7 Really Funny Zoom Meeting T-Shirts To Buy

Funny Zoom T-Shirts and Funny Zoom Meeting Gifts

“Mute your microphone”, “Can you see my screen”, “Oh sorry. My mic was muted”, “I can’t hear you. Can you hear me?”, “I think you’re on mute”

For anyone who has attended online meetings either on Zoom or on other platforms, the above phrases should ring a bell and also most likely invoke feelings of humor and maybe even a chuckle.

With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic and associated lockdowns becoming the so-called new normal in many countries around the world, lots of schools, businesses and organizations have moved their classes, work ,meetings and conferences to online platforms where participants join in from their homes or from other remote locations via the internet.

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Incidentally, many of these platforms, most popular of which is Zoom, still have minor bugs and kinks in their system that make it a little bit challenging to synchronize the voice and video from the various participants.

As a result of some of these kinks in the technology, the phrases given at the beginning of this article have become a staple of many of these meetings as the participants try to find out if they can be seen or heard by others. It is therefore not uncommon to hear one or more of these phrases being repeated in such online meetings.

They have also provided ample fodder for numerous jokes and internet memes.

Going even a step further, creators and publishers have even begun to print these phrases onto merchandise like books, mugs and most especially t-shirts.

Many of such t-shirts are being utilized as a form of humor by online or Zoom meeting participants who “proudly” (or smugly) wear them and show them off to their colleagues and other remote participants during such meetings.

In today’s article, we humbly (and humorously) present 7 of the funniest zoom t-shirts on Amazon according to our members and in no particular order:

1. “Can You See My Screen” Funny Zoom Meeting T-Shirt for Teachers, Professors, Office Workers and Others

Amazon link: Click Here   (Various colors available)

Zoom Meeting T-Shirt Funny Zoom TShirt for teachers professors office students Amazon


2. “Unmute Yourself” Funny Zoom T Shirt

Amazon link: Click Here   (Various colors available)

Zoom Meeting T-Shirt Funny Zoom TShirt for teachers professors office students Amazon



3. “No Pants, Maybe” Funny Zoom Meeting TShirt

Amazon link: Click Here   (Various colors available)


4. “Mute Your Damn Microphone” Funny Zoom T Shirt

Amazon link: Click Here   (Various colors available)


5.”I Can’t Hear You” Funny Zoom Meeting T-Shirt

Amazon link: Click Here   (Various colors available)


6. “Oh Sorry, My Mic Was on Mute” Funny Zoom T Shirt (Nice Christmas Gift for Teachers)

Amazon link: Click Here   (Various colors available)


7. “Your Mic is on Mute” Funny Zoom Meeting TShirt

Amazon link: Click Here   (Various colors available)


These Gift Ideas Can Make for Awesome Gifts at Virtual Conferences, Christmas Gifts, Thanksgiving Gifts, Mothers Day Gifts, Fathers Day Gifts

These funny zoom t-shirts can serve as a great gift idea for virtual conference speakers and attendees as a souvenir or an appreciation gift. They are inexpensive and simple but very cool and can help to break the ice or lighten the mood.

The t-shirts can also serve as great gag gifts and gifts for: Professors, lecturers, teachers, students, Co-workers, colleagues, bosses, friends and family members who attend lots of zoom meetings or virtual meetings on zoom or other platforms and also people who telecommute, do remote work or work from home. The uses are endless.

The selection above is not the only use for these funny t-shirts. They can also be applied in the following cases:

As a zoom funny t shirt, as a zoom meeting t shirt, as a teach on zoom t shirt, as a funny professor zoom t shirt, as a teacher zoom t shirt, as funny zoom t shirts, as a zoom teacher shirt, as a zoom tshirt for teachers, as a zoom video t-shirt amongst many others.


A Great Gift Idea for All Seasons and Occasions

Giving a Funny Zoom meeting t-shirt as a gift works great irrespective of the season or occasion whether Christmas gifts for teachers, professors, thanksgiving gifts for parents, graduation, mother’s day, father’s day, Easter, Salah, Hanukkah,  job promotion, birthday, wedding etc It is a great gift idea for all occasions and even for people who have everything already.

Giving such Tshirts as a gift can show to the recipient that you have a sense of humor and are not all rigid and business like as they might imagine, especially in the case of superiors, bosses, teachers and professors. If you know of anyone who attends online meetings often, this could be the perfect fun gag gift for them.


But, What Exactly is Zoom?

Zoom is an online platform for video chat and video conferencing. It has a website and an app. With Zoom it is relatively easy to set up an online meeting which other people can join and participate in using either the Zoom web platform or mobile apps.

Zoom (and most web conferencing platforms) work like this generally: A person who intends to hold a meeting or video conference can generate a link or code or series of numbers that intending participants can visit or type in on the app or website to join the meeting.

The meeting may be a public one where anybody can join or a private one where only those with an access code or password can join. When people join, they are able to view the initiator’s screen and are also able to contribute via voice or video and also share their own screens depending on the permissions set by the meeting initiator.

