11 Lovely Gift Ideas for 11 Year Old Girls

Is your 11 year old niece’s birthday around the corner and you’re racking your brains about what to get her? Today we solve that conundrum for you! Here are a few cute and meaningful presents for that charming little girl you love so much.


1. Password Journal by Mattel:

Gift ideas for 11 year old girls
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A password journal is the perfect gift for a girl stepping into her teenage years. This one provides extra security, with voice unlocking so that only the little one can open it. It can even store customized messages for greetings, so that the diary speaks to her when she opens it. The journal will allow her to write down her innermost thoughts and unleash her creativity. This gift will surely make you her favourite for years to come!


2. My first Lab Duo-Scope Microscope:

gifts for 11 year old girls

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The MFL Duo-Scope is a toy made for those little girls with an inquisitive bent of mind. It has amazing levels of magnification, up to 400x.It is an authentic, fully functional toy and can be used to view anything from tissue samples to leaves. It is very portable, featuring a frame built for impact resistance and it is powered by AA batteries. It is sure to light her face up, just don’t forget to get the batteries!


3. Richie House Big Girls’ Sweet Summer Chiffon Sundress

Dresses For 11 Year Old Girls
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This cute little thing comes in a red colour with a cream highlight along the side. It is perfect for a day at the park or even for her first ever fashion show at school! Light, breezy and easy on the eye, it will surely get her a lot of compliments. It is perfect for the child even through her early teen years, as the dress is not childish, but sober and pretty.



4. Fantasy Vanity Make Up Kit:

Gift ideas for 11 year old girls

Is she the one always playing with make up? This might as well be custom made for her! Give the little beauty a kid-sized dose of glamour with this surprise. This package contains a shatterproof mirror, compartments for beauty supplies and an accessory set made up of a hand mirror, brush and comb. This is a fully functional gift with an element of the dreamy, sure to get you loads of smiles. Read More >>



5. Theo Klein Mega Braun Hairstyling Set

Gifts For 11 Year Old Girls

The youngster you’re gifting will have found herself engrossed in fashion magazines at some point of time. Allow her to make her own style statements with this hairstyling set. The set comes with a Braun satin hair brush, Braun Satin hairdryer, and hair straightener along with a comb, a spray bottle and 4 hair clips. It is sure to get you a grin when you catch her trying the latest hairdo straight from the pages of Elle . Read More >>


6. Schoenut 30-Key Fancy Baby Grand Piano with Bench

Gifts For 11 Year Old Girls - 6

If your little girl is a budding musician, this is the gift for her. A baby grand piano to help her make the step up to a larger piece later on. This piano from Schoenut is beautifully carved in an elegant manner. It operates just like any other piano with two and a half octaves and 30 keys ensuring the basics foundations are set up correctly. It is accompanied by Schoenut’s learning system, which allows for a play by color assortment of songs making for a simple yet learning experience. A detachable color-coordinated strip which sits behind the keys to show the ropes to your little girl. Read More >>


7. Bubbleicious Balance Bike

Gifts For 11 Year Old Girls

A sassy yet classy bike for your precious pre-teen! This is a bike with no pedals, since it is only to help kids learn balance. It is a clean and green build. The bike features an adjustable five position seat and also pneumatic tires along with spoke-less wheel discs for additional safety. It comes with bubbleicious pink colour with comfortable rubber grips and a leatherette seat. It poses a smart design that children will fall in love with. A gift couldn’t get better than this. Read More >>



8. Wooden Ruler Growth Chart by Growth Chart Art

If artistic and functional is a combination you are looking to crack with your gift, it might not get better than this. A growth chart with a modern look and feel, made with Baltic birch plywood to last a generation and more, this is easy to write on. It is handcrafted in the USA and what’s more, a portion of your purchase goes to organizations which support children at times such as the loss of a parent. It is printed in UV cured ink and comes with full instructions on how to mount it. This is something that little girl will proudly write on till she’s much past 11. A keeper, this one! Read More >>


9. Sponge Bob Square Pants Bag

Gifts For 11 Year Old Girls

A small, cute bag for your cute little girl! This bag is yellow with a string closure instead of the usual chain closure, giving it a nice zingy look. It has a cartoon printed on it, and cartoons being as popular among 11 year olds as they are it makes for a good choice as a birthday present or even Christmas. Sponge Bob on the back of this one is just waiting to get into your child’s hands. Read More >>


10. Kidcraft Princess Dress Up Unit

Gifts For 11 Year Old Girls

A Dress Up Unit is something every girl dreams of owning as a teen. The Princess Dress Up Unit from Kidcraft is snazzy and functional, with a 360 degree rotating frame. Gold details on the body and special crown hooks give it a special look. The mirror is safety glass and non-breakable so you need not worry. The other side features shelves for storage, which are a good addition because she is bound to try out a lot of clothes in front of this one. It comes with detailed assemble instructions for your convenience. Read More >>


11. Fashion Design Studio

With all the fashion designers out there, it gets difficult to choose. Why not let your precious little angel dream up her own looks? If she’s good at it, she’ll save you loads of money and maybe even open up a career path for herself. Either way the Fashion Design Studio is bound to become her new favourite toy in a few days. She can create her own fabulous designs that reflect her own ideas on fashion. It is safe for child usage as it has non-toxic components. There are lots of fibres for her to experiment with before she finds her look. You cannot go wrong with this one! Read More >>


So there it is, a definitive list of the best gifts on the market for your favourite little 11 year old. It is hard not to want to give her ALL of these at the same time! Gifting ideas for an 11 year old didn’t look quite so simple before did they? And if its her birthday, don’t forget the cake!

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