Top 10 Christmas Gifts for Dad

Top 10 Christmas Gifts for Dad – The Best and Greatest Ideas

Who doesn’t love Dad right? He is the one guy making everybody’s Christmas worth their while, putting on lights all around the house, and going around singing carols under his breath as if he were some kind of beardless Santa Claus. We know the importance placed on the gift for your dad. It has to be unique, and it also has to be something he uses all the time otherwise he might leave it lying around somewhere and then forget all about it! Without further ado, we present to you the most unique list of gift ideas for your dad this Christmas season:

Stainless Steel Grill Set

The meat loving dad is going to love his Christmas present! A must-have for everyman who fancies a good barbecue, this grill set is the “shizz”. It includes a Chef’s spatula, grill tongs, silicone basting brushes and 4 corn holders among other things. The tools are fashioned from top notch stainless steel and has good craftsmanship. All this comes in a cool aluminium storage case perfect for when he wants to show off his skills at a friend’s place. We are sure that getting him what he loves is the way to go this festive season. To top it all off, the Spatula has a built in bottle opener!

2. CredDeal Stainless Steel Pocket Watch: One of the old school components of the gentleman’s wardrobe, the pocket watch has had a comeback of sorts in the past few years. You can help your dad get in on the trend with this gift! The watch has superb craftsmanship and has an antique metal case that comes with it. We recommend you get this one immediately, just for its sheer class. We are sure it would go well with your dad’s look.

3. Rules For Dating My Daughter T-Shirt: You know you’re daddy’s little princess when he refuses to accept your growing up into a young woman. You can help him with this in a funny way by getting him this t-shirt . It will allow him to maintain his exterior towards other people and also tell him that you love him for being the protective hand you always reach up to. The t-shirt is a cotton blend and has been designed and printed in the USA so you do not have to worry about quality. You can be his little girl forever with this Christmas present.

4. Malden Bronze Script Dad Picture Frame with One Opening: Memories captured in time are the best ways to remember the stories behind them. Pictures are just that, and this picture frame shaped as “Dad” is meant to make your father relive the good times once again. An old picture of you and him would be perfect for this frame. It is finished in bronze and has “I heart you” pressed into the base. It will be his comfort not only when you’re away but also when you’re just downstairs. It has the perfect family spirit of Christmas.

5. A Message For My Father” A Gift For A Dad. Touching poem,Enhanced With Watercolor Graphics: The best gifts come straight from the heart and go into another. This is another one of those classics. It is a poem printed on a background beautified by soft and expressive watercolour graphics and framed in a number of choices. You can choose the frame at the storefront. The article is meant to become a treasure that stands the test of time. Poems have always been for the most intellectual of men, and you can show your love for your father and all he taught you with this one. A Christmas gift for fathers doesn’t get deeper than this.

6. Swarovski Elements Crystal ” Dad I Love You to the Moon and Back” Men’s Dog Tag Reversible Pendant Necklace 24″: A dog tag is not only an accessory to show off but it also holds memories. This dog tag necklace will contain the memories of all the good times you have shared with your father when you give it to him. It is set with real Swarovski Elements Crystals and comes in a luxurious velvet pouch bag. It says “ Dad I love you to the moon and back”, and we are sure simply those words would be enough of a gift for any dad this Christmas. The necklace also features an adjustable 2 inch tail chain to go with the 24 inch original chain.


7. Smart Digital Meat & BBQ Thermometer: A barbecue is the perfect get together party. And if your father loves a good meat, this is the gift for him. A great Christmas gift for fathers, this digital thermometer will make him look cool and hip in the Christmas season when he is doing his cooking for everybody. It allows him to get perfectly grilled meat every single time. It is completely safe and has a large LCD screen which gives a nearly instant read of the temperature. The apparatus doesn’t even take much work to clean up, just wipe its surface and its shiny as new! You cannot go wrong with this.

8. Coffee Mug with “I’m A Dad, What’s Your Super Power?” : The protector in every family is a father. We look up to both of our parents but our fathers are usually the ones looked upon to provide a secure home for everyone. “Daddy is strong” is on the lips of every kid , they all think daddy has a superpower. And now we know they were right. Their superpower is being a dad! The mug comes in a great design and is a great Christmas gift for a father. It’ll be his favourite piece on his desk at the office. After all, this is one superpower that can be shown off.

9. “Love you Dad” Bracelet: The token of love that we all reserve for our parents is immeasurable. If you are closer to your dad, chances are you idolise him or see him as an ideal. When you have set out into the world to forge your destiny just like he taught you to, this will keep him company and give him your love. This bracelet comes in a beautiful gift box and is hand crafted from super light and super strong titanium. It also comes with a link removal tool so that it can be adjusted to fit his wrist perfectly. We are sure this is a classic.

10. “Best Papa Ever.” Father’s Day T-shirt: The best dad in the land deserves to know that he is the true owner of the title, “Best papa ever”. Give him the opportunity to show off to the world his stature as a father. It comes in a sober blue colour with the text printed in a fun font. We know we’d want one of these from our children! Its perfect for a stroll around the neighbourhood for a dad, showing everybody just what his children think of him.

And here are two more bonus ideas:

11. I’m Your Favorite Child” Funny Coffee Mug: If you have siblings and you all love your parents just as much, there will be regular arguing matches about which one is the favourite child among you. While the debate itself is eternal since no parent ever favours one of the offspring over the others, you can steal a march over the rest of them with this cheeky gift this Christmas for your dad. We are absolutely sure that this will bring a smile to hid face when he is using it for his late night coffee runs!

12. Let’s Get Ready to Stumble!” Funny Wine Glass : The love a good glass of wine is one of the traits of classy men. Your father would be among them right? Indeed, this would be one of the best and quirkiest presents this Christmas. It is sure to bring out a laugh whenever he looks at it. The glass is made of good quality material and the text on it is printed by a dishwasher safe process. Its one of the most appropriate gifts for a dad who is highly career driven and regularly needs to let go.

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