NG44 Corporate Social Responsibility

Here at NG44, we take our Social Responsibility very seriously. We love taking care of our fellow man and giving back to the community that made us. We also love giving thanks and praise to Jehovah Yahweh the Almighty God for giving us the ability to help others.

Our CSR Vision
To Empower Nigerians and non-Nigerians with the ability to create wealth and become financially free

Our CSR Mission
To create free and cheap/affordable platforms and resources for wealth creation, self help, empowerment and financial freedom.

At this time, there are six resources available. Three are free while the other three are cheap. We will keep updating this page as new stuff is made available so check back here often

Free Stuff

Cheap Stuff

Remember We will keep updating this page as new stuff is made available so check regularly and Enjoy!

Support Us

If you like what we are doing you can support our work by donating to us. Nothing is too small.

43 Comments on “NG44 Corporate Social Responsibility

  1. you guys are doing a great job in equipping our youths especially graduate to be self employed something their degree couldnt afford them.May God continue to prosper you guys.
    please can i partner with your company,expect your reply.

    • Thank you for your appreciation. And thank God for His inspiration. Regarding partnership, pease email a formal request to us

    • Its good people great nation for life. Try to be a great nigerian too. If we all try in our own small way we can make the country a better place instead of waiting for our leaders.

  2. i really appreciate the time you took for the seven days lesson, its so fantastic. thanks for really opening up some secrets that others may not be ready ,to give away. you’re such a good person. may the good God continue to inspire and help you.

  3. I am facinated with your 7 days free online business lectures. It is interesting,and hope buiding for some of us as retiree. I shall meet u soon since am also based in Benin. God bless u.

  4. thank you ng44 for ur ability to detect this business. the first lesson was very meaningfull, i want to start my own

  5. I am presently undergoing your 7-day free training tuition and I find the content of your training manuals to be useful and educating. Kindly keep the good work up.

    M.O. Falola

  6. I hv registered when do i start receiving lectures because after reading through your posts i come to find this interesting keep it up sir.

  7. Sir, i really really commend on your good works.only the most high rewards a cheerful and a generous heart like you. But am a real computer novice. If this works for a poor orphan like me, i will forever be indepted to you and pray for you without ceasing.

  8. thanks.. have seen d reply on my mail sir..but are we going 2 b train by reading d ebook and practicing it or..?tanks

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