12 Gifts for Grandma

We all appreciate the fact that some people are just super huggable. And grandma’s always have an automatic entry into this extremely exclusive club. It’s their right, when a mom becomes a grandma, she suddenly evolves into a super fun person who is also the source of the world’s greatest hugs. It is no surprise then that one of the closest relations in the world is that between a grandma and a grandchild. If you’d like to surprise your granny with a present, or even if it’s just her birthday coming up we have made the best possible and cutest list of presents for her. She’ll love all of the stuff on this list!

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1. Best grandma ever figurine holding message: As children we have all loved to sit down at the kitchen table in our grandma’s house and have a warm, steaming cup of hot chocolate. That feeling never leaves you, it’s always there. We never told our grandma how much she meant to us, and we regret that. If you haven’t told her either, this is the perfect time to do so. With this showpiece on her mantle she’ll always remember the times you spent with her. It’s modeled to look like a small child holding up a message which says  ‘ best grandma ever’. Indeed, she is and she deserves to know.

2. Grandma is the name spoiling is the game pink t shirt: Parents usually don’t spoil their children, especially if it’s not an only child. However, for a grandma every child  is an only child. No matter what, the mantle of spoiling you to bits was most probably taken on by your grandma. This pink, 100% cotton t-shirt is a sweet reminder of all those times that she got you the cakes and chocolates that nobody else would and saved you from all the scoldings. It’s not going to be the same if you’re grown up now, but it’s time you start spoiling your grandma. You can start with this.

3. Best Grandma Ever mousepad: If she’s the  kind of grandma who is all up with the tech side of things, and she’s always on the laptop or PC then you’ve definitely got to get her one of this. This mousepad is not just for her mouse to run over, but also for her mind to go over the memories this gift brings along with it.

4.  Family Tree photo frame: Photos are some of the most poignant reminders of old times. They can bring us smiles and tears at will, and the frames we store them in say a lot about the moments they showcase. Grandma’s always love to have a reminder of their entire family, because they are the most loving souls around. This photo frame will pull her through the entire lot of memories from her life, spanning from daughter to mother and finally grandmother.

5. This grandma is fabulous TGIF bag: TGI Fridays are a favourite across the nation with TGIF graphiti plastered across everything from walls to finger rings. This bag however breaks the trend with an uber cool ‘This Grandma is fabulous’ statement. The bag can be used for everything from an evening out to a picnic. Your grandma is sure to appreciate the care and thought behind this one. It will be especially appreciated if she’s one of the super trendy fashion forward grandmothers we always dreamed of but never got. You’re lucky we got you the gift suggestion eh?

6. I heart grandma mug: It is no secret that children love their grandparents the most in the world up to a certain age. They look up to their grandpa and they absolutely adore their grandma. If you were one of those kids who couldn’t sleep without a hug from grandma then we think it’s time you let her know how important she’s been in your life. Get her this mug and give it to her along with a letter and her morning tea. We bet this will be the perfect gift for your granny.

7. Grandma pendant necklace: The love between a child and its grandma is something we cannot even begin to fathom . The bond is such that it crosses borders and timelines to bring two people together in a very spiritual manner. If you’ve not been able to let your grandma know how much you love her, this pendant necklace might be just the thing for her. You don’t have to wait for Christmas or her anniversary or any other occasion to give her this. All you need to do is order this necklace and get started on practising what you’re going to say to her when you give it to her.

8. Willow tree grandmother figurine : It’s not hard to figure out why this would be the best gift to give your grandma. The living embrace depicted in the figurine is similar to the ones she gave you every time you had a problem, even if it was as small as a scraped knee or a bad dream. It is made from actual willow and will last for a long time. The colors  on it are gentle and artistic so that they feel real. This is one gift that will rest on her showcase forever.

9. What happens at grandma’s stays at grandma’s garden stone: Good secrets need gold secret keepers and what better person than your grandma. The ice cream or chocolate you had which mom would be super angry about will forever stay with your grandma. The times you spent in the garden instead of studying will never be spoken of. With all these memories locked away with her, we think it is only appropriate that you give her a memory to share with others. Get her this garden stone to liven up the garden and we assure you the saga of secrets will stay on as long as you’re alive.


10. What I love about grandma fill in the blank journal: Often it happens that we can’t put our thoughts and emotions into words because not all of us are good with saying things out loud. At times you need a few prompts to put you on the right track. If you want to let your grandma know that you love her and that you love her for many different reasons, there is no better way than this one. This journal has space for you to write about your feelings and memories and it includes helpful pointers on what to write from time to time. Make sure you fill every little space in it!

11. Door sign admission 1 hug grandma’s house: A hug from grandma makes everything seem alright doesn’t it? Its funny how she always knows when to hug you, almost as if she’s a mind reader. This gift is a bit of fun and a throwback to the times when she greeted you at the door with a bucketful of hugs and love. It’s always hard to give it all back, but after you get her this door sign you’ll be giving back all the love she gave you one hug at a time.

12. I’m a grandma what’s your superpower mug: When it comes to powers there is nobody who has more around the house than granny. She’s the boss, even mom doesn’t stand up to her. Add this to her magical baking skills and her almost ethereal story telling, you get a woman who has more powers than Superman. This mug is just pointing out a fact, and its obvious that you’ll be only knowing a few of her powers. She can’t tell you all of them ! The mug had great looking graphiti and is dishwasher safe plus it looks great on any desk. Let her proudly show off the love her grandchildren have for her

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