How I Cured My Erectile Dysfunction Naturally With No Side Effects

Hello friend,

My name is Samuel Ulani and I LOVE having s*x.

This article is about how I was able to cure my weak erection and erectile dysfunction impotence problem using a natural solution without using drugs and without any side effects. This article is about an erectile dysfunction solution in Nigeria and worldwide that works. It involves herbs/vegetables, a fruit and a very simple routine.



Ever since I turned 21 up till I was 29 I have always had strong erections and was always proud of my sexual abilities.

But when I turned 30 years something happened. I started to notice that my erections were getting weaker and they did not last as long as before.

I thought it was only a temporary thing but the erection kept getting weaker and weaker.

Until one day when I was about to make love to a beautiful girl I had been wooing for months.

My manhood refused to rise. I asked her to romance me and dance for me and suck me yet nothing.

My penis just would not respond and go hard.

At the end of the day she had to give up disappointed and I was so embarrassed I just wanted the ground to swallow me up.

Another day I begged her to come again and after much romancing and foreplay, it was time for the real action but my manhood refused to rise again.

No matter what we tried that day my manhood would only rise a little and go limp again.

That was when I knew I had a serious problem.

From that moment I became scared of dating girls and withdrew into my shell.

I lost all confidence in myself as a man and gradually started going into depression.

This lasted for a few years and I had no idea what to do. During this time I tried to have sex a few times but my organ failed me. My erections were very weak and lasted only few seconds before going limp again.

After some time I totally stopped going after girls and instead turned to watching porn. I never knew that I was only making things worse for myself by doing this.

All the time I was experiencing these things, little did I know that this was a common problem for many men above the age of thirty.

Also little did I know that there was a solution that could cure it completely.



Until one day when I met this beautiful woman who I am right now planning to make my wife because she is nothing short of an angel. She is a nurse and she told me that there are various ways that it can be cured. She was very patient with me in trying to work things out.

She told me of medications that I can take and urged me to do some further research at pharmacies, libraries and also online. She also helped me inquire from her colleagues and some doctors too.I got to find out that the scientific name for this weak erection problem is erectile dysfunction.

Now encouraged by the possibility of a solution to this weak erection problem, I started asking questions and researching online. I saw many different solutions and remedies and I took my time to try out most of them. My dear angel was very understanding and worked with me to test out the effectiveness of all the different solutions.

After trying various things for one year, I was able to determine the ones that are most effective and then I developed a system and put it to practice.

Lo and Behold, Within just a few weeks of following this system, I started having stronger erections and as the weeks went by, they grew stronger and stronger.

Eventually after about 4 months my rock hard erections were back and stronger than ever.

After a while, I stopped using the system yet my erections remained strong.

It has now been three years and my erections are still rock hard and strong as ever, and my fiancée is so happy because she loves sex too and I am now able to give it to her long and hard.



So what is this system all about? Well it involves two common vegetables and a very simple exercise that you can do even while lying down.

It is not just the vegetables and exercise that do the work. The main thing is how you take them and how many of the exercises you do and when you do them.

This is a simple home remedy for weak erection that can keep a man hard. Something that anyone can easily do as long as you do it right. The herbs/vegetables are not difficult to obtain and prepare too no matter where you are in the world.

One Warning: Buying and Taking medicines and supplements alone like vimax, 4t plus, bluze and others cannot cure your erectile dysfunction. It can give you a temporary cure but if you want a permanent and safe cure without any side-effects then you should use my system.



Since I shared my testimony on the radio, a lot of people have been asking me to explain to them exactly what I did that I was able to cure my erectile dysfunction problem.

At first I kept explaining it over and over to them verbally because there are many things to note in order to get it right. Some got it right and cured theirs while some got confused along the way.

To make sure everyone got the right information, I decided to partner with one publishing company in Nigeria called NG44 and I wrote an ebook detailing everything that you need to do to cure your weak erection problem according to the way I cured mine. I called this book the E.R.D e-Book, short for Erectile Dysfunction e-Book.

For those of you that don’t know what an ebook is, it is a digital book that you can download and read on your phone or computer



The main content of the 67-page ebook is on how to cure erectile dysfunction within 3 to 6 months using the same system which I used to cure mine. The book contains:

  • An instant temporary remedy that will give you strong erections within the next 24 hours (using a safe and powerful medicine)
  • The exact steps I took and things I did that permanently cured my weak erection within four months without any drugs.
  • How to use one common fruit and one common vegetable that can boost your weak erection and cure erectile dysfunction
  • Where to get this fruit and vegetable and how to use them to treat and cure erectile dysfunction
  • A simple exercise that you are to do daily. This exercise is so simple that you don’t need energy and you can even do it standing, sitting or lying down without anyone noticing what you are doing. You can do it anytime and anywhere.
  • Details on how to combine the fruit, vegetable and exercise using my system
  • Bonus section on How to Last Longer in Bed and cure Premature Ejaculation
  • Additional information on the causes of weak erection and premature ejaculation
  • General advice on other things to do to prevent erectile dysfunction and improve your sexual and reproductive health



You can get this ebook online by paying into my publisher NG44 Consulting’s account through credit, debit or ATM card online or internet/mobile transfer or bank deposit and the ebook download link will be given to you.

