11 Gifts for Girlfriend – Thoughtful and Creative Ideas

Your girlfriend means the world to you and you never miss any occasion to let her know it. She is the closest to you and you cannot think of life without her. We know all that, and we also know the pressure and confusion of buying a present for anyone for whom you have such affection. Which is why we have come up with this list of gifts for you, just so that you can come off as thoughtful and appreciative without all the hassle. All of the gifts in this list are chosen carefully to cover a large range of interests and thus allow you a choice no matter what your girlfriend loves.
1. Personalized Best Girlfriend Ever Trophy: The most special girl in your life should know of her position and her achievements. The entire idea of a relationship hinges on the principle of appreciation. This gift is sure to give her a huge smile and warmth in her heart whenever she sees it. A figurine designed to look like one of the trophies in award shows, this gift will mean the world to her. You can personalize the message on the plaque beneath the trophy. Keep it short , sweet and honest and we assure you the reaction you get will be unprecedented.
2. Vintage Sweater Necklace Bohemia Style: Women love their trinkets and their whatnots. That is a fact, and thus they make gifting easier by being obvious about their likings. One of the most transcendental trends is that of retro jewellery. Almost everybody likes it, and it is a perfect fit for the fashion conscious too. This particular necklace is shaped like an owl, hung on a rope chain. The material used for this product is zinc alloy along with some crystal for the inlay work on the piece. Usually worn over a sweater, this is a great buy for the fashion forward and retro loving girl.
3. Love Candy Gift Set: There is no better gift than candy, and for your girlfriend what better candy than one which imitates the shape of your lips so that she misses you every moment that she even looks at it. The package comes in a wooden basket in pretty colours with a monkey at the front holding the words “I’m wild about you” in a heart. The candy is a sour tasting one, maybe the tangy taste will remind you of the times you kissed!
4. Hottest Gf Ever Sports Bottle: The guys out there with a fitness freak girlfriend will understand how much every little sporty addition to their fitness wardrobe matters to the girls. Now, if you were to get her a sports bottle with a personalized message saying she’s the hottest girlfriend ever, wouldn’t that be cool? This product does just that. It is made of aluminium with a 20 oz capacity, it has 2 caps, one for the drinking spout and another which is normal. A carabineer clip has also been included. The letters on it have been printed directly onto it and the bottle fits most holders so that she can take it everywhere.
5. Romantic Bookmark: 7 Billion smiles and yours is my favourite by ayavus. Everybody should date a girl who reads, because girls who read are awesome. If you have been lucky enough to snap up a voracious book reader then you might consider getting her something to aid her pursuit for knowledge. This bookmark is made from real wood and has an inscription it, “Seven Billion smiles and yours is my favourite”. It will not only help her start from where she left off, it will also ensure that whenever she starts or stops for a while, she will think about you as she has to look at the bookmark. This thing might just be your new wingman!
6. Tropical Scent and Gourmet Gift Basket: There is no doubt that chocolates are a hit with every crowd, not just women. A hamper full of all kinds of chocolates is an easy, no hassle gifting choice as this gift set has it all, not just chocolates but also some body care lotions. Among several other things it contains Capri seaside citrus body lotion, scented flower soap, sea salt, dark chocolate , milk chocolate, caramel bar, key lime truffles and Belgian chocolate. With so many goodies in one single set, there is bound to something in there that she absolutely loves. Go ahead, the sweetness will win her over.
7. Boldloft Coffee Mugs set: The way she stole your heart when you guys had just started dating was always going to make it last. For the special someone on whom you cannot shower enough warmth and affection no matter what you do, this is an ideal gift. A set of glasses, one with a male stick figure giving off kisses and tiny hearts towards the girl who is on the other glass. Like you two, the couple in the set are super cute and that will always remind her of you, no matter whether she’s having her morning coffee or an evening tea. The people over at Boldloft sure know what they’re doing!
8. Teddy Bear and Starbucks Hot Cocoa Gift Set: Women usually love their teddy bears, it doesn’t even matter what size. They also love the warmth they get from hot cocoa and the taste of it on cold nights. Somebody took note of all this and went and packed a gift set which seems custom made to suit the likings of every girl ever! This gift set includes a teddy bear and Starbucks Hot Cocoa, a heart wish box locket charm to hang from the rear view mirror in a a car, a travel coffee mug and a crochet sweater sleeve. If there is a better collection of gift options wrapped in one set, we would dearly like to see what it is!
9. Sterling Silver Necklace: A good boyfriend should know about some basic likes and dislikes that his girl has. Does she like silver or not? What’s her favourite color? Well if she has a liking for silver and her favourite color is purple, we have got just the thing for you. This necklace comes in the form of a double heart made of silver with purple inlay work on the heart. The chain is about 16 inches long. Even if your girlfriend doesn’t like purple, we have another way! The people at MBLife have been understanding enough to include an option in pink. We all know pink never goes wrong with the ladies don’t we?
10. Rosewood jewellery Case: With all the jewellery that they invariably end up owning, our women need a pretty place for all the rings and ear rings and necklaces to go into when they are taken off. All this is too precious to risk damaging right? That’s where the gift box comes in. If your girlfriend is one of the people with lots of jewellery, give this piece a look. This particular one is made in Rosewood and comes in two kinds of finish, medium and dark. It measures about 10in in width, 6in in depth and 5in in height. The final lacquer finish is given by hand making for a unique article. The inside has a felt lining with a luxurious feel and it even has a removable ring tray in case the owner has very few rings. The pretty case and the thought behind it are bound to light her up!
11. Designer Silk Scarf: Clothing is one of the simplest yet most effective gift options there is out there. The only problem is that most of the times we get confused about what piece of clothing to give, since the number of options available is truly dizzying. This is exactly why we have picked out something tasteful and good looking, a scarf. The scarf is a versatile fashion accessory and when used by the right person, it can complete any look. This scarf comes in an absolutely beautiful shade of blue, and it is a 100% silk. It has hand rolled edges and is dyed with environment friendly dyes. If we were that special someone, we would sure want this!
We hope you have found something you were thinking of on this list. Even if you haven’t the gift options listed here are all solid and sure to get her a smile. If it is a specific occasion you might consider our other lists. And remember, always look good when you’re giving her the gift. You might just get lucky with the choices listed here!

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