There are a handful of other platforms that do almost all what Zoom does but at this time, Zoom happens to be the most popular of the lot by a wide stretch.


Why is Zoom So Popular?

Although Zoom is not the only virtual conferencing platform out there, it just happens to be the one that has taken off the most and become so popular despite the fact that heavyweights like Google, Apple and Microsoft all have similar video chat and conferencing platforms.

The rise of Zoom was also helped to a great extent by the lockdowns imposed around the world. Being confined indoors, many individuals, schools and organizations that depend on regular meetings had no choice but to rely heavily upon remote and virtual solutions.

At the beginning of the lockdown, Zoom had a head start compared to most others due to the capacity and number of participants it could handle. In addition, Zoom had a generous free tier for virtual meetings with multiple participants and this made it a default choice for many people and organizations.

By the time Google and other competitors realized what was happening , Zoom had already (quite literally) zoomed off leaving them in the dust and perpetually trying to play catch up even as Zoom’s membership, usage and revenue grew exponentially.

Another factor that has helped the rise of Zoom and other video conferencing platforms is the vast technological improvements being experienced in internet data speeds and lower bandwidth costs as compared to a decade ago when the technology was still in its infancy.

These technological improvements are set to keep improving with the coming of 4G and 5G based infrastructure and concepts. This means that online meetings will only likely keep being used more and more frequently as a substitute for physical meetings and face to face classes.


Some Other Possible Use Cases for these Funny Zoom TShirts

For Breaking the Ice and Lightening the Mood

Every zoom meeting can do with a little bit of humur to help relieve the tension from discussing serious issues for minutes on-end. These funny t-shirts are just perfect as a topic of conversion for that occasional fun break. They are also great as a topic to use at the start of a meeting to break the ice, warm up the audience, put everyone at ease and get the conversation going.


To Impress Colleagues and Co-attendees or as a Gift or Gift Idea

Wearing such crazy funny t-shirts can also make you look kinda cool amongst co-attendees who may be colleagues, fellow students or conference attendees. Irrespective of your role in the meeting, sporting one of these t-shirts with a slogan appropriate for the setting is a powerful way of making yourself look like the funny, crazy one in the group (even if you are not, LOL). It almost makes for a cool gift for co-worker.


As a Zoom Meeting T shirt

Wearing anyone of these as your goto zoom meeting t-shirt can be a nice way to carve out a kind of identity for yourself especially if you are not averse to splurging on some cash just to get the perfect zoom meeting look.. Since they come in so many different colors (up to 10 different colors each), there are numerous ways that they can be worn from meeting to meeting without having to repeat too much.

In fact if money is not an issue for you, you may decide to go for all the colors and all the phrases available. Doing this provide you with more than eighty unique options – unique combinations of color and phrase, that is. For example, you may have same color shirts but the phrases on them would all be different i.e. there will not be any two shirts having the exact same color and phrase. Having such a crazy collection would ensure that you have a large variety of t-shirts to use as your official zoom meeting tshirt.


As a Zoom Funny T shirt

As highlighted previously, these Zoom funny t shirts have a humorous side to them and are capable of eliciting laughs from other meeting attendees whenever they are worn. If you happen to be in need of something funny that is almost guaranteed to make people laugh or at least notice or comment then you should very much consider getting a zoom funny t shirt like the ones pictured near the start of this article (scroll up).

An occasional joke or gag at the start of a meeting or during breaks is a powerful way to help release stress and tension during a meeting. It can help to improve the focus of attendees who may be zoning off due to extended minutes of concentrated brain work. If you do not consider yourself a funny person or you find it difficult to crack jokes or make fun, having one of these t-shirts can be an easy way to slide into a jocular mood.


As a Teach on Zoom T shirt (or as a Zoom Teacher Shirt)

A funny teach on zoom t shirt is especially beneficial for teachers who have found themselves having to teach remotely during the lockdown. Many of these teachers who, hitherto, conducted classes in the physical face-to-face arrangement are now having no choice but to teach on Zoom via remote online meetings.  These virtual classes come with their own headaches and idiosyncrasies bringing with them a need to learn new technologies and soft skills relating to online meetings.

One of these skills is how to keep learners attentive and motivated in an online meeting where it is not very easy to gauge the engagement of the students during a class or lecture. However, putting on a funny zoom t shirt or gifting one out to your students as a prize for winning something during the lecture can be a great way to improve engagement and participant’s understanding of concepts being discussed.

Having an item as part of the course activities helps to disrupt the unending flow of lecturing and brainwork which would quickly become boring if there was no way to shift the students focus and attention occasionally during the online class. Such a funny online class tshirt is one hidden trick that many teachers are deploying these days.

Depending on the phrase on the shirt, you can use them either from the point of view of the teacher (e.g “Can you see my screen?” “Mute your Damn Microphone” and others) or from the point of view of the student. Whichever side of the divide you fall on, you can find a t shirt with an appropriate phrase among the ones listed towards the beginning and at the final section of this article.


