OXFORD Investment Done-For-You (DFY) Service from NG44

The easiest way to invest in Oxford International Group is to register through an Agent or Affiliate so that you can get the needed assistance and support during and after you invest.

We (NG44 Consulting Ltd) are affiliates of Oxford Group and we can help you process your investment using our Done For You (DFY) service offering.

In Oxford Group the lowest amount you can invest is N100,000 and above.

To help you process your investment, we charge an extra N1,000 (One Thousand Naira) as our own consultancy fee to help you handle everything.


Oxford Group Packages

The available packages we can help you invest in Oxford Group are:

  1. Agrovest I (Farm): You earn 20% profit in 8 months
  2. Agrovest II (Farm): You earn 35% profit in 12 months
  3. Agrovest III (Farm): You earn 41% profit in 14 months
  4. BuildVest (Real Estate): You earn 35% profit in 12 months
  5. MortgageVest (Real Estate): You earn 48% profit in 16 months
  6. BuildVest Plus (Real Estate): (you earn 72% profit in 24 months

UPFRONT PAYMENT OF PROFIT: The stated profit is paid upfront if you invest One Million Naira and above. That is, you get paid the profit as soon as you invest while the original capital is paid back after the duration of the investment.

NOTE: Please do not contact us with questions on whether the investment is genuine or not. Go and do your own research and if you decide to invest you can then contact us to help you process it. To learn more about Oxford investment kindly click here to read this detailed review.


How to Invest in Oxford Through NG44

To invest through us, first pay our N1,000 service fee to our account and then send us your sender’s/depositor’s name, phone number and screenshot or other proof of payment via whatsapp through the following link => Send Payment Details (Whatsapp Chat) (whatsapp chat only please, no calls. For sending your payment details only)

Or you can send us a mail with the details at [email protected] with subject “Oxford DFY Service Fee”

Our account is:

Bank Name: GTBank
Account Number: 0131879479
Account Name: NG44 Consulting
Account Type: Current

After payment, contact us with your payment details on whatsapp by clicking the following link (whatsapp chat only please, no calls. For sending your payment details only) => Send Payment Details (Whatsapp Chat)

If you wish to speak with someone you can contact our support desk between the hours of 9AM to 5PM Mondays to Fridays using the number or email given here => https://ng44.com/contact

Once again, please don’t call us with questions on how genuine the Oxford investment is. Do your research and make up your mind and if you decide to invest, get your money ready then contact us. To learn more about Oxford Group investments, click here


What Next?

After confirming your payment, we will send you further information and the Oxford investment form to fill and also the Oxford official account where you are to pay your investment money to. We will also provide you with all the other information that you need and also add you to the Telegram Support Group in case you have questions or need assistance after investing.

Terms and Conditions: By using our DFY service, you understand that your investment funds will be paid by you directly to the Oxford Company and not to (or through) us (NG44 Consulting). All payments are NON-REFUNDABLE. You also agree that you will not hold us (NG44) liable for any risk on your funds and that all liability, obligations and contracts regarding the investment are between you and the Oxford International Group of Companies. We (NG44) only act as intermediaries to help you facilitate your investment and we are not staff, shareholders or owners of the Oxford company. By using our service, you agree not to hold us responsible or accountable for any risk on your funds.

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