11 Top Christmas Gifts for Mom

Mom’s are the best. Period. They take care of your every need and will never let you face any difficulty at all. She gets you all your favourite things and her upbringing has made you who you are. We are sure you already know all this, you have a mom too. The reason why we mention all this is to remind you about the fact that your mom deserves the best darned gift you can think up for her. You might not have any idea about where to start looking for gifts, don’t worry- we’re here to help you choose the perfect gift. All you need to do is go through the list below:
1. Philip Whitney Bronze Family Tree: Memories are usually our most prized possessions, especially memories related to our family and close ones. This Christmas you can choose to gift her a keepsake for her memories. The Family Tree from Philip Whitney has 6 photo frames available by default and more can be made available on demand. It is crafted in bronze and is about 20” by 18”. This one will surely get mom poring over her photos and albums, trying to decide which photos she wants to feature on your beautiful present.
2. Mom Forever Necklace: The joy of motherhood is something women the world over want to experience at least once in their life. It is something that stays with them in their hearts and minds. Being a mom is a lifelong experience and this piece celebrates that very fact. “Mom” is spelled out in an artistic manner with silver shaded “M’s” and a transparent glass “O”. It ships replete with a verse inside a beautiful blue and purple velveteen gift box. Be prepared for all the tears in case they erupt as she unwraps her gift!

3. I’m a Mom Quirky Mug: We all love our moms but sometimes the phrase “I am your mother” gets used a tad too much with you being ordered around. They say it as if being a mom is in the same league as being Superman or Wonderwoman. You can give her a nice and fun trip down memory lane with this mug, it has “I’m a Mom what’s your superpower?” printed on it in raised lettering. We know every mother does even more than a superhero would do for any of us, and this is a gift that celebrates that fact in a funny way.

4.Mr Muffin Muffin Top Bake Cups: The kitchen was one of your favourite places as a kid wasn’t it? Mom was always in there creating something tasty for her precious child. The best goodies coming out of most kitchens are the baked goodies. They couldn’t taste any better and there is nobody who makes your muffins quite like mom. Naybe the best Christmas present this year would be to fan the flames for her passion of baking with this set of 6 large, blue muffin cups from Mr Muffin. They are heat resistant up to 450 degrees F so she doesn’t need to worry about damage.Plus they are made of food grade silicone, come with a recipe book and are easy to clean. This gift will get you muffins from your mother soon enough!

5.Spiral Slicer Spiralizer Complete Bundle: The magic coming out of your mom’s kitchen doesn’t happen on its own. She needs help with all the slicing and dicing. This set includes a spiralizer, a ceramic peeler and a cleaning brush, they also throw in a storage bag and a physical and digital cookbook. It is built from BPA-free plastic and Heat Treated stainless steel. The cooking process is made fun due to the easy nature of the devices and the shapes they produce with different types of vegetable. It will help her follow a healthier diet. Moreover you can rest assured of the quality of the product as it has received glowing reviews. You can rest assured she will find it engaging and usefull.
6. Funny Box Sign: When something is lost in the house the first person to be contacted to start the emergency rescue search for the object is your mother. She even found that Sega game you thought had been stolen! Her abilities for the search operation are uncanny. If this description fits your mother you should think about appreciating this particular skill of hers with this box sign from Primitives by Kathy. It says “Nothing is Really Lost Till Mom Can’t find it” We simply could not agree more.

7. Family Tree Necklace: A family tree is so precious to all parents that we had t feature it on the list twice in two different ways. This one lets her keep the memories much closer to her heart, as it is a necklace with the design of a family tree. It is made from proper quality nickel and you can rest assured it does not contain any lead. The sheer emotion in this gift is enough to make your mother the happiest person in the room on Christmas. We say go ahead and buy her one of these!

8. Terrarium Planter Box: Gardening is a wonderful thing and takes as much care as being a mother. This is one of the reasons why some moms have the legendary green thumb. If it is so with your mother, this is the gift for her. A planter box with a glass lid that easily lifts off and a gray finish with a powder coat and ball feet. It is the perfect size for a display in the house or even in a miniature garden. Encouraging her hobbies is the way to go this Christmas!
9. Facial Moisturizer: For every kid growing up, his or her mother is the prettiest and kindest person in the world. You should get her to stay that way, because what would we do without the smiling face of our mothers in times when we need reassurance? This facial moisturizer does just that with all natural ingredients such as Star Anise Seed oil. It is completely devoid of harmful chemical substances such as petrochemicals. The Anise Seed Oil has a subdued and natural licorice scent. The manufacturing process makes for a unique final product which is beneficial for the skin. It will be a must have on your mom’s dressing table in the days to come.

10. Funny Coffee Mug: The strict mother who made you clean your room every day sure was tough growing up with. However now you know that she did it all for a good cause. You can both have a good laugh together as she unwraps her present and the smile spreads across her face. The mug has “She who must be obeyed” printed across both sides of the mug with vibrant colours that will not fade easily. The mug is totally dish-washer safe and can be used even as a proud display on her work desk. Like all the good gifts, this will go straight to her heart.
11. World’s Greatest Mom Hoodie: There is no substitute for this one. In fact we highly recommend that no matter what gift you choose, you include this hoodie with it. It says “This is what the World’s Greatest Mom looks like” While there is no doubting that your mother is indeed the best, the hoodie takes it to another level allowing her to show off to the world. She will love this Christmas present and we are sure it will find itself being used everywhere. Its one of the gifts fit for cozy hugs and emotional reminiscing later on Christmas night.


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