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How to Turn N47,000 Naira into N300,000 within two Months

We shall now look at how you can turn an initial investment of between N20,000 to N47,000 into N300,000 within a space of two months using info marketing. In the last lecture we learnt about the 4 main things required

How to Start Information Marketing in Nigeria

What is Information Marketing Information marketing, as the name implies, is basically about selling information to people online. This information is usually made available in soft copy and could take the form of e-books, reports (or e-booklets), videos, audio or

How to Start Google AdSense Pay Per Click Advertising

Today I will be talking about the second of the three businesses that I mentioned in the last lecture. This one is called Pay-Per-Click advertising or PPC. Just like Amazon affiliate marketing, you can also start PPC without any capital

Types of Online Businesses You Can Start Today in Nigeria

Today we start digging into the main meat of this mini-course and we shall be talking in more detail about some specific online businesses that can be done in Nigeria, what is needed to start them and how much to

Requirements to Start Online Business in Nigeria

Hope you are enjoying this course and learning some new things? Today I shall be telling you about the necessary things required before you can start doing online business in Nigeria. At its most basic stage, online business can be

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