13 Gifts For Grandparents

No matter how naughty you may have been, if there was one person who always stood up for you, it was most probably on of your grandparents. If not one of them then definitely both of them! There is nothing like a stern look from grandpa or grandma to make the angry voices of your parents subside in a second. Even when you grew up, their house was always a welcome change from your own and their hugs are still the most calming things in the world. With grandparents like this, its almost shameful to let any chance to surprise them go by. Looking to surprise them then? Well we’re sure we can help you with that endeavour. Read on for the best gifts for grandparents:

1. Grandpa and Grandma’s house wall sign “ memories made here”: The times spent at our grandparents will always remain a cherished memory for all of us throughout our lives. There are various reasons for it. One of them is that the house itself was magic, it created happiness out of nothing and the memories we have from there are all worth keeping forever. You should let your grandparents know how much it all meant to you, and what better way than to get a wall sign that they can look at over their morning cuppa?

2. Grandparents House Rules Print: We have seen the rules strung up in libraries and fields and private properties all over the place, and absolutely none of them were made to suit us. We’re sure you’ve faced the same. However, there was always one place where every rule was for us and even those that were bent were because of us. These rules are exactly why Grandma and Grandpa’s place always rule. This printed poster is a subtle reminder for them that the times are not forgotten.

3. This is what the world’s greatest grandpa looks like t shirt: We’re sure everybody has heard stories of how grandpa’s young years went by and he was forever the cool dude. Which is how he has managed to turn into the greatest grandpa on the face of the earth even without any prior experience.  This t-shirt will give him the license to brag about that fact, and surely it will get you the title of the favourite grandchild in the entire family.

4.  I’m a grandma what’s your superpower mug: The cakes she baked and the way she was able to shut up the neighbourhood bullies was magic right? We know, its almost like she was a member of some sort of superhero league and her powers were baking and being the nicest person around. Your grandma deserves all the love that she gets. You can liven up her morning cup of coffee with this fun mug, to remind her that you’re still amazed by all that shecan do.

5. Grandparents Keepsake:”Time will not hold me as small as today, but this print and smile will keep me this way”:  All parents one day want to grow into grandparents, the joy it brings is unparalleled.

6. Grandparents make it up as you go journal : An excursion into time is something everybody cherishes. One day when you grow up and need advice that is too personal or philosophical to ask, you will wish that you’d have had your grandpa’s wit or your grandma’s calm to combat the situations you face. We say get them this diary cum journal and in a year you will know more about them than you ever did before. It contains questions for every month of a year and prompts for answers which vary from childhood incidents, daily happenstance  plus their  takes on life. If you love the first year, we think you should make this a yearly event!

7.  Grandpa and Grandma set of mugs: They have been together long enough to have had and raised kids and then gone a step further and raised their grandkids. In all this time they have always looked at each other as better halves of their selves and now it is time that you celebrate the bond and the relation that they share. This pair of coffee mugs is just like them, they fit together and are made specifically for one another. What better way to celebrate their lives together?

8.  Carson Stakes Grandparents Garden Stakes: All the time you spend with your beloved grandparents, it never seems to be enough. That is because of the fact that there is nobody else like them and you cannot find a replacement. For these people, you should leave a memory of the times you spend. This garden stake from Carson Stakes is perfect for this. It has a beautiful message written on it and it will remind them of you every time they chance upon it.

9.  Grandchild Keepsake Grandparents Journal: If you have ever wanted to discover more about your grandparents but failed because they didn’t keep any records, we have got the perfect gift for you. This little book contains questions and suggestions for answers and notes which are specifically designed to help your grandparents narrate their lives and experiences to you so that when they’re not around you can still read from it and understand them and their personality better. We think it would best if you started them on this at the earliest, so don’t wait. Just order away!

Don’t you wish your grandmother had written down her life story? This journal enables you to write down yours!
Guided questions and prompts will help you tell your grandchildren (and great-grandchildren to come) all about your childhood and teen years; your education, love, and marriage; work, community, religion, military service; parenthood and family life; and, of course, grandparenthood!


10. The Grandfather in the font of The Godfather t-shirt:The way your grandfather patrols his lawn for people who might intrude and disturb you and your siblings is actually reminiscent of how the Godfather did it. This funny t-shirt is bound to bring around talk of the old times, and reminiscing is always good for the soul. The t-shirt is top quality and the print will not fade easily, so you can be sure he’ll be living the Godfather role for some years yet.

11. Family Tree with 10 photo frames: This tree is an absolute beauty, it is like the tree of life and depending on your family, it could house 3 generations of your folks with up to 10 slots available  on it. This photo frame is in the shape of a tree and is made of solid bronze material and it has a removable base so that they can hang up the cherished memories on the wall in the living room if they want.



12.  Metal Parking Sign – World’s Greatest Grandpa: If there are pesky people taking up your grandpa’s spot in the driveway every time he comes to visit, you need to do something about it.What  better way than to do it with something that will not only solve the problem but also make your grandpa all warm inside. This metal “World’s greatest grandpa” parking plate will intrigue bystanders and keep away the parking spot stealing nitwits.

13. High Cotton Outdoor Mat, Grandparent Rules: The shift of power from a parent to a grandparent is not gradual. If it were a graph, the change would be a straight line with an inclination of 90 degrees, meaning that at a single point the change occurs instantly. That point is the threshold of your grandparents house. For that very place, we’ve found this marker. This funny floor mat is not only true but also insanely effective. Our parents didn’t even squeak once we passed into grandparent territory at the entrance of the house. We suggest you try it out too. It’ll give your grandparents something to laugh about.

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