13 Gifts for Couples

When you have the luck to be friends with two people who happen to be in love with each other, it’s a very pleasant experience. However the difficult part comes when you need to decide the gifts for their various anniversaries and their relationship related dates. It gets harder and harder to decide on one single thing for two seemingly different people because you need to make sure that they both like the gift and not just one of them since you are friends with both. Well we’ve had that problem a hundred times too and so we have decided to help out everyone else in this position. Here is the list of the best gifts you will get anywhere in the world for couples. No matter who the couple is, we have a suitable gift for them.

1. The Boss and the Real Boss 16 Oz Tumblers: Everybody knows about that one couple who always do what one of them likes. You wonder how they are still together and yet they beat all odds and stay put. If you are on the lookout for gifts for that very couple then worry no more we are here with a hilarious option for them. These two tumblers have “The Boss” and “The Real Boss” printed on them. It really puts both people in their place and since they already love who they are, they will definitely love the gift. Moreover the tumblers can be used as display items on their desks at work or the showcase at home, and makes for a cute presence all in all.

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2.Matching Couple Necklace: It may be super cheesy to be wearing matching necklaces but you will find that you know a couple who have no idea of the word ‘cheesy’, since they are so in love with each other that they have grown blind to what the world thinks and does. If you need a gift for one of their anniversaries, consider our suggestion and go for this one. These are made of high quality Titanium steel and they have been cut using laser cutting techniques to give them that glow and finishing you won’t always find. It even comes with a gift box to save you the trouble of packing it up. And to top it all off, they present a 30 day money back guarantee, so offer it with full assurance of quality.

3. Zazzol Wine Aerator Decanter – Multi Stage Design with Gift Box – Recommended by Business Insider: For the connoisseur of wine, they wine decanter is an essential part of the experience. If you have friends who love their wine, this is pretty much it. This wine decanter features a multi stage design and comes in a gift box to save you a lot of the hassles associated with gifting. The design is truly mind blowing and additionally this particular piece of kit comes with a glowing recommendation by the blokes at Business Insider. Now we don’t know much about wine decanters ourselves, but the people at Business insider sure do. Now all you need is to order this!
by Zazzol


4. Taobao Building Superman + Wonder Woman Anime Cartoon Hero Character Series Modern Family 2pcs Apron Couple Kitchen Aprons: The best and longest lasting couples are those who do the small things together even if they do not have to. For the couple who cooks together, this is the perfect gift. One of the aprons has Superman on the front and the other has Wonder Woman. We always wanted those two to hook up in the cartoons, now you’ve got a set of them already hooked up! We are sure that this gift will light up their kitchen and your name is sure to rocket to the top of their friend list.

5. Mr. Right and Mrs. Always Right Can Coolers Gift Set: In a relationship where two strong personalities are involved, we sometimes need to have perspective. This gift gives them just that with a bit of humor added in because laughter never hurts anybody. The coolers have ‘Mr Right’ and ‘Mrs Always Right’  printed on top of them and you will be surprised to know how many relationships are defined by those words. Put a smile on their faces with this one!

6. MEDIUM FAMILY TREE PICTURE FRAME – MEDIUM FAMILY TREE WITH FOUR PICTURE FRAMES: Cherishing old memories is the only way to relive the past and pictures and photographs are an essential component of that. Hence by extension picture frames also add on to the experience, and we suggest this as the most picturesque photo frame there can be for a couple. Especially those who are married, since the family tree will have grown since they fell in love. There is no better gift for the couple whose love will last generations.

7. Conversation Starters for Husbands & Wives: We all know and understand the fact that once we get to know a person to a certain point, there comes a time when we don’t have any questions left to ask them and that topics get exhausted fairly fast. In such circumstances, the value of the relationship begins to decay and if one of the couples in your friend circle is going through something of this sort we suggest you get them this book. It has the perfect conversation starters for every couple and will have them talking late into the night just like they did when they were teenagers.

8. His & Hers Matching Set Titanium Stainless Steel Couple Pendant Necklace Korean Love Style in a Gift Box : This set of pendant necklaces have been inspired by Korean art and have been made so that the couple you want to gift are reminded of how they are meant to be two bodies carrying the same soul. They will surely be thrilled with this and will be in awe of your gift picking!

9. Pizza Serving Set – Wood Cutting Board, 9pc Utensils and 212 Recipe eBook: We all have that one couple who are the best cooks around and host the Sunday brunch no matter what happens. Well if they happen to love Pizzas and you owe them a gift, then we have found a match made in heaven for you. This Pizza serving set with 9 pc utensils and a wooden cutting board is sure to make the whole pizza brunch a load more fun. On top of that they’ve thrown in a 212 page eBook so that they can explore recipes they may not have explored before.

10. Funny Dice Game Toy- Bachelor Party: The best gift for any couple is undoubtedly one which increases intimacy and also happens to be fun. And we are yet to find a better combination of those two things than found in this particular gift. All there is to it is 2 dice with various words printed on them, one dice with actions and the other dice with body parts. This is so much fun that you might want to buy one set for yourself if you happen to be in a couple!

11. Willow Tree Promise: The Willow Tree series of figurines is now a gifting favourite around the country and what makes it so special is that no two pieces are ever created the same because all the pieces are produced in the studio of artist Susan Lordi and she leaves her personal touch on each. This figurine will surely make the couple you are gifting think of you in warm tones. These are meant to speak to their mind and soul in quiet ways to comfort and reassure.

12.Mr Mrs Pillowcases: The bedroom décor of a couple says a lot about who they are as people. If you know a super cute couple and are looking for the perfect gift for them then we may have the perfect gift for you. This set of pillowcases with ‘Mr’ and ‘Mrs’ printed on them will fit right into their bedroom as if it was always there.


13. Mr Mrs Towels Egyptian Cotton Oversized: The very nature of showers is relaxing and warm, so it is no surprise that towels are luxury items. Now you can add a dash of dun to the set of towels your favourite couple owns by getting them this beautiful set of towels made of Egyptian Cotton for a super smooth and comfortable feel. What’s more, they come printed with ‘Mr’ and ‘Mrs’ so that the only confusion between the sizes can be when one is deliberately replaced with the other. We are sure they will have a lot of fun with these around them.

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