14 Gifts For Friends

What would we ever be without those who stand by us in our bad times and celebrate with us in the good ones? Where would humanity be without that pillar of support which is ever present, which keeps changing names but keeps doing the same work. Yes, we are talking of friends and you would all agree that without our friends, life is not worth living. No matter what your friend may like, we have a gift for them on this list Trust us when we say that we know the value of a true friend and that is why this is the best darn list of gifts for friends you will find anywhere on the internet.

1. Good friends are like stars’ box sign: This is a box sign saying ‘Good friends are like stars’, and we are of the opinion that this is an indisputable statement. What it means is that no matter where you are in the world, your friends will always be there watching over you in the same place where you always knew they would be. Gift it to your friend and watch their eyes light up.


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2. Willow Tree Friendship Keepsake Box: Down the years of your friendship you must have shared so much together. Movie tickets, concert tickets, chocolate wrappers and shopping lists. We all start losing these small things in the litter on our desks as time passes by and you sure wouldn’t want that to happen with your stuff on your friend’s desk would you? We know, that is why you need to hand this gift over to them as fast as possible. Every little article they put into this box, will make your friendship stronger.


3. Sterling Silver Friendship Pendant: We all want our friends to know how special they are and how much they mean to us. This friendship pendant does exactly that and no matter where he or she is, they will remember you for getting this sweet gift. You cannot go wrong with this gift for a friend.


4. Friends Are the Family We Choose Photo Frame:


5. Friends Forever: Sometimes we may need to revisit the meaning of friendship to fully understand its significance. This is where this book will help. Give it to those friends who have not checked in lately and the cute quotes and heart-warming pictures in them will make them think of all the times they were together in the circle and surely, they will come around.


6. Wood Grain Musical Box: For the friends who always keep losing track of the small stuff like pendants and earrings, we could find no better solution than this musical box. It will surely help them organize their life better and the thoughtfulness of the gifts will be evident for all to see.


7. Sister from another Mister unBasket: The most fun times around besties have to be celebrated and remembered in big ways and this unBasket does just that. It comes in signature boxes finished in style and it contains unique elements such as candy and gum and a high five notebook having 50 pages of high fiving fun. It embodies the spirit of friendship throughout the ages and there is no better gift for your crazy bestie than this.


8.Why You’re So Awesome Journal: In these hurried times, we rarely stop and appreciate what people are and what all they do for us. The only times that we do so is when life stops or pauses for a reason. In those moments you realize all that you have left unsaid between your friends. This journal will make life stop for both you and your friend. You will be reminded of each turn on the path of friendship you took with your friend and then so will they, when this journal reaches them filled with pages of memories and write ups about why they are so special. This is easily the most awesome gift for a friend ever!


9. Design For You The Meaning For Best Friends IPhone 5 Rubber Cover Case: The iPhone may be the biggest bane to meeting up there is, since Facetime and other web integrated services have ensured that the usual weekend meet ups are replaced by texting and chatting on the device itself. Now the only solution to this that we can see is to somehow plant a piece of yourself on the phone and then gift it to a friend, so that you are always around them. So giddy up and order this beautiful case, and get ready to reside on the back of your best friends iPhone.

10. Personalized Wooden Greeting Card: In the years before the web and even before the telegram people wrote letters from the heart to be delivered days after the emotion had passed. This is something very similar, just that the engravings on this personalized wooden greeting card will never pass away because no matter which friend you give it to, it will always be cherished and the emotion on it will always be remembered.


11. F*ck It! Button with 10 awesome funny phrases: There are times when we need to let off some steam. Humour is the best way to do so but then even jokes can hurt people and their sensibilities at times. So the best thing to do is to enjoy the moment with an inanimate object. This Fuck it! Button is perfect for those with a bit of a temper and it can really help them all turn a new leaf. And in spite of it all, it is purely hilarious so no one gets hurt.



12. Booze Drops Pack of Candy: We all know that one person trying to give up the booze for good. You might even make fun of them but in the end you want what is best for them and hence we suggest you get them this gift which will help them forget the taste of alcohol and yet be tasting some of it when they really need to. The package contains six flavours-Brandy Coffee, Rum, Absinthe, Tequila Lemon, Bourbon Whiskey, Vodka Mint. 7 individually wrapped pieces of candy are found in every box and you can be sure that they will not be forgotten easily.


13. Willy The Wine Lover Bottle Stopper: The alcoholics may have had their downs but they sure are fun people to be friends with. They love a joke and wine, and this gift sets both together in a single package. It definitely cannot get any better than this. This bottle stopper is a fun way to show them that no matter what they do and who they are, your friendship will never waver.


14. Playstation Store Gift Card: Gamers are one of the most tightly spun, closely associated groups of people you will find on the face of the earth. And hence it is no surprise that gamers have lifelong friendships. The best thing about gamer friends is that they don’t demand much time and neither do their gifts. This Playstation Store gift card is the perfect way to show your gamer friend that you care about their passion and that you know about it and actively support it. They will surely remember you when they make a purchase with it.



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