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Here are testimonies from some people who have used this ebook and have been cured:

I have bought many ebooks on curing weak erection and tried so many different remedies both drugs, creams, yoga and so on but none of them solved the problem completely. Some will work for some days but when you stop taking the drugs it goes back to square one so you have to keep buying these expensive drugs. But when I bought your ebook, I stopped every other thing and focused on your system and I am excited to say that after 4 months of doing exactly what you said, I no longer have this problem and I no longer need any drugs. My wife is so happy with me right now – Dennis K. Imigho, 44 yrs, Sapele

Wow I am so happy and forever grateful to you for writing this ebook because you have saved many marriages including mine. This weak erection and premature ejaculation has caused so many problems for me and my wife who is still quite young and sexually active. I was desperately searching for a solution online one day when I came across your book and I bought it. Something just told me that this is the ebook for me and now six months after, my erectile dysfunction has been totally cured and your tips on lasting longer in bed has helped me to deal with my premature ejaculation problem – Clarus Nwakpa, 60 yrs, Port Harcourt, Nigeria

I was very very skeptical before buying this book because of so many scams going on the internet but after doing some research on the company, I decided to go ahead and give it a trial. I am now your happiest customer because to my surprise I started noticing improvements after just two weeks of following the things that you explained. And now after almost two months my strong erections are back fully. – Charles Oretue, 45 yrs, Lagos, Nigeria

I have been married for two years and I have had this problem even before marriage but I was just using drugs to cover. It was beginning to cause some slight problems for me and my wife because she got to find out that I was using drugs and she asked me to stop or that she will stop having sex with me. A relative of mine who I confided in told me about your book and your system and that it was what he used to cure his own when he had similar problem. So I bought the book and followed the steps. I was surprised how easy it worked and now I have my strong rock solid erections back to me and I am giving it hotly to my wife for what she did to me before. And she lovesssss it so much now that she knows I no longer need the drugs. – Abel Mamus Erhaka, 32 yrs, Lagos, Nigeria

I have two girlfriends and they both enjoy sex a lot. For a long time I was easily able to satisfy them but suddenly I started experiencing weak erection and premature ejaculation. I needed to do something about it very fast and your suggestion on how to get back instant erections temporarily while I work on a more permanent cure is what came to my rescue because immediately I did what you suggested, I was able to get the erection back within 24 hours of buying your book. Even though it is temporary, I am now following your system for the permanent cure so while I am waiting for that to take effect, I am using the faster temporary cure at the moment and now able to continue enjoying myself and satisfying my girls. – Egbert Osuji, 39 yrs, Onitsha, Nigeria

I bought this book for my husband because I noticed that his erection was growing weaker and it was really affecting him emotionally and almost starting to put a strain on our relationship because he could no longer satisfy me unless he used the drugs or medicine like vimax and co which also had some side effects and were also quite expensive. I wanted a strong dick but I was also afraid of the side effects of the drugs he was taking so I asked some of my friends and one of them recommended your book and I bought it. We printed it out and studied it together and tried out everything in your system and we started to see immediate improvements less than a month. We were on it for 4 or 5 months and gradually, he started having the stronger erections without the need to use any drugs. Now even small touch his manhood becomes hard like a rock and I now enjoy him so much better because he also learnt how to last longer in bed from the bonus section of the ebook. In short you saved our marriage and brought back happiness into our lives and I thank you so much. This book is worth hundred times more than you are charging for it – Iniobong Ette Harry, 37 yrs, Calabar, Nigeria

I am 50 years old and as a muslim I have three wives and satisfying all of them is not easy wallahi. As I was growing older I noticed my organ doesn’t get very hard as it used to be so I started using burantashi chewing stick which is a local herbal medicine but I always experienced pains on my manhood after using it so one day when browsing on my facebook I saw your book so I bought it and started following your method. When I saw that it was working I stopped using the burantashi and continued patiently with your system. I can say by the 6th month everything was back to normal. Its more than a year now and I no longer need any herbs again because my erections are now always big and hard which makes my wives very pleased and excited anytime it’s their turn and we are all living happily together as one big family in fear and worship of Allah because I know that it was His will for you to write this book to help the people experiencing these problems of weak erection. Thank you – Abdullahi Abubakar, 50 yrs, Kaduna


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