11 Best Gifts for Men

They may sometimes be irritating and hard nosed, and never seem to stop watching football but you cannot live without them. Men, we tell you. However they are important to a number of people in a number of different roles. He is a father, a brother, a boyfriend, a bro, a teacher etc. And in each of these roles he brings something primal, and something which is his very own. To find a gift worthy of expressing your feelings about the man in your life you really do need to sit down and think. To help you simplify the process, we have come up with this list. Ranging from the specific to the general, you will find everything you need. Here it is:
1. Personalized Men’s Wallet: The ultimate home for little chits and keepsakes, a wallet is one of the most private things a person owns. It contains not only money but also memories, it has an identity attached to it. Now, in such a scenario a wallet embossed with one’s initials is one of the boldest style statements out there. It not only announces the person as an original but also shows his love for the individualistic pursuits in life. If you want to give them an object to flaunt with confidence, you can’t possibly go wrong with this one. Be sure to send in the correct initials to the maker though, you don’t want to end up giving them a gift with someone else’s initials.
2. Diablo III PC Game: Men love their computer games, its a sensible outlet for all that manly nature and it doesn’t take much work either. You will be more than appreciated for this gift. Diablo III is one of the most popular role playing games from earth. With an exciting premise, realistic and engaging graphics coupled with real world game-play in the multiplayer mode, any video game lover will be enthralled by Diablo’s virtual world for days and days. All you need to ensure is that the man you are gifting this to doesn’t forget to live his daily life after he gets hooked!
3. Leonardo da Vinci Vitruvian Man Pendant: The Vitruvian Man is a piece of art by Leonardo da Vinci, showing the anatomy of a man in a circle. It is one of the single most famous images in the history of mankind. The work is a source of inspiration for many, mainly for the artistic types among us. This pendant has the image inscribed on it, providing inspiration to the wearer at times when he needs it most. It even has one of his most famous quotes on it. Da Vinci was considered the epitome of the Renaissance man, with all his qualities tagged as exemplary. Gift this to the man who you think is worthy of such high praise.
4. Hammaka Silk Hammock: Everybody loves a good nap, and what better way to take a nap than in a hammock. We’ve all heard stories of the naps grandpa used to steal in the back of a house on a hammock strung between two trees. This hammock from the people at Hammaka is made to help the man to relive the old days. It weighs less than a pound and is made of durable material. It has enough space for the most hefty of the guys out there with its dimensions being 8 feet long and 6 feet wide. We warn you, he might be missing for a few hours every afternoon after you get him this gift!
5. Watch Display Box: A watch collection is a hobby for many people. If you know a guy with a watch collection, most probably he keeps collecting watches but doesn’t have a classy place to keep them in. You should get them the best possible compliment to their collection by gifting them this box. It has a glass top and is encased in PU leather, with a solid wood frame and 12 individual places for your timepieces. The connoisseur will appreciate the help and surely, it will remain one of his most prized possessions for the rest of his life.
6. Best Man Mug by Hortense B. Hewitt : Its your wedding and all your time is spent deciding the specifics. The flower arrangements and the tuxedo, the location and the cake, everything seems to need your immediate attention. In the middle of all this you may have forgotten the contribution and help of the one most important bros in the world, your best man! He is the one making those emergency runs right by your side 24*7. To honour his position and to show him that you are cognizant of him faithfully fulfilling his duties, get him this mug from the house of Hortense H. Hewitt. Even after the big event, it will keep reminding him of those heady times.
7. The Man Can All Natural Bath and Body Gift Set: Hygiene and cleanliness are famously unheard of in the world of most ‘manly’ men in the world. They don’t take enough care of their beards and body. You can help with this by gifting him a complete set for all his needs. This particular set is ideal because it contains soap, shaving gel, body mitt, bay rum oil and hand butter. All of the scents in the package are fresh and manly. To seal the deal, they come packed in a mock tin paint can just to enhance the fact that it is for a man. None of those frilly bows and pink paper for them!
8. Ubest Bluetooth Hat: In the winter, one of the best feelings is when you get some warmth in your ears. And if the warmth is coming from a high tech gadget, the men like it even better. The perfect gift for any occasion, this hat from Ubest features an unprecedented feature. It has Bluetooth! Yes, we know, everything is better with Bluetooth as Sheldon says. It has support for Bluetooth 3.0 and even features a MIC and call receive features so that you don’t have to reach for your phone all the time. With a full battery power supply of 3.5 hours and being rechargeable by USB, it is the perfect companion for a man on the go with a liking for hats and a penchant for the innovative. The sheer originality of this present will shine through- boyfriend, brother, father, friend no matter who you gift it to.
9. Magnetic Wrist Band: Chores around the house like leaking pipes and bending beams are only kept at bay because there is someone in the house who is good with the tools. He delights in his tools and work, never asking for any help. You should get him some however, so that his job is made just that little bit easier. The MagnoGrip Magnetic Wrist Band is almost like an assistant, featuring super strong magnets capable of holding screws, nails and some small tools. It is made of tough 1680D polyester and comes in a single size. Now, you can be there for him and help with his work!
10. Heat Resistant Work Gloves: With hard work at the mill or exemplary dedication in the mechanic shop, your man must bring home a lot of calluses on his palms. Everyday they run the risk of serious injuries in the course of their jobs, to make life a bit easier for them, choose these Heat Resistant Gloves from bogo brands. They are made of real leather and are specially reinforced for durability and safety. They are also provided with Velcro straps to help you get the perfect fit. It is sure to make a difference to the bloke you gift it to.
11. Nautica Voyage by Nautica: The scent of a man helps make him irresistible, and if you want your guy to smell good for that first date or his first day at the office, look no further than the Voyage scent from Nautica. Coming in a stylish 3.4 Oz package in blue, the fragrance was first introduced in 2006. It features the modern yet classy notes of Amber, Apple, Cedar Wood, and Musk among others. A timeless gifting option, the perfume will not fail to delight the person you give it to. They will remember your thoughtfulness every time they use it.
We hope this gives you a couple of individualistic ideas about what your man may like. Always try to get something useful or something which will last a long time instead of one time treats that will be over before the end of the day!

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