12 Cool Gifts For Guys

You can never really know what the cool guy in your social circle wants. Sometimes some things are hip, while other times the same things are thrown out of the window. It can be hard to find a gift he’ll like and cherish for years to come. We have solved all those problems for you, don’t sweat. We have searched every nook and cranny of the web to come up with the very best and most varied gift ideas for the cool guy community.

Whether he is your brother, boyfriend, colleague , classmate, teacher or dad- whether they have everything, tech geeks, teenagers, under or above 20 or 30 or even weird, crazy or funny, we have something for you to give them. Whether for birthdays, at Christmas, anniversaries, valentine’s dat etc, the occasion doesn’t matter, so choose whatever you want from the list below, its guaranteed to be great!


1. World’s Okayest Brother T shirt:

The relationship between siblings is not easy to explain. Sometimes it’s good, other times it’s bad. Your brother might save you from goons out in the street but he will kick you out of the room when he wants to watch a football game instead of your movies. If he’s a cool guy, he won’t like a gift which seems too emotional or clingy but will appreciate the gift which seems to have the least thought behind it and yet allows him to continue with his cool guy image. This t-shirt is the perfect solution to it all. Its pre shrunk and comfy. Read More…

2. Expert Advice T shirt:

All of those self styled cool people out there have something in common, they consider themselves to be experts on one subject or another. You just have to listen to them when you’re doing something concerning their domain of knowledge. This t-shirt offers a great opportunity to poke fun at him while still getting him something. The print says “Of course I talk to myself sometimes I need expert advice”. It is a professionally printed design and is 100% pre shrunk. It provides a great gift and thus makes for an ideal gift for the cool guy who never stops talking about his expertise on taht one subject no one cares about.

3. V for Vendetta Mask: V for Vendetta is widely considered as one of the greatest works in the movie industry. It makes movie critics foam at the mouth and makes movie buffs go gaga about the ideas and principles espoused in the movie. If you know one of those people who loves to show off his movie knowledge, this might be made for him. Guy Fawkes makes for an iconic character and this makes for an iconic gift. The hat and wig that go with the mask are sold separately and can be added together if you want, we however suggest that all that might prove too much for the a fanatic mind.

4. Metal Earth 3D Metal Model – Avro Lancaster Bomber Plane: The metal Avro Lancaster bomber model from Metal Earth is an absolute beauty. Anybody familiar with the history of this aircraft will be in awe of the achievements racked up by the original. For the World War fan boy, it can’t get any better than this. The best part about this is the wonder it will produce. Every model starts its journey towards being a work of art from a very surprising form factor-as a 4 inch square steel plate. He can boast about having made the Lancaster Bomber with his own hands from now on! The best part is it needs no irritating glue or a technical know how of soldering to make this.

5. Mini White Guitar LED Light Refillable Cigar Cigarette Lighter: The smokers in the crowd will be awestruck at this one. We know rock and roll is the vehicle to stardom for many young wannabe’s. Its the ultimate symbol of cool. The other thing it includes is fire. Fire has always been an inspiring and frightful element. Combining these two will obviously bring about the greatest anything of all time- the White Guitar Refillable Cigar Lighter. This 7 inch beauty has been made to delight, and is a perfect instrument for the cool guy you know to show off.

6. Call of Duty: Ghosts – Xbox 360: Call of Duty : The CoD franchise has been a stalwart of the gaming community for years. It is not even considered as nerdy to have played the game now, such are its levels of penetration into the general consciousness. This instalment in the franchise brings with it graphics which are better than ever before along with an awesome story line which will resonate with you like the legends from real life. The game has a next generation rendering engine which makes it smooth and allows for 60 fps fluidity across all the platforms it supports. Any guy, would love this game. The cool ones even more so.

7. Never Trust an Atom They Make Up Everything T-Shirt: The best adages are true adages, and we could not find a better example than this one. The shirt is 100% cotton and has double needle finishing along the collar and sleeves which makes for a better and lasting piece. It is treated with a special treatment process which allows the colour to last for longer and doesn’t distort the fabric. With the popularity of sci-fi related things in recent years, we predict that this is going to be an absolute hit with the cool crowd.

8. FunKo Star Wars: Yoda Computer Sitter Toy Figure: Yoda is the smart, little green bloke from the Tv series that your brother and boyfriend loved so much. He is the wise guy with dialogues which need a big book of philosophy to even comprehend. It is quite understandable then that he is a favourite among the cool guys. This figure is made to sit securely on top of his desktop or laptop screen and is one of the most understated gifts on this list. You might be wondering what the big deal is. We shall tell you: That is Yoda. Sitting on top of his screen and watching over him. That makes all the difference in the world. You’ll be left puzzled by the reception you receive every time you meet him after this.

9. Pokémon Y:The Pokemon series is another favourite with males of differing ages around the world. However the gaming community adores the series more because of the varied experiences its games offer. All the Pokemon characters you have loved will come alive with the 3D graphics and intense showdowns. It can be dismissed for a run of the mill gift choice but the history behind the previous editions of this game will make the cool nerds sit up and appreciate you for your efforts in this. We recommend you let them sit down first in case they faint on seeing it.

10. Compass Cufflinks -Real Working Compass Cufflinks W/Gift Box: The well dressed gentleman is always well liked and cuff links are an essential component of their armoury when their chosen battleground is a formal arena. The cufflinks which are unique stand out especially, and these cufflinks are bound to make you stand out. They are real, functioning compasses which will take the gaze away from you somewhat but is a very effective conversation starter. You cannot go wrong with this one.

11.BMC Stylish 3pc Mixed Pattern Mens Fashion Knitted Neck Tie Accessory Set: A man’s wardrobe is never complete without a tie. However, a few among us choose to take the tie to the nec=xt level by including it in any ensemble possible. For these people, a tie isn’t enough-they need an army of ties. If you subscribe to the same school of thought as him , you can help him build a diverse army of ties to go with every imaginable genre of clothing. This set of 3 ties has all sorts of styles varying from the guy next door look to a business look perfect for Wall Street. You have got to get them this!

12. . Watch Display Box:The routine coming of age gift is a watch. With all the coming of age accrued in his life, the guy you want to gift might have run up quite a tab of watches. Classy men always go for a good watch. Its imperative that they have a proper place for all his precious time pieces. The box comes in a regal black and has a glass top while its other surfaces are covered by top notch PU leather, all of this rests on a solid wooden frame. It has enough space for 12 beautiful watches, and it will fit securely into his wardrobe and is sized perfectly for a compartment in an almirah. It will hold his collection safe for years to come, and you will be remembered.

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