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Sometimes it is hard to decide what to gift the closest and dearest people in your life. Most of the times these people happen to be women. They are not only notoriously difficult to please all the time, they are even harder to please with impromptu gifts. To help you pick out the perfect gift for her, that one thing which will make her sit up and take note of your efforts, we bring you the definitive list of gifting options available to you out there. Now you don’t need to bumble around asking people for ideas, we have compiled the best right here for you! Without further ado, here they are:
1. Burberry Brit gift set for her: The Burberry Brit gift set is the embodiment of a youthful, dainty outlook at life with class and substance. It maintains its own level in a market of humdrum competition. It is perfect for the woman with a free mind and no qualms. The set includes a body spray, a body lotion and a perfume. The Burberry Brit fragrance is easily recognisable due to its component scents- green almond, icy pear and Italian lime.
2. Selfie stick by Kengadget: The world may hate that person who is always standing around at street corners making funny faces at the front camera on her phone, but if she is the person you’re looking to gift something to- this may as well be one of the best options. With 41 inches added to her normal arm length for the purposes of this her selfie, she will be able to get as much of herself into the picture as she wants. Intuitive and handy features such as the anti-shake pad and the one handed Bluetooth snap capability combine to give you the gift of the season for all those pretty girls out there. What’s more, you don’t need to worry about what phone she uses as it has both iOS and Android OS compatible install features.
3. Makeup Brush Set from XIchen: One of the most common dreams for any woman is to be a fashionista, with all the best clothes and the latest styles on her wish list. If she is one of them and you think she needs some help with it, you need to give her something to make her the fashionista she was born to be! The Makeup Brush Set from Xichen is just that thing she needs. Featuring 12 pcs. of high quality brushes, this one is sure to make her want to sit down at a dressing table immediately. On top of all this, they come with a cup style holder so that they don’t end up all over her table.
4. Magic Mullet Express Mixing Kit: Some people are born for the kitchen, they have magic in their hands and love in their hearts. You only need to pay them a visit or even call for them to start spoiling you with their food. If this girl is one of those talented people, one should think encouraging her is the way to go forward. The Magic Mullet is the best substitute for a food processor. It occupies a small space but has enough power in the base to complete all jobs asked of it. It comes in a 17 piece set which includes other nifty components such as 4 party mugs and a recipe book for the times when she needs a little inspiration. It does not get any more obvious than this!
5. Portable Charger 6000 mAh by Gembonics: That girl, always running around with her laptop, tablet and a couple of phones. She doesn’t have time for a coffee break let alone a few hours to charge her phone. If you’re looking for a gift for this girl, look no further than the 6000 mAh portable charger by Gembonics. It is made using Samsung Grade A cells and it detects the current required by each device it is connected to, ensuring that charging time is minimal. It is compatible with almost any phone you could care to name, whether it is an iPhone or an Android. In the box is a cable that allows the charger to supply 3 devices at once, making it even more suitable for her. To say nothing of the fact that it comes in a good looking case and makes for a sensible gift.
[. http://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B00KGGJPYK/ref=mp_s_a_1_52?qid=1436284443&sr=8-52&pi=AC_SX110_SY165_QL70&keywords=gifts+for+her
6. Eucalyptus Bath and Body Gift Set: The love of luxury and relaxation is inherent to every woman, and you can gift her the perfect atmosphere maker for her bath needs. The Eucalyptus Bath and Body Products from Blush Personal Care are a well chosen collection of the most relaxing and well liked products out there. The set includes Eucalyptus Artisan Soap, Eucalyptus Body Lotion, Eucalyptus Sea Salt Body Scrub, Pine Scented Candle. These are all made using 100% natural ingredients, for a truly refreshing cleanse for her skin. A good spa experience also rejuvenates the mind so go ahead and give her the opportunity to start the day soothed and calm.
7. Zonman Pretty Retro Bohemia Style Pendant: A love for all kinds of trinkets is a wonderful thing to have but makes it hard to decide on an eye catching gift for the person who holds the love. However some things just scream chic, and this Retro bohemia style necklace from Zonman is sure to make her take notice. A Faux opal sits at the center and is surrounded by brilliant crystal rhinestones. It comes with a matching hair clip to complete the look and they are both encased in a beautiful box especially meant for gifting purposes.
8. Numi Organic Tea Flowering Gift Set: Only the absolute best will do if you’re looking to impress her with a gift. If she is a tea lover look no further than this specially designed gift set from Numi’s. It contains 6 unique and creatively named varieties, from Dragon Lily to Lavender Dream. Make no mistake, this is no ordinary bag of tea. As it sits in the teapot steeping, it will amaze her with its transformation from tea to flower. What’s more, a single exhibition can be used 2-3 times. There is a glass teapot included which is ideal for viewing the art unfold before your eyes as you sip on its bold and complex flavours. A cup of tea sure does strike up a nice conversation.
9. Bluetooth Shower Speaker: For every music lover out there walking around with headphones, there is one extreme music addict who needs the tunes even in her shower. To satisfy the needs of this demographic, from Abco Tech comes the Bluetooth shower speaker. Suction cups on the back of the device attach it to the wall and it is powered by an improved 40 mAh battery allowing for 4-5 hours of play time. It can even air the radio channels you want and it syncs easily with your phone. The number of apps this speaker sync with automatically is mind boggling. It’ll even let you sync calls with ease. Also, it bears the true hallmark of a world class product-a lifetime money back guarantee. This coupled with their excellent customer service lets you pick this one out for that special someone with peace of mind.
10. Art of Appreciation Gift Basket Because You’re So Special: This is one of those selections which makes woman smile the moment they unwrap it. A beautiful hand-crafted and decorated box containing some of the best snack and tea choices, this is what you should get her for her day off.It contains some of the best cookie and tea selections available, and it comes with a cute little bow on top of it. You don’t even need to try very much, the people at Art of Appreciation have done all the thinking for you.
11. Plant Theatre Funky Veg Kit: This is a truly unique product, and will be especially popular among the vegans in the crowd. If your lady has a green thumb, delight her and allow her to excecise her abilities with this Funky Veg Kit from Plant Theatre. It contains the seeds for a number of snazzy veggies namely – purple carrots, red brussels , stripy tomatoes , yellow zucchini and multi coloured swiss chards. It contains everything you need to successfully grow each of these with 5 each of growing pots, peat blocks and plant markers included. They have also thrown in a collection of sowing and growing tips and tricks.

There you go. Pick any of these gifts and you can calmly end the debate in your head for a suitable present for that nice lady. Whether she is your best friend, colleague, girlfriend, sister or mother doesn’t matter we have picked out something for everyone. Happy gifting!

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