12 Birthday Gift Ideas for Him

Is it your brother’s birthday next week or your boyfriend’s birthday the week after? We are sure you will have been consumed by the sheer possibilities of a gift choice. You can’t figure out what the men in your life might want right? If so, we have the solution to your problems. Here we have provided some ideas for nice birthday gifts for him. Some of them are classy and some of them are trendy and yet few others are downright innovative. No matter what you’re looking for, we have something for you. Take a look for yourself:
1. Credit Card Sized Tool Set: We all know how much our boys love the outdoors. Survival trekking or forest camping, they never back out from any adventure. You might get worried at times but that is the way they are. You can only help them go around safer by handing them the right tools. This set is perfect, featuring tools made from stainless steel and high grade plastic. These can be accommodated in an area the size of a credit card. They have diverse uses ranging from fishing and hunting to sewing and hiking even. It is sure to become his favourite tool set when you give him this on his birthday!
2. Art of Appreciation Toolbox Gift Basket: The man who can do anything and everything with the correct tools at his hands is a delight for everybody close to him. However sometimes he needs to unwind. This birthday why not give him a chance to do just that. This gift box has been made to resemble an actual toolbox and contains goodies for him. The basket caters to every mood he may have with sweet, savoury and plain crunchy bites on offer, You can even choose to include a small personal message with it to lend a truly affectionate touch.
3. Napa Leather Wallet: You might have noticed that his wallet has been worn out for some time now, maybe its time you get him a new one . The classy option is always the one you should go for, and no we did not make that up right now! This particular wallet from Neptune Giftware makes for a good gift, with a zipped compartment for coins and more than 6 slots for credit cards and ID alone. It also holds a zipped compartment in the middle for the stuff you want to keep safe. It is a handy size, standing compact with a length of 6.2 inches. The wallet is made from top quality goat napa leather so you do not have to worry about the durability.
4. Sleep More 10 inch wall clock: The need for a good wall clock to fit the decor of his room is ever present. An even more pertinent need is the one for keeping valuables safe. Finding an ingenious combined solution to both of these, the people at Sleep More have come up with this trick wall clock. It comes with a hidden compartment so that he can store all his valuables in it. It is a tidy and practical solution, and even makes for a nice surprise for friends.
5. Sony Smartwatch: The best gadgets are those which you don’t even notice in use. One such gadget is the smartwatch from Sony. It is definitely one for the future, and it is common knowledge that men love gadgets. This is almost a no-brainer. With a 1.3 inch OLED screen and the ability to sync all your content onto it, the Sony Smartwatch is a good looking and very attractive gift option for his birthday. This might be something he never forgets.
6. Indus Classic LG-01 7-Inch Himalayan Pyramid Salt Lamp: You might be thinking this is a piece of colourful rock. What good can a piece of rock so for the birthday boy? Well it is a piece of rock, but it is actually from the 200 million year old salt deposits in the Himalayas, being high in mineral content and trace elements beneficial for general well being. It is ideal for a smoking room as it purifies air and releases negative ions which have been found to induce positive energy. You can count on this.
7. Handmade Batman USB Cable Extension: Every guy worth his salt watched Batman cartoons sometime in his life, and anyone who did will readily admit to having dreams about owning a cave full of cutting edge technology. To fulfil that dream on his birthday you’d need billions of dollars, but we something comparable. This USB extension cord has been crafted to look like the bat symbol at its ends. Almost as if it were a Bat-gadget. Its 1 m long cable and 480 Mbps speeds make it a utility that will find pride of place in his collection. It is sure to make him relive some happy childhood memories.
8. STEELTIME Men’s Two Tone Stainless Steel Black Watch: A timepiece is one of the best birthday presents ever. Especially if he is growing into his adult years but is not yet there . This article from STEELTIME is crafted in stainless steel with a rubber strap in black. There is a good looking gift box that comes free with it. The bracelet is made from both stainless steel and rubber with an interlinking design. The classic gift for the classy man.
9. Amazon Gift Card: Sometimes it is not possible to get people exactly what they would like for various reasons. Its not easy to anticipate the reactions to a gift, so the best gift in principle would the gift of choice. You might be wondering what we’re rambling on about, and it is confusing till you realise-a gift card. The Amazon Gift Cards offer a range from $10 to $2000 with no expiration and no extra charges after processing. It can be applied anywhere on the gigantic shopping store that is amazon.com offering him more options than you could ever even think up!
10. Gift Basket Ideas For Men: The gifts chosen by a woman and those chosen by a man have distinct differences, they both come with the approval of their respective purchasers. For a man, the useful gifts tend to be those which have already received the stamp of approval from another man. This is exactly why you should stick with StudBuckets. They come stuffed with classic and manly items which will easily earn the tag of “most interesting gift” from most people. This one you can pick up with complete peace of mind.
11. Barbecue Grill Brush: It can be a hard job when he sets out to clean the barbecue grate after the latest party in th lawn at the back of the house. Earlier you would see him moving his arms gingerly for days after the cleaning, those times can be pushed into the past if you choose the Barbecue Grill Brush for him. It is a soft wire brush to help clean all kinds of grates and provides total cleaning coverage. They’ve even thrown in a collection of 25 great cooking recipes. They provide excellent customer service and a Lifetime Satisfaction Gaurantee offering returns anytime he feels it is not upto the mark.
12. Beer Greetings: Beer is the elixir of choice for the manly male. Its a well established fact that men consistently rate beer higher than ‘sissy’ drinks such as wine and vodka. If you want to be the cool one at this party, get your buddy one of these. A uniquely designed greeting card which comes in asset of two with two different messages. You can write your own message on the inside of the card. It is sure to make a lot of smiles and some high fives shall of course be in order! Being the quirkiest gift on the list makes it an attractive option.

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