13 Birthday Gifts For Boyfriend

For all you lovers and gift freaks out there, we know that the gifting is one of the tough parts of the relationship. Nobody ever takes a gift lightly and you want to get your boyfriend something that will let him know just how you feel about him. You don’t want to send the wrong message and you don’t want to seem lackadaisical either. Leave it all to us, we’ve got this. You can play eenie meenie mini moe with this list and we still assure you, the gift will be stellar and the reaction even more so!

1.What I love about You Journal: It may seem like a small matter that your boyfriend craves expressions of love but it isn’t, because we humans live off of the emotional support we get from our loved ones and how they feel about us is an integral part of it. This journal is how you can tell him how you feel about him even if you’re not that emotive. It comes in an easy to fill format so that you can present your heart to him on the pages.

2. Real Wood Happy Birthday Card: The best birthday gifts are those which last and this birthday card is right up there with the best in terms of longevity. The worst you can say about it is that it may outlast the person you gave it to! This card and the engravings on it will make your special someone immensely happy, we have no doubt about it.

3. StudBucket Gift Basket for Men: The perfect gift for another man can only be guaranteed by other men. We know this and that is why we have picked the StudBucket out as the perfect gift for your boyfriend on his birthday. You can never go wrong with a combination that includes not only chocolate flavoured cigars but also a body spray and a bottle opener with a personalized keychain. You can even add a personalized message card to the package at no extra cost!

4. RFID Block Wallet: The security for one’s credit card is paramount these days and identity theft is rampant on social and professional platforms. To protect your beloved boyfriend from both we suggest you block the trouble at its root with this RFID blocking wallet. It is made from special RFID blocking materials so that he can keep his information and credentials secure from snooping equipment. The technology conforms to USA Government FIPS-201 Security Standards. We can assure you he will love the thoughtfulness.

5. Art of Appreciation Gift Basket: Sweets can always make people go all gooey and warm inside no matter what the season is at the time. Especially when the treats are as varied as Heavenly Gourmet Chocolate Chip Cookies, Big Hunk Peanut Nougat Bar, Peanut M&M’s Candy, Dark Chocolate M&M’s Candy, Skittles Fruit Candy, Skittles Wild Berry Candy, Mike & Ike Fruit Candy, Airheads Taffy Candy, Butterfinger Candy Bar, Sweet Tart Taffy Candy, Nestle Crunch Wafer Bar, Reeses Peanut Butter Crunch Bar and the Rocky Road Marshmallow Bar. To accompany all this we have beautiful silk flowers to make it seem like a real bouquet. You can even include a personalized message! There are very few better birthday gifts for your boyfriend.

6.Personalized Name Necklace: We all love to feel unique in this world and anything that makes us feel that way is cherished and loved. A good gift needs to make the receiver feel the same way and hence this personalized name necklace is the top choice for your boyfriend as his birthday gift. There is no need to look any further. You can get your name on the necklace and get it posted to him with a personalized message to make him feel special on his birthday.

7. Playboy Gift set: The playboy gift set has everything your guy needs to look and smell suave. You would never even think of how good he looks when he cleans up his act old school style! This gift is sure to make him think of doing it more often for you. Hence we count it as a win-win!

8. Dog Bone Metric Wrench by Craftsman: The utility of a wrench is very well known and the utility of the few people who can properly handle one is even more so. If your man is one of those who has a shed full of tools , maybe its time you gave him something to add to his passionate collection on the occasion of your anniversary. This instrument swivels on either side to offer the user eight different sizes of wrench to use. It is a real time saver when doing complex jobs. It is made from Cr-Mo Steel and it is triple chromium plated with a polished finish. You adding to his collection will definitely be remembered for ages to come. If your boyfriend has a penchant for tools, this is the gift for him.

9. Message in a Bottle PROMISE: How about something which would make them sit down and think about you? A full sized 12-inch glass bottle filled with sand and seashells and encased in an elegant wooden box with a velum scroll containing your own message on it, yes that should do the trick. This gift comes to you from Message In a Bottle Inc. with an authenticity certificate. The scroll is a nice touch and it can be printed with your message even before it reaches you, so that you can hand it straight over. Your love for him in a bottle! What better way to commemorate your time together than something which will transcend time itself? It will look resplendent in your showcase for years to come.

10. KindNotes Long Distance Missing You messages in a Jar: When you’re far away from that special someone in your life and you have no way of telling them how hard it is, this jar from KindNotes will jump to your aid. The jair contains more than 30 different messages in the form of cards which are all in the beautiful container. If he reads the notes at the rate of one per day, it’ll last for an astonishing month. It’ll be like you weren’t even away and you’ll be back before he realizes what was missing. And once you’re back,you will receive all the affection that was accruing in his heart because . The jar is a really sweet option, and will surely make his time away from you slightly more bearable. In case you’re never away? We’d still count it as a pretty good gift for your boyfriend.

11. Dual Charging Station for Sony PS3 Controllers: The craze for video games is not about to stop anytime soon and if your boyfriend is crazy about the playstation then you should really look into this. It is a charging station for two PS3 controllers. The utility in the station is that it can take its charge from anything with a USB port. They provide a mini USB to USB cable. With this gift you can make sure that for your favourite man, the party never stops!
12. Panasonic Electric Shaver: If he is the guy with a perennial 5’o clock shadow on his face then we can understand why you fell for him. But now he needs to keep the beard in check for formal occasions? You can make his job a lot easier by gifting him the Panasonic Electronic Shaver. With its unique easy wash system which charges the shaver up to 17,000 RPM and nanotech blades, you will like seeing him clean up in style. In fact you may like it so much that you start doing it for him! It is rechargeable and fully waterproof. A utility gift, it will remind him of you whenever he uses it. It is sure to make him feel the care you have for him.

13. Ray Ban Wayfarer: You want to better his look this season? Go for an awesome piece of eyewear. And what better piece to choose than one of the all-time classics with the Wayfarer style of eyewear from Ray Ban, which is one of the best companies in the world for the products in this line. You can choose the colour of the frame and the lens too. A lightweight durable frame made of acetate and polarised lenses, this is probably the best thing you can send your man out with. The class in this present is sure to shine through and he will pay it back in love.

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