As a Funny Professor Zoom T shirt (Funny Zoom TShirts that is)

Funny zoom video t shirts can also serve professors too. Many professors teaching on zoom are generally imagined by their students to be rigid and boring but with such a shirt, you can prove to your students that you can be funny too. On the flip side, students will find that a funny professor zoom shirt can be a great gift for their professors irrespective of the occasion whether birthdays, Christmas, thanksgiving, school term or semester opening/closing. Such a gift is sure to be appreciated and can even help to smoothen the flow and interaction between professors and their students.

Indeed many students who were polled seem to prefer their teachers and professors to at least show a little humorous side so that it is not always learn learn learn, book book book, class class class. They suggest that there should at least be an occasional break for some light hearted banter and such funny t-shirts are the ideal tool to elicit such banter. They were quick to point out though that it did not necessarily have to be all the time and in every meeting but an occasional surprise wouldn’t be a bad idea to spice up the lecture.


Searches Have Increased for Teacher zoom t shirt and Zoom t shirt for Teachers

The large number of online searches for terms relating to zoom shirt for teachers has shown that crazy and funny Zoom meeting t-shirts can significantly improve the quality of online classes and online meetings by providing a topic for a light hearted break or as a way to break the ice and put students at ease at the beginning of the virtual class.

The number of searches for these terms especially in relation to teachers and teaching only goes to show how much of a genius idea it is for a teacher to put on a tshirt bearing a funny phrase that is so apt to the peculiarities of the medium through which the class is being held. Before the widespread use of zoom and other virtual online meeting platforms, such phrases were either non-existent in the searches or were hardly ever searched for. The main reason being that during those times, classes were mostly done physically with the world only very slowly adopting virtual classes alongside.

But with the ramped up usage of online meetings and online classes during the lockdowns, video meetings usually via zoom meetings became the new normal. During this period, a large percentage of the working developed world and educational world switched to full remote mode and millions of hours of Zoom meetings were logged. Other related platforms too were also not left out as platforms such as Microsoft Teams, Skype (also owned by Microsoft), Google Hangouts, GoToMeeting, Join.me and Cisco’s WebEx saw a surge in usage, membership and profits. Indeed it was a boom period for online meeting platforms as they saw their earnings and stock prices rise while most other companies reported dwindling revenues with many even going bankrupt.

Now post-lockdown, many institutions and organizations have retained the use of online classes and virtual meetings to a great degree even though office work has officially begun. This is reflected in the search trends by the fact that even though searches relating to Zoom teacher shirts have reduced a little, it is still far higher than it was before the lockdowns.


As a Zoom Video T-shirt

Although this one is last on our list, it doesn’t make it the least and definitely not the last example of use cases for funny zoom t shirts. Zoom videos are not always formal meetings or formal classes. Friends can also get together via zoom video to just have fun and goof around. This is where a funny zoom video t-shirt can prove invaluable because it can help you to elicit some laughs and it also makes you look cool and funny.

Zoom video t-shirts generally bear various phrases identical or similar to the ones given at the beginning of this article: phrases such as “Unmute Yourself” or “Can you see my screen?” etc .These phrases, as mentioned before, have more or less become a staple of many a zoom meeting therefore making them a convenient subject for jokes and memes.

Wearing a funny zoom video t shirt for an online meeting or gifting such a tshirt to a friend, colleague or co-worker is the in-thing these days and is likely to remain so for the foreseeable future. At least until such issues and kinks in the technology have been fixed, zoom meeting shirts are going to continue being “a thing” therefore the time is right for you to get on the band wagon before the joke becomes a stale one. Prove to your friends that you are funny, crazy and cool by wearing or gifting any of the ones that we have selected. After the list we will also include a link to more funny zoom tshirts.


Here, again are our top picks for Funny Zoom TShirts that we found on Amazon for use as Zoom meeting Tshirts, they also work well as gift items such as:

Cool gift for girlfriend, cool gifts for boyfriend, gifts for mother, gift for father, fathers day gift ideas, mothers day gift ideas, funny christmas gift for co workers, gifts for people who have everything and so much more.


1. “Can You See My Screen” Funny Zoom Meeting T-Shirt for Teachers, Professors, Office Workers and Others

Amazon link: Click Here (Various colors available)

Zoom Meeting T-Shirt Funny Zoom TShirt for teachers professors office students Amazon


2. “Unmute Yourself” Funny Zoom T Shirt

Amazon link: Click Here (Various colors available)

Zoom Meeting T-Shirt Funny Zoom TShirt for teachers professors office students Amazon



3. “No Pants, Maybe” Funny Zoom Meeting TShirt

Amazon link: Click Here (Various colors available)


4. “Mute Your Damn Microphone” Funny Zoom T Shirt

Amazon link: Click Here (Various colors available)


5.”I Can’t Hear You” Funny Zoom Meeting T-Shirt

Amazon link: Click Here (Various colors available)


6. “Oh Sorry, My Mic Was on Mute” Funny Zoom T Shirt

Amazon link: Click Here (Various colors available)


7. “Your Mic is on Mute” Funny Zoom Meeting TShirt

Amazon link: Click Here (Various colors available)


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