12 Unique Gifts for Him

Even though men tend not to be as nitpicky about stuff as women, it is still very hard to pick out a gift for all the men you love in your life. You can’t even use a stereotype to start the hunt because you know they are more than that. Whether its your brother, boyfriend, colleague or close family member, they deserve the best. We are here to ensure that they get just that, with this list of the best and most innovative gift ideas of all time! You are sure love one of those:

1.Smartphone Stand: The smartphone is literally everywhere these days, and with men it has an even greater hold. The love of technology is one of the well known manly attributes. However when using a smartphone in bed for texting or watching videos, the guys tend to end up with a lot of sore and painful shoulder and wrist muscles. Get him this gift to get rid of that forever. The smartphone holder to end all troubles! It takes no time to set up and use and is totally safe with no nuts and bolts that can cause damage. It also has universal fit for many phones so you can rest assured it’ll be a helpful and innovative gift.

2. Cuisinart 14 Piece Deluxe Grill Set: The grill is one of the favourite places for men to hang out. In such an environment the tools for a grill are essential for a good barbecue party with the guys. We are sure he would appreciate thuis 14 piece stainless steel grill set very much. It includes a chef’s spatula, 4 pairs of corn holders, a basting brush made of silicone, grill tongs and a brush for cleaning up. The construction of the instruments is sturdy since they are made from Stainless Steel. The people at Cuisinart have thrown in a nice aluminium case for the griller who needs his tools with him all the time.

3. KindNotes Long Distance Missing You messages in a Jar: When you’re far away from that special someone in your life and you have no way of telling them how hard it is, this jar from KindNotes will rush to your aid. The jair contains 31 different messages in card which are all in the beautiful container. If he reads the notes at the rate of one per day, it’ll last for an astonishing month. It’ll be like you weren’t even away. And once you’re back,you will receive all the affection that was accruing in his heart. The jar is a really sweet option, and will surely make his time away from you slightly more bearable.

4.Hamilton Beach Breakfast Electric Sandwich Maker: The sandwich is the humble saviour of all mankind. Especially for the man, when nobody is home it is easiest to grab random stuff from the refrigerator and scrap together a sandwich. The Hamilton Beach Sandwich Maker changes all that. Instead of the cold sandwich he can now watch your sandwich warm up and come out pretty and hot all in under 5 minutes. All he will need to do is insert the ingredients of his sandwich on the cooking plate and he is done! It can’t get any easier than this. Get him this to start him on the path to self dependence.

5. Bormioli Rocco Selecta 7 piece Whiskey Gift Set: Drinking comes almost like second nature to most men and the finery that a man’s drink comes in is an exhibition of his overall class and taste. If you’re picking a gift for the old school classy fellow, take a look at this whiskey set from Bormioli Rocco. There are six 9.5 ounce rock glasses and one decanter which has a star burst pattern on it. All the pieces are crafted in Parma, Italy with the finest sands. The glasses have a classic look and all of them are entirely dish washer safe so you have no cleaning hassles.
6. Fog Free Mirror: All the times that you have watched him shave in the washroom in front of a foggy mirror and then miss some of the beard- infuriating right? We know, which is why we have included this brilliantly ingenious little treasure on this list. The mirror is completely fog free at all times and it even includes date and time functions, making it look futuristic.It works on 3 AA batteries. It doesn’t take much effort to set up either as it has easy mount options such as super suction cups and hanger cord.

7.Dual Charging Station for Sony PS3 Controllers: The craze for video games is not about to stop anytime soon and if your brother or friend is crazy about the playstation then you should really look into this. It is a charging station for two PS3 controllers. The utility in the station is that it can take its from anything with a USB port. They provide a mini USB to USB cable. With this gift you can make sure that for your favourite man, the party never stops!
8. The Official BS Button: Some people are blessed with the gift of humor. They love practical jokes and sarcasm. If you know somebody like this and are looking to get them a gift, look no further. This giant red button makes for a hilarious spectacle on any table without even being used. It will shout “That was BS!” when pressed. Nobody will ever forget that time they fallen afoul of his bullshit detector. The applications of this are nearly endless!

9.Big Mouth Toys The Gun Mug: The sheer novelty of this mug is worth a few laughs! If you’re searching for a gift for a guy who is a gun freak then this is it! The mug has a handle shaped like part of a pistol. It is made of ceramic and is dishwasher safe for ease of cleaning. The best gift for someone with a good sense of irony and a love for coffee!
10. Cereal Killer Spoon: The cereal lovers among the men are really easy to spot. Their kitchen shelf will contain more cereals than you have ever even tried. If you are in the market to buy a present for that bloke, it doesn’t get any better than this. The spoon to dump all spoons, it is made of high quality stainless steel and has “Cereal Killer” engraved on the inner curve. Aside from being absolutely hilarious, it is a legitimately thoughtful effort at a gift from your side. It can’t go wrong.

11.Man Tin: The man with a love for tools and hardware also has a love for the tiny metal bits that hold the hardware together-screws and leads. The gift for him is easy to figure out. You just need to get him some space for more of what he loves. The Man Tin from Bright Side is perfect for tiny little things like screws that he usually would leave lying around. It makes for a good looking dump for all the bits and bobs.


12. Pocket Compass: The adventurer at heart is always searching for newer paths to foloow and newer challenges to beat. If you are close to him , and you want him to always find his way back home, the compass is a perfect gift. This piece is handcrafted from fine pewter and has an inspiring message inscribed on it, “The journey begins with a single step”. The compass will not only be helpful but it is also a symbolic gif, indicating that one must always return where he belongs.


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