11 Gifts For Dad

Dad’s are a somewhat difficult to explain proposition. For their children they are sometimes hard like rock and cold like ice but can also be warm as a fire and soft as a marshmallow. Indeed it takes a while to think of any emotion one has not felt for one’s father because such is their role in our lives that by the time we grow up, we have had an experience of the world in our very own houses. You can never repay all that your dad does for you, but you can try and get him some of these gifts from time to time just to remind him that you will never forget all that he did for you and all that he stands for as a person.

1.Beer Cooler – There is no time like beer time and it is also no use to speak of anything else around men who simply want their beer. However, instead of being the party pooper, if you want your dad to be a party starter and not a party pooper, think of gifting him this beer cooler this Christmas. This Christmas he’ll be the heart of a party, so that you can’t even think of turning around and walking to bed. You’ll have to get everybody in there a cab first!

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2.Art of Appreciation Gift Baskets Fun and Games Care Package Gift Box: Board Games are fun for the simple reason that they are very easy to play and most of them require neither a significant amount of attention nor any mentionable hand eye coordination. Its the perfect gift for someone who loves to have fun but is too lazy to go outside all the time. Its even a great gift for a family guy, as nothing spells family time faster than a good board game and a hot cup of chocolate milk .This package covers all possible bases because it contains games ranging from Chinese Checkers and Chess to Old Maids playing cards and wooden tic tac toe. You can’t go wrong with this!

3.Inch Epica Handmade Italian Leather Bound Journal or Guest Book with HANDMADE PAGES FROM THE AMALFI COAST: An insightful man will definitely have his perspectives on the world, and the aesthetic man will need to pen down his overtures on the same. Your dad would appreciate the class and the thought behind this gift, thoughtful men always do. It is made with a number of fantastic materials and arrives in a cream shade. It is unlined and the pages have been furnished with choice watermarks to ensure authenticity and to give it an exclusive air. The calfskin  has shading, marbling and scarring consistent with honest to goodness  cowhide items. It highlights a  spine raised up in 4 places for an everlasting and tasteful style. In addition it has been brought in from the exotic land of Italy, and we all know those Italians just make first rate stuff!


4.Never Trust an Atom They Make Up Everything T-Shirt: The best proverbs are genuine aphorisms, and we can’t seem to locate a superior sample than this one. The shirt is 100% cotton and has twofold needle stitching along the neckline and sleeves which makes for an enduring piece. It is treated with a special and unique  treatment process which permits the graphics and the shade of the t shirt to last longer than other brands and doesn’t bend the fabric. With the ubiquity of science fiction related things lately, and your fathers know it all persona we predict that this t-shirt will be a perfect match for him..


5. DC Comics Superman Apron: Most men shy away from the kitchen because of its apparent unmanliness, but a precious few do venture in and make the place their own. If you’ve managed to get hold of such a dad for yourself then first of all  we would refer you to this apron. While stay at home dads are rare, what is rarer are those willing to put on the apron. Its just the thing to make your super dad happy as he gets busy in the kitchen while you lounge around waiting to be served the goodies like a good kid waiting for santa!

6.Death Wish Ground Coffee Bundle Deal: The number of meetings at work and the work load both have increased for him after that promotion right? You can help him deal with it by getting him the Death Wish Ground Coffee Bundle. It has twice the amount of caffeine found in a standard  cup of coffee. The beans are USDA Certified for Organic and Fair Trade. They even offer a money back guarantee, so if it doesn’t help him, you’ll still get the money back! We all know that dad’s work late, no matter where they work. This is a bit of help from us for them.

7.CredDeal Stainless Steel Pocket Watch: One of the old school components of the gentleman’s wardrobe, the pocket watch has had a comeback of sorts in the past few years. You can help your get in on the trend with this gift! The watch has superb craftsmanship and has an antique metal case that comes with it.  We recommend you get this one immediately, just for its sheer class. We are sure it would go well with your dad’s look.

8.A Message For My Father” A Gift For A Dad. Touching poem,Enhanced With Watercolor Graphics: The best gifts come straight from the heart to go into another. This is another one of those classics.  It is a poem printed on a background beautified by soft and expressive watercolour graphics and framed in a number of choices. You can choose the frame at the storefront. The article is meant to become a treasure and last the test of time. Poems have always been for the most intellectual of men, and you can show your love for your father and all he taught you with this one. A Christmas gift for fathers was never this poignant before.

9.Swarovski Elements Crystal ” Dad I Love You to the Moon and Back” Men’s Dog Tag Reversible Pendant Necklace 24″: A dog tag is not only an accessory to show off but it also holds memories. This dog tag necklace will contain the memories of all the good times you have shared with your father when you give it to him. It is set with real Swarovski Elements Crystals and comes in a luxurious velvet pouch bag. It says “ Dad I love you to the moon and back”, and we are sure simply those words would be enough of a gift for any dad this Christmas. The necklace also features an adjustable 2 inch tail chain to go with the 24 inch original chain.

10.“Love you Dad” Bracelet: The token of love that we all reserve for our parents is immeasurable. If you are closer to your dad, chances are you idolise him or see him as an ideal. When you have set out into the world to forge your destiny just like he taught you to, this will keep him company and give him your love. This bracelet comes in a beautiful gift box and is hand crafted from super light and super strong titanium. It also comes with a link removal tool so that it can be adjusted to fit his wrist perfectly. We are sure this is a classic.

11.Genuine Leather Laptop Bag by RusticTown: For the classy and suave technology lover, this bag  from RusticTown is as cool as it gets. A full sized leather satchel with a dedicated, padded compartment for laptops  and has space for books and files, it makes for a great gift for the dad who keeps up with the times. It has many useful spaces available and on top of that it is made from pure goatskin leather. If he is the kind who has a refined wardrobe you can help him complete his look. Whether he is on one of his business trips or just at work, every time he looks at this it will remind him of the loving and affectionate children  that he is lucky to have.




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