14 Christmas Gifts for Wife

The one person who will always stand by you is also the one person who will expect the most from you. You need to get gifts for everybody around Christmas time, true but the gift for your wife needs to be truly well thought out or else you will not be having a happy New Year. Keeping that in mind, the gifting options seem to be fairly few in number right? It may seem that way but it is not. You can choose any one of the gifts on this list and if it doesn’t get you plaudits, we will rest our case. This is the best Christmas gifts list for your wife ever!

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1. Husband for Wife Poem Framed: A poem is a simple expression of the feelings a person has. While you may not have the creativity to create a poem out of scratch for your wife, you can certainly have the heart to gift her a few lines which you feel for her, even if they are not your own words. The way to a woman’s heart is definitely through your own.

2. Wooden Engagement Token with Personalization Options: The day you got engaged or married will always be memorable for both of you. It can never be forgotten and yet year on year the celebration gets subdued, we know that feeling. However, you can choose to blow the lid off the celebrations next time by getting her this wooden token. It will contain both your names and the date that you choose to engrave on it. We think you should get one for every year you were together!

3. Blue Crystal Box with ‘Love Inscription:

4. Tea Tree Oil: Tea tree oil has many therapeutic effects and is well known for its qualities but this isn’t a medical article. This list is for your wife and how this will make her feel. This gift stands out for the thought behind it. You have to think about what her problems might be and what she needs to come up with tea tree oil as a gift and that is why this gift is thoughtful and is guaranteed to have an impact.

5. Terry Cloth Bathrobe: Luxury is a keyword when it comes to pleasing women. We all know that they love the feel of luxurious things. This terry cloth bathrobe is made of bamboo viscose mixed with cotton in a 70-30 composition with a gsm value of 400. It features ¾ sleeves in Kimono style with a shawl collar and numerous pockets. It has a belt with double loops. It features superior stitching quality and is surely the most luxurious item on this list. It is sure to make her Christmas special!

6. Classic Design Apron for Women: The classy designs of old have long been replaced by flashier and colourful designs but something tells us that your wife would rather appreciate the look full of grace and class. If you think so too then this apron is just waiting for you to order it! You shouldn’t be waiting any longer, because she sure won’t wait before unwrapping it!

7. Texere Solid Silk Pillowcase: Silk has always been a well-liked material. It is mainly because of the luxurious qualities that it possesses and the super smooth feel that it has. Now a silk pillowcase must have started to make much more sense for you. You can help yourself in the morning by making sure your wife sleeps on this pillowcase the night before!

8. Funny Message Cup for Display: If your wife faces a harsh work environment at her job and she isn’t the kind of person to go for the jugular, you can do it for her. This super funny display mug makes for both a conversation starter and a warning to those with ulterior motives. You can be assured she will appreciate the thought and feelings behind this one!

9. Dalstrong Infinity Blade – Professional 8″ Ceramic Chef Knife – 5 Piece Gift Set: The set of kitchen skills she shows may astound you but she needs a lot of tools for the culinary wizardry that you benefit from all day and all year. We suggest you get her a bit of an upgrade on her tools to make her life easier and yours a bit tastier. The Dalstrong Knife set consists of knives made from zirconium with up to 2x the sharpness of steel and 15x the edge retainment as well. It has zero chemical leakage and is fully germ and bacteria resistant. It will never rust and is also ultra light. We don’t see how you can go wrong with this.

10. Novelty WTF Note pad: These Nifty Notes from the people over at Knock Knock are really something to write home about. They are for the people who don’t mind letting the wit rip on anybody and everybody and especially for those who need an outlet for the stress at work. We suggest you get these for your wife and allow her to push the steam out on something other than you, whether its critiquing her friends dress or predicting the downfall of her office’s new filing system. You can be sure this is more a blessing for you than for her!

11. I Heart My Wife T shirt: A cheeky gift is one of the best because it not only gets a laugh, it also means more than an ordinary gift. We suggest getting yourself something instead of something for your wife, wait we’re not talking about that video game you wanted! We are talking about a t –shirt. Specifically one saying ‘ I Heart my wife’. Order this a few days in advance and wake her up on Christmas morning wearing it, we assure you that it’s going to leave her wanting many more such surprises. And the present might just get unwrapped before it is properly appreciated too!

12. Best Wife Ever Mousepad: The wife who is always working late and misses lunch with the kids because of office is the wife who needs love the most. Since you can’t always be around her it would be logical to get her something which would always be around her and remind her of you. The mousepad works perfectly for this and this mousepad has ‘Best Wife Ever’ printed on it and is sure to make her love you even more than she already does!

13. What I Love About You Slam Book: We have our moments in life when the emptions come flowing out, but for most people those moments are few and far in between. We tend to shut up about how much we love each other after a few years and that certainly isn’t desirable. So if it has been a few years since the last time you let your wife know what you think of her, we suggest you get this slam book and get back into her good books near instantaneously.

14. Metal Jewellery Hanging Tree: Jewellery is a very personal and valuable matter for women and yet they keep losing track of it. Rings end up in sinks, earrings end up under tables and necklaces are left on handles. You wouldn’t want that would you? So why not be a thoughtful hubby and get her a beautiful metal tree just for her to hang the jewellery on. It can make all the difference if you just put your mind to a gift and this gift shows a lot of thought.

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