11 Birthday Gifts For Dad

Being a dad is a hard thing, but there are some people who do it so well that it seems they were born to be awesome at the job. We know your dad falls in this category and naturally, it is hard to find gifts for awesome people. So we took up the challenge of making a list of gifts for one of the most awesome days in the year, your dad’s birthday. Now you can start reading and make your choice, and don’t worry about the gifts- they’re all stellar.

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1. World’s Greatest father t shirt with a twist: The good old world’s greatest Father shirt has been given a much needed twist by the people here at Amazon. They’ve come up with a joke on the word ‘father’. The t-shirt says ‘The world’s greatest Farter, I meant father’. The much needed joke speaks volumes about how fathers have been viewed through out time by society. They are the serious looking people who need no joke and no love, but that is not true and if you have a close enough relation with your dad then we suggest you pick this gift up for him!

2. Best Dad ever coffee mug: We know that the ‘World’s best dad’ train might be getting longer here but bear with us. The t shirt will be an in house thing and this classy coffee mug in grey and blue can be the show stealer on his desk at work. It shows to the world what kind of man he is and what kind of children he raised. It will always remind him of the love his kids have for him and will help him keep calm in the bad times.

3. Art of Appreciation Handyman Tote bag: This handyman tote is made with great care to look like an original tool box as far as possible and yet it isnt not one that opens to reveal tools. This particular gift set contains treats of every imaginable variety. Your dad will find a bit of all the sweets and savouries that he loves and we have no doubt that this surprise will be the best he has gotten in a long time!

4. Three Level Coffee Mug Funny: The best of people can be defeated by a bad sleepless night. This coffee mug takes that fact and uses it to good effect. There are three levels marked with the amount of coffee left in the cup to show what kind of mood the drinker will be in with each corresponding level. It makes for a fun birthday present.

5.What I love about Dad: We all have trouble getting those tender emotions out in front of the man who taught us to be strong and led by example. However, even he needs a bit of the good old pick-me-up when the times are tough and you haven’t told him how much you love him for a while. We suggest you take some time to leaf through this slam book and understand how best to put it to use. You will be surprised by how easy the book makes it for you to express yourself in clear language with its easy set up and fill in the blanks format. It will be a worthy birthday gift for your dad we assure you!

6. Multi Faceted Tool Knife with LED: If your dad is one of the people who loves the outdoors then we assure you that his enthusiasm needs tools to match. You can’t let him go out on his adventures all alone and unarmed can you? Of course not! This is why we’ve found the perfect solution for you. This knife has more tools than you can imagine! Multi tool kit including pliers, Phillips screwdriver,scissors, safety belt cutter ,flat screwdriver and 4 pieces of LED for flashlight use and one red LED for alert or emergency purposes. You cannot get him a more useful present than this one!

7.LED Reading light with adjustable goosenecks : The reading father will always have troubles. Your mom won’t like him reading when she sleeps, sleeping on the couch will give him a back ache and reading the book without light is not possible at all! This is where your gift comes in. Your dad can switch off the light and still read with the help of this night lamp and its malleable goosenecks. They will never loosen and the LED light gives off bright illumination so that his eyes don’t take a beating. Is there a better gift than this we ask ourselves, and no comes the answer!

8. Best Dad Trophy gift basket: This gift basket itself comes in the shape of a trophy for the best dad ever. And what does it hide inside it? Inside the box your dad will find some of the best treats ever including coffee and sweets and savoury items. The best part about this gift is that while the trophy itself makes it seem personalized enough, you can include a personal message along with it when you order by clicking on the ‘gift’ tab during checkout. You can be sure that these treats will be cherished more than any other thing he has ever eaten before all this.

9. Wine Therapy Wine glass: After a long and hard day at the office your dad must like to just let things go with a glass of wine and a book. We are sure that he would find it immeasurably delightful if you plant this glass on him table before he is back on his birthday. The glass says ‘My Therapy’ and features a caricature of a person relaxing on a recliner. You can be sure that he will appreciate both the joke and the fact that you cared enough about him to slip in something related to the activities that you observe instead of getting him something which would have been totally run of the mill and would have lacked the personal touch.

10. Dad’s Pail of Premium Treats: We all have acquired our sense of cooking from our mothers but we have acquired our love of food from our fathers. As you may well remember, fathers always have certain favourites and more often than not these are things that cannot be consumed on a regular basis. It is all basically heavy duty food. Well we think that on his birthday he has the right to let go a little bit and then some. This pail of treats contains stuff ranging from Summer Sausage, Hot Summer Sausage, Santa Barbara Garlic Stuffed Olives to Bandon Sharp Cheese, Toffee Almond Cranberry Crunch, Eastshore Pretzels, Sweet ‘n’ Hot Mustard and Spiced Almonds. We are sure he will remember this treat the next time your birthday comes around!

11. Drive Safe Dad Visor Clip: We all love our dads as much as possible and it is impossible to imagine living a life without him at any moment. We also know that in the heat of the moment in traffic many a times people tend to make the wrong decisions out of sheer frustration or childish impatience. We know you wouldn’t want any untoward incident occurring with your father and hence we end this list with this present. Let him know how much his well being means for you this time. And hope that he appreciates it and remembers you everytime somebody cuts him off on the highway.


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