hands! Who would have thought mugs could be used for fun right? We know, this one is so manly it could be used to drink some beer too!

6.  Husband Wife Pillow Set Hubby Wifey  with verses from Corinthians: Sleeping in the same bed for years gets old for some people because of the lack of communication, you can change all that without saying a word if that’s the case for you. These pillows have verses from the Corinthians printed into them, with ‘Hubby’ and ‘Wifey’ printed on each separately. We bet he’d love to wake up with the ‘wifey’ pillow around him to cheer him up when you’re away!

7. Mr. Right Mrs. Always Right Pillowcases: All the time we spend in bed makes for some great memories, but even when the other person isn’t talking much, these pillow covers provide a hilarious look out at the relationship. Your Mr. Right will not only acknowledge the compliment but also concede that you are always right, and that, ladies is how you win wars on two fronts with one gift!


8. Death Wish Ground Coffee Bundle Deal: The number of meetings at work and the work load both have increased for him after that promotion right? You can help him deal with it by getting him the Death Wish Ground Coffee Bundle. It has twice the amount of caffeine found in a standard  cup of coffee. The beans are USDA Certified for Organic and Fair Trade. They even offer a money back guarantee, so if it doesn’t help him, you’ll still get the money back!

9. Nautical Fishing Box for coins and trinkets: Fishing is a pastime for quite a few men and its a tradition is many a family. If you’ve got a man absolutely in love with the fishing rod but terrible with his keys and coins, then this gift is for you. This box is made to look like the classic fishing box which accompanies him during all his fishing trips. Now no matter what trinket he brings home, it’ll end up in the box.

10. The many varieties of beer poster : Beer is one word that makes all men happy. It is the ultimate image of manliness, and it flows like water in many parts of the world. It is no surprise then that beer lovers will want to taste the many different kinds of beer there is. If your man is a heavy beer drinker, we suggest this poster for him. It may not be possible to get him the chance to taste them all, but at least you gave him the chance to know it all.

11. Shotgun Bullet Shower Curtain Hooks: The rubber ducks and anti-slip mat in the shower may not be to his liking so you might as well get him something to even the deal up. These shower curtain hooks will certainly do as deal sweetener for most men. Shaped in the mould of shotgun bullets, they ensure that a shower can’t be any more on the edge than this one!

12.  6 pack beer belt for men: The fun, party lover always has enough will for just another beer. This is where you come in, to help him with both the beer part and the party look. This beer belt has space for 6 beers and as we all know, a man with half a dozen beer cans around his waist is a party if there ever was one!

13.  Revolving Motorized Lighted Tie & Belt Rack Hooks Organizer: Class isn’t temporary, its permanent. Also, the class of a man is directly proportional to the number of ties that he own. In that very spirit, we present you the perfect surprise gift for him. This motorized tie and belt rack is just what he needs to brighten up his wardrobe a bit. It holds 64 ties and 8 belts, and if he owns that many, we daresay your husband is the Batman himself. The tie rack sure looks the part!

14. . Expert Advice T shirt: The most expressive of men always have something to say. Whether they’re an expert on the subject is a different matter but the trying is what makes it all the more funny. If your hubby is a self professed expert on everything, this t-shirt will be the light merriment needed for him. And in case he really is an expert on quite a few matters, this couldn’t have come at a better time.


15.  FIFA 15 PC: The perfect gift for your husband is the perfect gift for a 12 year old boy too! Yes its true, every man on earth is addicted to the sport of football.. If not playing the game itself, they make up for it by playing FIFA. The latest installment that is available is the perfect way to surprise him. And if you learn to play a bit, we daresay it’ll make for some happy times together for you two.

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