CHY Mall: Make Money Every Day Online (15% Profit Every Month) Without Doing Anything

UPDATE: Due to recent changes made by the CHY MALL company to their platform, we are no longer confident in recommending CHY MALL because the platform no longer seems as stable as it was in 2020. We have therefore decided to suspend our registration services for now. We also advice you not to join because the platform looks like it may not last long though they are still paying new members now but there is no way to tell how long this will continue. Same goes for other similar “New-Retail” platforms like this. If you still go ahead to join, do so at your own risk. This article was written when the platform was still very good. Some of the information is no longer accurate.


Why Join CHY Mall?


CHY Mall is currently the best and fastest paying MLM network marketing platform in Nigeria right now.

In CHY Mall You Can Make Money Every Day (15% Profit Every Month) Online Without Doing Anything. No Referring and No Selling.

  • In CHY Mall, You earn every 10 to 12 days without referring or selling products
  • You can make up to 15% of your money every month
  • You make double the amount you used to join within 9 months
  • if you leave your money in the bank, it would take nearly a whole year to generate what that same amount of money would generate within 10 to 12 days in CHY Mall
  • Fully Passive Income
  • CHY Mall is not a Ponzi
  • You are entitled to lots of free products
  • Anybody from any country can Join
  • No compulsory referrals and no selling
  • Fast and Easy withdrawal of funds

What Is CHY Mall?

CHY Mall is an online e-commerce and MLM platform where you buy products which are then sold for you on your behalf. After about 10 to 12 days, the profit you earn is shared between you and the company. After these 10 to 12 days, both your share of the profit and you original trading capital is given back to you.

You can then chose to buy more products with the returned trading capital and wait for another 10 to 12 days for the company to sell them for you and return back your share of the profit and your original capital again.

This process is known as TRADING and can be repeated over and over again as long as you like and you keep getting paid without really doing anything other than click a few buttons and wait for a few days.

When you join you do not need to do anything to earn depending on the plan. There are six different membership plans known as VIP1 up to VIP6. Even if you do not refer anyone you will still be getting paid just for trading as a VIP member on VIP2 and above. But you will earn more commissions and bonuses if you choose to refer people under you and build your downline on the MLM network.

CHYMALL is an INTERNATIONAL COMPANY, OPERATING ACROSS THE GLOBE. You can do this business wherever you are.

  • CHYMALL is a TRADING COMPANY, dealing in physical products.
  • In CHYMALL, You don’t need to refer others to the business before you earn. You can earn as much as you want to without referring anybody.
  • But any member who refers others to the company gets additional bonuses for referring them.
  • Members don’t make their money by selling products from office to office or on the streets or selling to individuals.
  • The company itself does the selling on behalf of the customers and both the profit and the trading capital is returned to you within 10 – 12 days so you can continue or discontinue the process if you wish.

CHY Mall Does Not Lock Up Your Money

  • In CHYMALL, you will have access to your money every 10 – 12 days after your products have been sold. You can then cash your money without any official permission from management. And you can also return to continue your trading anytime.
  • In CHYMALL, you have an opportunity to open multiple accounts. You can create as many accounts as you want; 10, 50, 80 or even 1000 accounts, provided your money can afford.


How Much to Start in CHY Mall?

There are 6 different types of membership called VIP 1 to VIP 6.

You can start CHYMALL with as low as $140 on VIP2 (Approximately between N53,400 to N63,000) and build it up from there.


How it Works (Summary)

  • First you can register as a VIP MEMBER to get an online shop on the mall by choosing one of the VIP Registration packages and paying into the company’s account.
  • Part of your registration money is used to pay for your online shop which is non – refundable while the rest is used as your trading capital. The trading capital is what you now use to make your trades and earn your profits. As a VIP2 Member and above, you get paid between 3% to 5% of your money every 10 to 12 days.
  • After your VIP package is activated, the company (CHY MALL) trades 2 products on your behalf in a period within 10 – 12 days using your Trading Capital and gives You a profit after the 10-12 days! (You buy the product from the wholesale area and place them on sale yourself)
  • Also, you can withdraw your profit on the 10th Day and re-trade again if you choose!
  • 10-DAYS Trading profit amounts to 15% of your total investment package and 23.33% of your TRADING CAPITAL every 30days!
  • The company gives you registration products for the VIP package that you registered with upon activation!


– 20% REFERRAL BONUS (Registration package)

– 3% of the downline’s transactions whenever he/she trades in 10days

– 2% of downline’s downline purchases (T/C applies here)

– 12% MATCHING/PAIRING BONUS (binary system) – Boutique points (for FREE shopping)

– Pool Bonus

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