12 Christmas Gifts For Men

Men always ask for what  they want, and the problem is that they want too much! Its impossible to know what they’d like most in any given year’s Christmas with all the video games releasing around that time, coupled with all the new phone releases at the Google I/O and the new smartphones around the block.

We know all this, and still we’ve managed to wade through all the possibilities with our hard work and super efficient gift picking, just to get you the best of what’s on the market this Christmas for the man you love so much. It doesn’t matter whether its a best friend or a husband, romantic christmas gifts for men or unique christmas gifts for men who have everything, men want what men want. Here we go: [tag: pinterest]

1. . Beer Cooler – There is no time like beer time and it is also no use to speak of anything else around men who simply want their beer. However, instead of being the party pooper, if you want to be a party starter, think of gifting someone this beer cooler this Christmas. This Christmas try and be the heart of a party, so that you can’t even think of turning around and walking home. You’ll have to get everybody in there a cab first!



2. Art of Appreciation Gift Baskets Fun and Games Care Package Gift Box: Board Games are fun for the simple reason that they are very easy to play and most of them require neither a significant amount of attention nor any mentionable hand eye coordination. Its the perfect gift for someone who loves to have fun but is too lazy to go outside all the time. Its even a great gift for a family guy, as nothing spells family time faster than a good board game and a hot cup of chocolate milk .This package covers all possible bases because it contains games ranging from Chinese Checkers and Chess to Old Maids playing cards and wooden tic tac toe. You can’t go wrong with this!


3. . Call Your Mother Ceramic Coffee Mug: When your child is setting out on another adventure by going out to a new city or changing urban communities to land to another position or a lucrative job,, it is characteristic to be concerned. He clearly can’t discover anyone there who administers to him as you do. Amidst it all there is the issue of acclimatising himself into another spot. The best thing you could do is to help him to remember the way that his mom is still there for his every need and want regardless of where he goes and who he meets. Whatever is up against him is also up against you because he’s your child and we understand that sentiment.. Slip this container into his pressing and he will discover it in another city, and when he calls you , it will be a talk like the ones you had back home all the time. An unquestionable requirement  for those moving out.


4. . Inch Epica Handmade Italian Leather Bound Journal or Guest Book with HANDMADE PAGES FROM THE AMALFI COAST: An insightful man will definitely have his perspectives on the world, and the aesthetic man will need to pen down his overtures on the same. You can help your friend or sibling or even beau to climb the steps from scholar to inventor by giving him this calfskin bound diary. It is made with a number of fantastic materials and arrives in a cream shade. It is unlined and the pages have been furnished with choice watermarks to ensure authenticity and to give it an exclusive air. The calfskin  has shading, marbling and scarring consistent with honest to goodness  cowhide items. It highlights a  spine raised up in 4 places for an everlasting and tasteful style. In addition it has been brought in from the exotic land of Italy, and we all know those Italians just make first rate stuff!


5. Grill Set: Meat and the love of cooking it unites all the manly men around. They never turn their nose up at the thought or suggestion a barbecue in the backyard. Instead most of them start calling in contacts and sharpening their instruments. This is exactly why this grill set is going to be a hit with your man this Christmas. It contains a Chef’s Spatula, a couple of silicon basting brushes, grill tongs and a number of holders along side other things. It comes packed in an uber cool and trendy aluminium case which is useful for all the times he needs to be showing off his grill skills at a bachelor party across the city.

6. Let’s Get Ready to Stumble!” Funny Wine Glass :  The adoration a decent glass of wine is one of the attributes of tasteful men.  To be sure, this would be one of the best and quirkiest presents this Christmas. It is certain to draw out a giggle at whatever point he takes a gander at it. The glass is made of good quality material and the content on it is printed by a dishwasher safe procedure. Its a standout amongst the most proper presents for a man who is profoundly vocation driven and frequently needs to let go of the machine person every once in a while and take a swig of the good stuff.

7.  . V for Vendetta Mask: The best movies are the ones which generate fans not just in the time that they are released but also in the future when people appreciate its depth and reasoning even more. V for Vendetta is one such movie. It has inspired a legion of amateur and professional film makers alike and it is considered one of the best works in its genre. If you know anybody who loves the movie, we say you let them have the pleasure of being Guy Fawkes for a while whenever he puts on the mask. It will get you a better response than most other gifts would, we guarantee!


8. . Call of Duty: Ghosts – Xbox 360: Call of Duty : The CoD establishment has been a stalwart of the gaming loops for quite a long time now. It is not by any means considered as geeky to have played the game now, such are its levels of diffusion into the general cognizance. This portion in the establishment carries with it better and more realistic representation and graphics , better than anyone might have expected before in its timeline. This alongside a marvelous story line combine to make a tale which whill give you goose bumps, like the legends from ghost stories and their ilk. It  has a cutting edge rendering platforms behind its improvement and it is because of this that the  smoothness and detail of the game are possible.  It plays at a cool  60 fps easily over every one of the stages it goes through. Any gentleman, would cherish this diversion. The cool ones, significantly would love this more than most because they know what it means to be in the CoD series.

9. . Never Trust an Atom They Make Up Everything T-Shirt: The best proverbs are genuine aphorisms, and we can’t seem to locate a superior sample than this one. The shirt is 100% cotton and has twofold needle stitching along the neckline and sleeves which makes for an enduring piece. It is treated with a special and unique  treatment process which permits the graphics and the shade of the t shirt to last longer than other brands and doesn’t bend the fabric. With the ubiquity of science fiction related things lately, we foresee that this will be an outright hit with the cool group.


10.  . Manly Mans Meat and Snack Attack Gift Basket from Art of Appreciation:  A definitive present for the foodie! This crate contains different goodies which have been precisely chosen to work as snacks. They are all packed to the brim with substantial flavors running from zesty to sweet. As they rightly say, the route to a man’s heart runs through his stomach his stomach and this little geml is certain to get you straight into his! The shirt is created with a level of attention and meticulousness which you will not find in other companies products. It comes with a bow tie , and contains everything from honey cured meat jerky and BBQ hamburger jerky to things you cannot even fathom. You can decide to incorporate a customized message with the crate as well. This present will guarantee he continues to think of you when he is feasting on all the goodies you got him. Especially effective when it comes to extracting flavours.

The ultimate gift for the foodie! This basket contains various goodies carefully selected snacks with meaty flavours ranging from spicy to sweet. As they rightly say, the way to a man’s heart goes through his stomach and this basket is sure to get you straight into his! The basket is crafted with a meticulous attention to detail and it comes with a bow, and contains everything from honey cured beef jerky and BBQ beef jerky to jelly belly sports beans! You can choose to include a personalized message with the basket too. This present will ensure he keeps thinking of you every time he is having a snack from the thoughtful basket you got him.



11. Personalized Men’s Wallet: The ultimate home for little chits and keepsakes, a wallet is one of the most private things a person owns. It contains not only money but also memories, it has an identity attached to it. Now, in such a scenario the wallet embossed with one’s initials is one of the most bold style statements out there. It not only announces the person as an original but also shows his love for the individualistic pursuits in life. If you want to give them an object to flaunt with confidence, you can’t possibly go wrong with this one. Be sure to send in the correct initials to the maker though, you don’t want to end up giving them a gift with someone else’s initials.

12. . Diablo III PC Game: A real life computer game simulation sounds far from reality, as if we were suggesting that we’ve found Nirvana from an apple. However, the Diablo III PC game brings the virtual world and real world so unnervingly close together with its excellent graphics and compelling story line, that both worlds seem to be running parallel when one is playing the game. There couldn’t be a better present than this one for all the video game lovers out there!



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