14 Christmas Gifts For Her

Top 10 Christmas Gifts For Her Plus 4 Bonus Ideas

Women are said to be hard to please but we don’t think that is telling the full story. They are famously hard to please of course but then they have their soft spots too! And one of these soft spots is a well thought out gift, which is how this list is going to help you. So no matter what you’ve done to get her annoyed and what you’ve done since them, this is the most festive  time of the  year there is and these gifts are going to put her frown to bed for real and for a long, long time. Whether she is your wife or girlfriend or mom or sister or friend we have something for everyone. What are you waiting for? Start scrolling down!

1.Best Wife Ever Mug: With all that she does for you we are sure that she never asks for anything in return except your love. And if she’s angry about something, maybe its time you let her know how you feel about her as a physical expression of love. This mug is a great gift for your wife and is completely dishwasher safe. It’ll look great even on her work desk where she can keep it for inspiration or just to remind others that she’s got an adorable hubby at home. There really isn’t a more simple and cute gift for her this Christmas.

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2. Best Wife Ever Trophy 8”: Although you may think that its your right to your wife, that right only applies when you keep her happy and this particular gift is like a truck sized happiness bomb heading her way. You might as well warn her about it, because this gift can be hyped up and will still put a smile on her face. However, even your wife will be swayed with this gift that we’ve unearthed just so you can surprise her. Its a Best Wife Ever trophy made in metal and standing about 8” high. We are absolutely sure that no wife in the world can resist this trophy, she will definitely break into a smile and the extra thought will get you extra benefits later on.


3.I don’t need google funny t shirt: You don’t always need to get someone something to make them happy. Sometimes just some visuals are enough and we’re banking on that particular fact with this gift. Sometimes when your wife has the know-it-all attitude things become difficult, but even then you can turn it around into a great fun memory. Just get yourself this shirt and wake her up one morning wearing it with just the right kind of tea in your hands. If you think there’s a chance it might backfire then we suggest you team this up with another gift from our list of best gifts for her

4.I love you necklace pendant: You might have tried saying ‘I love you’ in a couple of languages. How many did you get up to? We bet it couldn’t have been more than 4 or 5. This pendant however takes that to an impossibly high 120 languages. The pendants inscription is a miracle of nano scale technology, with the languages integrated into the heart shaped pendant in print. It is sure to show her how much she matters to you.

5.A True Love Story Never Ends 4 Picture Collage Photo Frame: The best memories of our life are often connected to the people we love most in the world. Your wife must be a part of many such memories for you and this is the perfect opportunity to gift your wife and yourself a permanent reminder of the times you have spent together. The frame is black and encapsulated in the phrase “A true love story never ends”.

6.Faux Opal Necklace: The beauty of all the jewellery out there makes it hard to pick the one which most catches the eye. This one is a particularly eye catching specimen. It is a definite upgrade on the basic junk jewellery that everybody owns but never wears. This is something you can give to any woman who fancies jewellery and of course that covers nearly everyone in the female demographic. It  will surely make her more beautiful when she wears it and the direct beneficiary of this change will of course be you, so what are you waiting for? Order it already!

7.Novelty Wine Glass: The amount a normal person drinks on any given day is harmless and it has no connection to who they are. However if the girl you’re looking to gift is a heavy drinker then you need to think along lines  related to alcohol. Wine glasses have recently become a raging gifting option. However, we don’t think you should go with the bland classic wine glass. Instead we say you go for this one, a unique print and a funny message ensure that it stands out. There is no question that it will take some attention even when using the space on her mantle. The product is built to last as the text is fired on and the glass is dishwasher safe. Its perfect for any occasion but above all, its perfect for making an impression!

8.Password Journal by Mattel: For the young and growing ones its even harder to pick out a gift than it is for the older ones. A mystery journal is the perfect present for a young woman wandering into her youthful years. This one gives extra layers of security, with voice aided unlocking so only the one whose voice is programmed into it can open it. It can even store modified messages for welcome, so that the diary relates to her when she opens it. The journal will allow her to record her most profound thoughts and unleash her creative ability. This gift will without a doubt make you her most adored for a very long time to come!


9.Plant Theatre Funky Veg Kit: This is a really interesting item, and will be well received especially among those of the vegan following. On the off chance that your woman has a green thumb, amuse her and permit her to exercise her capacities with this Funky Veg Kit from Plant Theater. It contains the seeds for various great veggies to be specific – purple carrots, red brussels, stripy tomatoes , yellow zucchini and multi coloured  swiss chards. It contains all that you have to effectively develop each of these with 5 each of developing pots to grow in, peat pieces to help her grow them right and plant markers included. They have likewise tossed in an accumulation of sowing and developing tips and trap


10. Horizons Classic Leather Journal: The appeal of expounding on things no one else will read is effortlessly one of the better delights in life. Ladies are surely misunderstood for diary writing , they cherish the advantage of a decent note pad because it allows them to express their inner emotions without anybody’s disapproval or comment. The Horizons Classic Leather Journal is a travel friend for the lady you offer it to, with its thick pages containing her considerations on ordinary and individual matters. They even give a retro style wooden pen free alongside the diary. All this makes sure that you are content with the gift that you are giving your beloved  lady. Let her write her heart out with this diary this Christmas.



11.Pony Soft Toy: Aside from the super rich , it is impractical for others in the general masses to get their little girls the horse they need so beyond a reasonable doubt they have one dream left to fulfill. To satisfy that adolescent dream will take you truly near to the  lady you adore. What time better than Christmas o let her follow her heart. While it may appear to be infantile, it is the feelings behind it that truly matter. The horse is beautiful and very much stuffed which makes it perfect for both presentations and for utilization as a toss pad or side cushion. On the off chance that you need your present to be sweet more than whatever else look at  this as one of your top options. This is surely one of the best Christmas gifts for her.

12.Leather Purse for Ladies: The one thing we all keep on our persons at all times are our wallets and purses. This purse means that she will always keep something that reminds her of you along with her all the time. The case is made of pure leather and has many card and ID slots for convenience. The product is made to last for a long time as it has superior quality stitching and the material also blocks RFID scanners thus protecting her from identity theft and their ilk. Plus this case can even hold her phone, so she never needs anything else again.


13.Philip Whitney Bronze Family Tree: Recollections are generally  one’s most prized possession, particularly those involving our family and close ones. This Christmas you may wonder to present her a memento for her recollections. This Family Tree from Philip Whitney has 6 photograph outlines accessible naturally and more can be made accessible at ease. Made with bronze,it  speaks the truth 20″ by 18″. This one will clearly get mother poring over her photographs and collections, ennabling her to particularly choose the photographs she desires to highlight on your excellent present.

14.Teddy Bear and Starbucks Hot Cocoa Gift Set: Ladies ordinarily treasure their teddy bears, big or small. They additionally adore the glow they get from hot cocoa and the essence of it on cool evenings. Now it only took an observant mind to put two and two together. The people at Art of Appreciation came out with this combination to ease our mind. This package  incorporates a teddy bear and Starbucks Hot Cocoa, a heart wish box memento appeal to swing from the back perspective reflect in an auto, a travel espresso mug and a crochet sweater sleeve. In the event that there is a superior gathering of gifting alternatives wrapped all in one, we might truly want to see what it is because we can find no better gift for her this Christmas.


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